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Crossword Clues for CORES

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Clue Source Date
Apple throwaways LA Times Daily 12 May 2021
Kernels; hearts The Telegraph Quick 17 Mar 2021
Apple centers New York Times 10 Feb 2021
Inner parts of apples Family Time 24 Aug 2020
Oil drilling samples Newsday 16 May 2020
Apple leftovers The Washington Post 03 May 2020
Hearts Thomas Joseph 22 Feb 2020
Pear throwaways USA Today 07 Oct 2019
Reactor parts Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2019
Apple-pie making discards Universal 12 Jul 2019
Gala garbage? Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2019
Essential centers Family Time 28 Jan 2019
Innermost apple parts Newsday 14 Jan 2019
Pear centers The Washington Post 31 Oct 2018
Centers Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2018
The centres of objects Irish Times Simplex 16 Jun 2018
Central parts Newsday 20 May 2018
Seedy centers USA Today 20 Nov 2017
Vital parts Universal 17 Nov 2017
Essential parts New York Times 21 May 2017
Apple remains LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2016
Centers of apples Newsday 05 Dec 2016
Essences Newsday 03 Nov 2016
Meltdown sites USA Today 08 Oct 2016
CPU features Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2016
Innermost parts The Washington Post 28 Jul 2016
Parts of apples USA Today 08 Jun 2015
Delicious leftovers?
Central sections
Prepares, as pears
Pear leftovers
Delicious waste
Mining samples
Picnic throwaways
Hollow spaces
Prepares an apple for eating
Nuclear reactor parts
Romes' remains
Pippin residue
Meltdown areas
Applesauce maker's waste
They're seedy
Prepares apples for baking
McIntosh throwaways
Prepares an apple, perhaps
Delicious discards
Apple discards
Seed sites
Prepares pears
Critical parts
Inner parts
They may melt down
Fruit centers
Nuclear-reactor centers
Pineapple throwaways
Removes the center
Prepares apples
Vital regions
Throwaways ever since Eve
Pearmain centers
Parts of pippins
Prepares baking apples
Apple parts
Takes earth samples
Apple leavings
Works on fruit
Oil-drilling samples
Reactor areas
Fruit parts
Inner areas
Atomic reactor areas
Fruit centers.
Inmost parts.
Central parts.
Center pieces.
Hard centers.
Central strands of ropes.
Parts of apples.
Inner portions of electromagnets.
Armatures of a dynamo.
Apple leftovers.
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