Word "CODE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a set of rules or principles or laws (especially written ones)

Part of Speech:
(computer science) the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions
computer code

Part of Speech:
convert ordinary language into code
cipher, cypher, encipher, encrypt, inscribe, write in code
We should encode the message for security reasons

Crossword Clues for CODE

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Clue Source Date
A spy might crack one USA Today 26 Sep 2022
Girls Who ___ (nonprofit supporting women in computer science) Universal 12 Sep 2022
Morse ___ Family Time 29 Aug 2022
App makeup Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2022
A cryptographer might crack one Universal 05 Aug 2022
Black Girls ___ (tech nonprofit) USA Today 18 Jul 2022
What a cryptogram is written in USA Today 09 Jul 2022
Secret system Wall Street Journal 07 Jul 2022
Cipher The Telegraph Quick 23 Jun 2022
System of rules LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2022
Secret language of fish eaters, primarily The Telegraph Toughie 25 May 2022
Secret language LA Times Daily 23 May 2022
Chaucer's first poem needs deciphering Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2022
Secret message Newsday 02 May 2022
Set of rules, principles or laws The Guardian Quick 16 Apr 2022
Secret writing Premier Sunday 27 Mar 2022
Programmer's output Eugene Sheffer 05 Feb 2022
See 13 The Guardian Weekend 29 Jan 2022
What a cryptogram is written in Universal 16 Jan 2022
Airport ID, e.g LA Times Daily 13 Jan 2022
App makeup Thomas Joseph 13 Dec 2021
Set of conventions The Guardian Quick 30 Oct 2021
Programmer's creation USA Today 28 Oct 2021
Do a certain developer’s job New York Times 24 Oct 2021
Write in Python, say Universal 23 Oct 2021
JavaScript lines, say LA Times Daily 22 Oct 2021
JavaScript lines, say The Washington Post 22 Oct 2021
Cryptographic writing Newsday 26 Sep 2021
Program listing? Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2021
Write a program USA Today 23 Sep 2021
Secret message Newsday 20 Sep 2021
Computer language, say Irish Times Simplex 16 Sep 2021
Secret writing Newsday 24 Aug 2021
Secret writing Newsday 03 Aug 2021
The "C" in UPC Universal 03 Jul 2021
See 62 Down The Washington Post Sunday 27 Jun 2021
Encryption system Universal 23 Jun 2021
Write in SQL USA Today 09 Jun 2021
Secret message Wall Street Journal 05 Jun 2021
Veiled language New York Times 04 Jun 2021
Camouflaged communication type Family Time 03 May 2021
Secret message Newsday 19 Apr 2021
Secret writing Newsday 13 Apr 2021
Ethos Newsday 20 Mar 2021
Something to crack in cryptograms Family Time 07 Mar 2021
Convention in Cork and Limerick Irish Times Crosaire 06 Mar 2021
Secret language Universal 03 Mar 2021
Word after 'access' or 'area' USA Today 28 Feb 2021
Cipher The Telegraph Quick 16 Feb 2021
Set of standards for banks countrywide Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2021
Lines in an application? New York Times 30 Jan 2021
Cryptographer's study USA Today 28 Jan 2021
See 15-Across Universal 26 Jan 2021
What apps are written in The Washington Post Sunday 27 Dec 2020
Area ___ (phone number part) Family Time 21 Dec 2020
Write in Python or MATLAB USA Today 20 Nov 2020
Cryptologist's creation USA Today 08 Nov 2020
Thing cracked in a cryptogram Family Time 01 Nov 2020
Source ___ USA Today 28 Oct 2020
Programmer's output Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2020
Morse — Eugene Sheffer 03 Sep 2020
Write in SQL or Python USA Today 25 Aug 2020
Girls Who ___ USA Today 10 Jul 2020
Programmer's output Universal 14 Jun 2020
Computer instructions The Washington Post 31 May 2020
Computer instructions LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Hammurabi's creation LA Times Daily 26 May 2020
Hammurabi's creation The Washington Post 26 May 2020
See 21 Across The Telegraph Quick 24 Apr 2020
It might be hard to crack USA Today 28 Mar 2020
Law Lord who ran to catch duke The Sun Two Speed 28 Mar 2020
Secret language The Sun Two Speed 28 Mar 2020
Programmer's writings Newsday 08 Mar 2020
'The Da Vinci —' Eugene Sheffer 28 Feb 2020
The "C" of U.P.C The New Yorker 24 Feb 2020
A wartime communication might be sent in it
Secret language The Telegraph Quick 21 Dec 2019
