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Crossword Clues for CODED

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Clue Source Date
Did some programming Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2021
Like computer language The Washington Post Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Encrypted, as a message Newsday 23 Dec 2020
In need of deciphering LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2020
Like a cryptogram USA Today 10 Nov 2020
Encrypted Eugene Sheffer 09 Sep 2020
Needing a key, perhaps New York Times 12 Jun 2020
Like secret messages Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2020
Like some messages Thomas Joseph 08 Feb 2020
Produced some Java The Washington Post 16 Nov 2019
Wrote in C or Java Universal 28 Feb 2019
Needing deciphering Newsday 13 Feb 2019
Like cryptic messages USA Today 27 May 2018
In dots and dashes, maybe USA Today 26 Mar 2018
Like a spy's messages The Washington Post Sunday 18 Mar 2018
Wrote software Newsday 13 Feb 2018
Like a secret message USA Today 12 Feb 2018
Built, as an app The Washington Post Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Needing decryption USA Today 25 Mar 2017
Like spy messages USA Today 31 Aug 2016
Like a spy's secret message Newsday 28 Mar 2016
In need of a cracker, perhaps New York Times 04 Oct 2015
Like many wartime messages Universal 03 Oct 2015
Not made clear The Times Cryptic 15 Apr 2015
Like cryptograms USA Today 22 Jan 2015
Hard to crack
Needing cracking
Wrote an app
Hard to read, maybe
Put into bars, say
Like some wartime messages
Like some secret messages
Like a secret missive
Not easy to read
Like wartime messages
In secret language
Emulated Hammurabi
Requiring cracking, perhaps
Used encryption
Hard to read
Like cryptic notes
In C, perhaps
Scrambled, as a spy's message
Arranged arcanely
Like something written in 21-Across
Like DNA
Having secret marks, maybe
Not overtly legible
In need of translation
Used a substitution cipher, perhaps
Did cryptography
Like a secret cable
In ciphers
Like a Morse message
Put into dots and dashes
Disguised the meaning
Hid the meaning
Like a heliogram
Scrambled, in a way
Like U.S.A.F. messages
Marked for identification
In dots and dashes
Like computer cards
In cipher
Prepared a computer card
Like a spy's message.
Put into symbols.
Put in cipher.
Prepared a military message.
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