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Word "COB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus
cobnut, filbert, hazelnut

Part of Speech:
white gull having a black back and wings
black-backed gull, great black-backed gull, larus marinus

Part of Speech:
adult male swan

Crossword Clues for COB

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Clue Source Date
Discarded corn part USA Today 21 Feb 2021
Corn throwaway New York Times 16 Feb 2021
Corn discard Universal 14 Feb 2021
Male swan and shape of bread Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2021
Corn part Universal 18 Jan 2021
Kernel holder USA Today 23 Dec 2020
Male swan Eugene Sheffer 12 Dec 2020
Corn's connection? Family Time 09 Nov 2020
Corn on the ___ Universal 12 Oct 2020
Stripped barbecue discard Universal 06 Oct 2020
What corn comes on Family Time 27 Sep 2020
Corn core Thomas Joseph 23 Sep 2020
Corn holder Universal 18 Sep 2020
Corn remnants Jonesin 11 Aug 2020
Thing in a trash can after a picnic, sometimes Family Time 22 Jun 2020
Husk's contents Newsday 21 Jun 2020
Corn unit Family Time 31 May 2020
Potential pipe Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2020
Center of an ear New York Times 29 Mar 2020
Ear’s center Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2020
Corn eater's toss away Family Time 30 Dec 2019
Summer cookout leftover Jonesin 17 Dec 2019
Round loaf The Times Concise 29 Nov 2019
Picnic throwaway USA Today 27 Nov 2019
Core with kernels Jonesin 15 Oct 2019
Gander : goose :: ___ : swan New York Times 16 Aug 2019
Barbecue discard USA Today 11 Aug 2019
Picnicker's discard USA Today 07 Aug 2019
Black-backed gull Canadiana 01 Jul 2019
Ear piece? The Washington Post 26 May 2019
Corn on the __ Newsday 02 Apr 2019
24-Down center Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2019
Ear's center
Kernels' place USA Today 18 Nov 2018
Corn remains Universal 30 Oct 2018
Corny remnant Universal 22 Oct 2018
It's covered in kernels The Washington Post Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Beating by a hole, in match play New York Times 30 Sep 2018
See 14-Down The Washington Post 25 Sep 2018
Frosty's pipe Newsday 12 Aug 2018
Corn remainder Jonesin 24 Jul 2018
Ingredient in eco-friendly scrubbers Newsday 23 Jun 2018
It gets corny Universal 13 Jun 2018
Corny creation Newsday 26 May 2018
Corn eater's leftover Family Time 26 Mar 2018
It's corny Universal 12 Feb 2018
Ear's middle Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2018
El Greco brushwork covered up The Horse Irish Times Crosaire 09 Dec 2017
Inner ear? Universal 04 Dec 2017
Corn's core Newsday 01 Nov 2017
Pipe in a song The Washington Post 14 Oct 2017
Cygnet's father Universal 09 Sep 2017
Inner part of an ear of corn New York Times 10 Apr 2017
Corny refuse Universal 07 Jan 2017
Pipe material LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2016
Corn eater's discard Newsday 13 Dec 2016
Corn feature Canadiana 07 Nov 2016
Corny discard Family Time 10 Oct 2016
Part of the ear Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2016
Picnic discard Universal 17 Apr 2016
Source of bread for male swan The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2016
Cookout discard The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Jan 2016
Cookout disposable USA Today 04 Nov 2015
Part of a harvest festival decoration New York Times 06 Aug 2015
Gull Canadiana 03 Aug 2015
Harness horse Canadiana 22 Jun 2015
Bread for male swan? The Times Cryptic 13 Apr 2015
Cookout throwaway New York Times 02 Apr 2015
Male 43 Across Newsday 04 Jan 2015
Holder of corn kernels
What kernels surround
Possible charcoal source
Part of an ear
Pipe source
Middle ear part?
Corn-eater's throwaway
Middle ear?
Picnic refuse
Pen's mate
Graceful male swimmer
Thing held at a corn festival
Kernel keeper
Cheap pipe material
What corn kernels attach to
Post-picnic trash, maybe
Kernel-covered core
Uneaten ear part
Inner part of a corn ear
Place for a corn skewer
Core of an ear
Corny place
Side-dish center
Corn eater's throwaway
Central part of an ear
Corn piece
Ear part
Swan's pop
Bit of autumn decoration
Web preceder
Pipe bowl source, perhaps
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