Set of rules Canadiana 16 Dec 2019
Make apps Family Time 09 Dec 2019
Encrypted language The Sun Two Speed 22 Nov 2019
Fish bone at last reveals secret message The Sun Two Speed 22 Nov 2019
Encrypt The Washington Post 06 Oct 2019
Encrypt LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2019
System of rules LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2019
System of rules The Washington Post 09 Sep 2019
Programmer's output Newsday 18 Aug 2019
Poem by Conservative concealed message The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2019
Do some programming Universal 01 Aug 2019
Do programming Newsday 14 Jul 2019
Eg, Morse The Times Concise 25 Jun 2019
UPC part USA Today 07 Jun 2019
Means of settling European collection of laws The Telegraph Cryptic 22 May 2019
Hackers crack it Universal 19 May 2019
Make an app Family Time 13 May 2019
Secret message New York Times 13 May 2019
*It's built for computers The Washington Post Sunday 27 Jan 2019
App makeup Thomas Joseph 11 Jan 2019
Do some programming
Hackers crack it
UPC part
System of rules
Secret message
Word with ZIP Universal 25 Dec 2018
Set of principles The Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Dec 2018
Fish bone ultimately reveals secret message The Sun Two Speed 28 Oct 2018
Programmer's output Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2018
Computer language, say Irish Times Simplex 01 Oct 2018
It's key to border's commodities trade Irish Times Crosaire 05 Sep 2018
See 11 Down The Washington Post Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Law lord who ran to catch duke The Sun Two Speed 31 Aug 2018
What to cipher Universal 22 Jul 2018
Cipher Thomas Joseph 10 Jul 2018
Cryptographer's challenge USA Today 02 Jul 2018
Navajo ___ talkers of WWII USA Today 24 Jun 2018
Program instruction The Times Concise 14 Jun 2018
___ of silence Universal 15 May 2018
Builder's concern Wall Street Journal 12 May 2018
Set of rules The Times Concise 29 Apr 2018
Area ___ (phone number start) Family Time 29 Apr 2018
Etiquette of fish knife's last The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2018
See 86-Down Premier Sunday 18 Mar 2018
Value system Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2018
Do some programming New York Times 02 Mar 2018
Program instructions The Times Concise 16 Feb 2018
System of standards Newsday 11 Feb 2018
Computer language Irish Times Simplex 04 Jan 2018
Cryptographic writing Newsday 03 Jan 2018
Builder's concern
What to cipher
Word with ZIP
Do some programming
Set of principles
___ of silence
Cryptographer's challenge
Navajo ___ talkers of WWII
It may involve an exchange of letters LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2017
It may involve an exchange of letters The Washington Post 26 Oct 2017
Established standards The Guardian Quick 25 Oct 2017
Body of law Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2017
Set of rules Premier Sunday 27 Aug 2017
Building inspector's reference USA Today 14 Aug 2017
Create software Universal 12 Aug 2017
Set of rules The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2017
Write an app Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2017
Secret sentences Newsday 09 Jun 2017
Reading block? New York Times 20 May 2017
Enigma machine's output USA Today 11 May 2017
Secret language New York Times 08 May 2017
Cryptographers break it Family Time 01 May 2017
'Inner-city' for 'black,' to some people New York Times 27 Apr 2017
A spy may crack it Family Time 23 Apr 2017
Bar or Morse follower Canadiana 17 Apr 2017
What's often debugged New York Times 08 Apr 2017
Show Mexico designation on the computer Irish Times Crosaire 05 Apr 2017
Programmer's intellectual property, maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education 31 Mar 2017
Program lines Thomas Joseph 15 Feb 2017
It's cracked by cryptologists The Washington Post 11 Feb 2017
Word after bar or binary USA Today 06 Jan 2017
'Longtime companion' for 'same-sex partner,' once New York Times 05 Jan 2017
"Longtime companion" for "same-sex partner," once
Programmer's intellectual property, maybe
It may involve an exchange of letters
Word after bar or binary
Enigma machine's output
Building inspector's reference
Create software
What's often debugged
Secret language
Reading block?
