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Word "COTE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)

Crossword Clues for COTE

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Clue Source Date
___ d'Ivoire USA Today 05 Apr 2021
Shelter for pigeons Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2021
Doves' home Eugene Sheffer 13 Jan 2021
Dove's dwelling Universal 20 Dec 2020
Lamb's home Canadiana 07 Dec 2020
Pigeon coop Universal 10 Nov 2020
République de __ d'Ivoire The Washington Post 15 Oct 2020
Shelter for doves Irish Times Simplex 14 Oct 2020
Sheep shelter Newsday 27 Sep 2020
Digs for a dove Newsday 13 Aug 2020
___ d'Azur (French Riviera) Universal 25 Jun 2020
Avian shelter New York Times 15 May 2020
Dove's domicile Family Time 12 Apr 2020
Animal shelter
Bird shelter Family Time 27 Oct 2019
Dove home The Washington Post 25 Oct 2019
__ d'Azur (French Riviera) Newsday 25 Aug 2019
Home for doves and pigeons New York Times 28 Jul 2019
Dove shelter Universal 04 Jul 2019
___ d'Ivoire (Ghana neighbor) Universal 07 Jan 2019
Dove's digs The Washington Post 23 Dec 2018
Homing pigeon's base, maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Dec 2018
Pigeon house Universal 23 Oct 2018
Pigeon housing Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2018
Pigeon home Family Time 19 Aug 2018
Dove's shelter Newsday 06 Jun 2018
Dove's home Family Time 07 Jan 2018
Home for doves The Telegraph Quick 30 Mar 2017
Word on the African nation list Newsday 11 Feb 2017
Quebec's Gerard ____ (4 time winner in the 40's) Canadiana 26 Dec 2016
___ d'Azur (Riviera area) Universal 14 Dec 2016
Pigeon shelter Family Time 04 Dec 2016
Pigeon's abode Universal 27 Nov 2016
___ d'Azur (French resort area) USA Today 13 Nov 2016
Shelter for sheep USA Today 01 Oct 2016
Shelter for birds Universal 06 Aug 2016
Copy and paste both sides for those flighty types looking for a shelter Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jun 2016
Sheep enclosure Universal 13 Jan 2016
Place for pigeons Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Bird house New York Times 17 Oct 2015
Refuge for a frequent flier? LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2015
Farm shelter LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2015
Pigeon's home USA Today 13 Aug 2015
Dove place
Where sheep sleep
___ d'Azur
Dove's site
Ewe's shelter
Dove's domain
This shelter is for the birds
Digs for doves
Pigeon pad
Pigeons' place
Place for doves, not hawks
Pigeon's place
Sheep shed
___ d'Ivoire (African land)
Small shelter
___ d'Ivoire (African nation)
Shed for sheep, pigs, and pigeons
It's for the birds
Sheep's shelter
Pigeon shed
Ram home?
___-Nord (region of Quebec)
Bird enclosure
Small animal shelter
Homing pigeon's home
Cooing place
__ d'Ivoire (African nation)
-- d'Azur
Bird shed
Rooftop coop
Rams' home
Montreal suburb ___ -Saint-Luc
France's ___ d'Azur
_____ d'Azur
Where pigeons perch
Fowl place
With 17-Across, Dijon's department
Dove s place
French wine-producing hillside
__ d'Azur
Pigeon's pad
Home for a 12-Down
Shed for sheep
____ d'Or
Dove's place
French hillside with vineyards
Home for baahlings
Shed for pouters
Lamb's pen
Animal enclosure
French hillside vineyard
Kin of pigeon holes
___ d'Or, French wine area
Relative of a pigeonhole
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