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Crossword Clues for CONS

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Clue Source Date
Takes in Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2021
Swindles Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2021
Flimflams Newsday 13 Nov 2020
Pros' opposites USA Today 08 Nov 2020
Tricks The Washington Post 18 Oct 2020
Downsides Newsday 15 Oct 2020
Criminals on both sides concealing weapons Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2020
Downsides when there's a lot missing from coolants Irish Times Crosaire 19 Aug 2020
Downsides to both sides produced by Colman Hawkins Irish Times Crosaire 31 Jul 2020
Pro opposers Family Time 06 Jul 2020
Reasons against LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2020
Bamboozles New York Times 26 May 2020
Stony Mountain frequenters Canadiana 23 Dec 2019
Sing Sing denizens USA Today 16 Nov 2019
Reasons to say no USA Today 15 Nov 2019
Occupants of pens USA Today 14 Aug 2019
Pen dwellers Family Time 17 Jun 2019
Disadvantages found in this puzzle's three longest Across answers .. New York Times 04 Jun 2019
People in jail Family Time 20 May 2019
Reasons to vote no USA Today 19 May 2019
Pen pals? The Washington Post 10 Feb 2019
Disadvantages found in this puzzle's three longest Across answers ...
Ones behind bars Universal 24 Nov 2018
Joint tenants? Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2018
U-turn from pros Universal 23 Oct 2018
Prisoners Family Time 13 Aug 2018
Cell denizens USA Today 13 Jun 2018
Drawbacks New York Times 12 Jun 2018
Alcatraz filler, once Universal 08 Jun 2018
They may be weighed against pros Wall Street Journal 29 May 2018
Prisoners, briefly Family Time 08 Apr 2018
The work of 8 across with fiddles Irish Times Crosaire 28 Feb 2018
Fiddles for Colman Hawkins on both sides Irish Times Crosaire 23 Feb 2018
35-Across voters USA Today 29 Jan 2018
Takes in part of subconscious Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jan 2018
Fleeces for inmates? The Telegraph Toughie 11 Jan 2018
Pulls a swindle on USA Today 01 Jan 2018
Jailbirds Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2017
Opposite of pros Family Time 15 Oct 2017
Pros and __ Newsday 09 Oct 2017
Rips off The Washington Post Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Pen occupants The Washington Post 11 Sep 2017
Pen sharers Universal 23 Aug 2017
Argue the pros and __ Newsday 24 Jul 2017
Decision maker's list Newsday 30 Jun 2017
Fleeces New York Times 16 May 2017
Inmates New York Times 13 Mar 2017
Pulls a fast one on USA Today 17 Feb 2017
No pros Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Arguments against doing something Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2016
Deceives LA Times Daily 11 May 2016
Column on a decision maker's list LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2016
Plays for a sap Universal 26 Mar 2016
Scams LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2016
Hoodwinks USA Today 09 Jan 2016
Prison yard residents USA Today 03 Jan 2016
Arguments against The Telegraph Quick 02 Nov 2015
Takes to the cleaners Newsday 08 Oct 2015
Rips off a number of starters I'm trying to get across Irish Times Crosaire 25 Aug 2015
Tricks returning officer at national school Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jul 2015
Tricks Scotchman missing match Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jun 2015
Yardbirds New York Times 21 Jun 2015
Debate group Thomas Joseph 21 Jan 2015
Not pros
Negative points
Bad points
Takes for a ride
Negative facets
Grifters' games
Pen fill
One side of an issue
Alcatraz population, once
Slammer residents
Snow jobs
Opposite of 34-Across
Cell dwellers, for short
Reasons not to, for short
Pros and --
Cooler fill
Reasons not to
Flaws in a plan
Residents of the tank
Jug band?
Pulls a scam on
Big house residents
Insiders, of a sort
Some pen pals?
Takes for a sap
Negative aspects
Time servers
Plays for a sucker
Pen denizens
Pen residents?
They're in pens
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.