"Inner-city" for "black," to some people
What a computer reads Universal 30 Nov 2016
Work in C++ USA Today 05 Nov 2016
'The Da Vinci ' Eugene Sheffer 09 Sep 2016
Set of rules for community trade limits Irish Times Crosaire 20 Aug 2016
Computer programmer's output Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2016
Method of payment for energy is written by person on computer Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jul 2016
Cryptographer's challenge Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2016
Cryptologist's interest Universal 01 Jun 2016
Morse creation LA Times Daily 30 May 2016
Programmer�s output Wall Street Journal 17 May 2016
UPC part Universal 07 May 2016
Computer's programming Newsday 28 Apr 2016
Established standards in school ultimately switched The Times Cryptic 28 Apr 2016
Thing to decipher USA Today 08 Apr 2016
Morse creation
Cryptologist's interest
What a computer reads
Bed intruders? New York Times 17 Dec 2015
It's cracked by a cryptographer The Washington Post 27 Nov 2015
Member of Set 2 Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2015
Program makeup Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2015
Some people do computing, picking this up The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jul 2015
Many a poem that's hard to understand The Telegraph Cryptic 18 May 2015
Up to ___ New York Times 08 May 2015
Morse or area USA Today 03 Apr 2015
Chapter and verse for what's character-changing? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Mar 2015
Secret language LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2015
The "C" in UPC USA Today 15 Jan 2015
Set of standards Newsday 04 Jan 2015
Set of standards
It's cracked by a cryptographer
Programmer's output
Source ___
Programmer's creation
Secret language
Program makeup
Member of Set 2
The "C" in UPC
Morse or area
Secret writing
Enigma machine output
Up to ___
Word that can be followed by any of several colors
Set of rules
Semaphore signals, e.g.
___ of silence (what a snitch breaks)
IT instructions
It only makes sense when it's broken
See 46-Down
*Secret to crack
It may be cracked
Area or zip ending
Programmer's output
Cryptographic writing
Last part of UPC
Part of UPC
Set of building standards
Secret language
Cracking target
Word with "bar" or "dress"
Cracking candidate
Set of principles
UPC part
Word with "bar" or "area"
Secret signal
Hacker's forte
Set of standards
What a programmer writes
Hard-to-read writing
Output from some engineers
Pearl Jam "No ___"
Morse creation
Rule book
Encrypted Wiz Khalifa track, with "The"?
Building inspector's expertise
Render unreadable, in a way
"Bar" or "airport" follower
Building contractor's concern
Disguised language
Word after bar or area
Bar closing?
Bar closing?
Programmers' writing
Programmers' writing
Do programming work
Do some computer programming
Software basis
Write software
Body of laws
Zip --
Fourth Pearl Jam album, "No ___"
A spy may crack it
Camouflaged communication
Programmer's output
Set of rules
Program listing?
Safety standards
It can't be understood until it's broken
Set of standards
Programmer's output
When it's cracked, it's broken
Set of standards
It can't be understood until it's broken
"The Da Vinci ___"
Body of laws
Something cracked
Programmer's output
UPC part
Programmer's creation
One if by land, two if by sea, e.g.
Programmer's concern
When it's cracked, it's broken
Building contractor's concern
Programming language
Secret script
Spy-school subject
Cracker's target
It may be cracked by a spy
Cracker's target
It may be cracked by a spy
UPC part
Programmer's output
Cryptogram, e.g.
Programmer's work product
It may be broken
What a programmer writes
Contractor's concern
Computer language, e.g.
