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Word "COLT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a kind of revolver

Part of Speech:
a young male horse under the age of four

Crossword Clues for COLT

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Clue Source Date
Young male horse USA Today 22 Jan 2021
Stallion gets student into bed The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2020
Small pistol The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2020
Male foal USA Today 16 Nov 2020
Potential Triple Crown winner The Washington Post Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Samuel --, American handgun inventor The Telegraph General Knowledge 05 Oct 2020
Farm youngster Newsday 11 Sep 2020
Wild West weapon LA Times Daily 02 Sep 2020
Young stallion Newsday 01 Sep 2020
Type of revolver and a young horse Irish Times Simplex 11 May 2020
Filly's brother Newsday 19 Apr 2020
Stallion-to-be Premier Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Seabiscuit, once The Washington Post 08 Mar 2020
Seminole Wars supplier (c. 1840) Newsday 07 Mar 2020
Future stallion Newsday 01 Mar 2020
Certain yearling New York Times 05 Jan 2020
Young male zebra Newsday 05 Jan 2020
Stallion's son Newsday 30 Dec 2019
Derby winner, typically Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2019
Gino Marchetti or Johnny Unitas Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2019
Six-shooter maker USA Today 16 Jun 2019
Six-shooter name USA Today 11 Jun 2019
Young zebra Newsday 02 May 2019
Young stallion left in bed The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Make of small pistol The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Marshal's piece Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2019
One having stable environment for upbringing? The Sun Two Speed 15 Mar 2019
Indianapolis footballer New York Times 11 Mar 2019
Revolver innovator Newsday 17 Feb 2019
Young horse Irish Times Simplex 22 Jan 2019
Noted arms manufacturer New York Times 28 Dec 2018
Stallion, earlier Universal 16 Nov 2018
Texas Rangers were his early client Newsday 20 Oct 2018
Revolver maker Samuel USA Today 07 Aug 2018
Perhaps young Arab left in bed The Sun Two Speed 31 Jul 2018
On the edges of commuter belt going around Leopardstown Irish Times Crosaire 02 Jul 2018
Filly's sibling Premier Sunday 20 May 2018
Black Beauty, as a youngster USA Today 23 Apr 2018
Indianapolis NFLer The Washington Post 11 Apr 2018
One may frisk -- for a gun The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2018
Junior player left in bed The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2018
Name often said before this clue's number New York Times 23 Dec 2017
Stable newbie Universal 11 Dec 2017
Peacemaker maker Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2017
Young stud? New York Times 16 Sep 2017
Revolver innovator Samuel USA Today 30 Jul 2017
Pimlico runner Wall Street Journal 12 Jul 2017
Bronco's offspring USA Today 23 Jan 2017
Type of revolver The Telegraph Quick 26 Dec 2016
Newborn pony Canadiana 24 Oct 2016
Farm newborn USA Today 30 Mar 2016
Stable youngster The Washington Post 26 Mar 2016
Sam of six-guns Newsday 15 Jan 2016
Arabian youth? The Washington Post 10 Dec 2015
Revolver inventor Newsday 07 Oct 2015
Foal, or Chrysler compact Canadiana 28 Sep 2015
Texan's rival New York Times 07 Aug 2015
Mare's child Jonesin 04 Jun 2015
Horse that's fired with enthusiasm in a Western? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2015
Andrew Luck, notably
Indiana NFL-er
Producer of 1873's Peacemaker
Mitsubishi model
Piece maker?
___ .45
Single Action Army, e.g.
Male baby zebra
Maker of the Commando rifle
Kentucky Derby entrant, usually
Livery delivery?
Young equine
Belmont entry
Revolver brand
Gunmaker Samuel
Johnny Unitas, for most of his career
Gelding-to-be, maybe
Derby entrant
Firearms pioneer
Big name in guns
.45 maker
Former pro golfer/country guy Ford
Forty-ounce brand, with "45"
Inventor from Hartford
Baltimore pro who moved to Indianapolis
Stable kid
Frisky one
Baltimore-turned-Indianapolis player
Revolver name
Youngster on a farm
Mare's offspring
Kentucky Derby entrant
Derby prospect
Stable scion
Two- or three-year-old, maybe
Revolver maker
Inexperienced one
Future Lucas Oil Stadium player
Peyton Manning, e.g.
Gun man
Herd youngster
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.