Cryptologist's interest
Programmer's output
"One if by land, two if by sea," e.g.
Programmer's output
See 46 Down
Word with Morse or area
One might be cracked
Word with bar or color
Secret message
Morse's creation
Word preceding various colors
Set of standards
Programmer's work
Body of regulations
When it gets cracked, it's broken
Something to break
Set of principles
Word with bar or area
Building contractor's study
Cryptogram key
Morse made one
Morse's creation
Problem for a cracker?
Set of principles
Morse's creation
Problem for a cracker?
Morse __
Java ingredient?
Something to crack
"The Da Vinci ___"
Spy's writing
Source ___
__ of ethics
What a spy may write in
Zip ___
Word with bar or dress
Omerta or bushido
When it's cracked, it's broken
Word with bar or zip
Word with bar or airport
Morse ___
Computer programmer's work
Word with bar or binary
Secret language
Mole's aid
Mole's aid
Word with bar or binary
It takes brains to crack it
Cryptoquote, really
Set of laws
Word with fire or area
Secret language
Morse's creation
___ red
Word with 16A
Genetic __
Building regulations
Morse or area
Word with bar or airport
Word with bar or area
Cryptogram key
Secret writing
Word following zip or area
Hacker's forte
See 100 Down
Part of UPC
Spy ring contents?
Omert... or bushido
Morse invention
Genetic ___ (biochemical instructions for hereditary information)
Programmers' writing
Set of principles
The "C" in U.P.C.
Conduct rules
Dress, for one
Software developer output
The C in UPC
UPC part
Something to crack
___ name (identity hider)
Camouflaged communication
Dits and dahs
It might be genetic
___ of Hammurabi
It might be genetic
Morse ___
Secret signal
Area __
Something cracked?
Computer program, e.g.
Bar ___
Cryptanalyst's concern
Morse ___
Rules of ethics
Morse claim to fame
Computer programmer's output
Area is one
One if by land, two if by sea, etc.
It follows zip or bar
___ Red Virus (computer affliction of 2001)
_____ blue (medical emergency)
System of rules
Kind of word or book
Preparation that needs a cracker?
Genetic or dress follower
Kind of word
Morse's creation
Cryptographers break it
Disguised language
Part of ASCII
Secret writing
It may be cracked
Pig Latin, e.g.
It can be broken
Spy's secret
Spy's writing, perhaps
Body of law
Bar or airport follower
Morse or semaphore
_____ name
Area ___
Binary ___
Set of ethics
Group of laws
Spy's writing
Genetic or dress follower
What a cryptographer cracks
Body of laws
Area item
Message concealer
Area ____
Part of UPC
Morse for one
Agent's aid
+Building ___
Genetic or area
System of secret symbols
It needs to be broken
Spy writing
Commercial _____
Safety specifications
Feature of Doyle's "The Adventure of the Dancing Men"
Start for "of honor" or "of silence"
Cipher or encipher
It may be genetic
Cryptographer's secret
Penal or zip follower
Morse, for one
Dress ___
System of rules
Area ___
Penal ___
Body of laws
Set of rules
Bottom numbers on an envelope
Zip or area follower
Area or Morse
Morse or zip
Morse invention
Body of national laws
Synonym for 42 Across
___ of laws
Word with area or zip
Disguise the meaning
Zip, for one
Black-chamber concern
___ of honor
Zip or area
Morse or area
Secrecy medium
Zip or Morse
Morse creation
Zip ___
Standard of conduct
Key symbols.
Rules for behavior.
Symbolic expression.
System of rules.
Disguise the meaning.
Secret writing.
Set of rules.
Morse, for one.
Rules of conduct.
Area ___.
___ Napoleon.
Set of signals.
Body of laws.
Communications security means.
Cryptographic writing.
___ Napoléon.
System of secret writing.
Able, Baker, etc.
Secret signal system.
Wigwag signals.
Wigwag system.
Secret message form.
Dots and dashes.
Wigwag, for instance.
Aircraft carrier landing signals.
Web developer's output
Programmer's output
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