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Word "COVE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small inlet

Part of Speech:
small or narrow cave in the side of a cliff or mountain

Crossword Clues for COVE

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Clue Source Date
Place to moor Family Time 15 Mar 2021
Sheltered inlet Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2021
Safe place for a boat USA Today 13 Feb 2021
Natural recess New York Times 30 Jan 2021
Place to put in Thomas Joseph 03 Dec 2020
Protected inlet The Washington Post 25 Nov 2020
Witches mostly seen in cavern The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2020
Sheltered bay The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2020
Shoreline shelter USA Today 01 Oct 2020
Sheltered area The Washington Post 12 Sep 2020
Fellow that's used by smugglers? The Telegraph Toughie 05 Aug 2020
Pirate’s refuge Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2020
Little harbour Canadiana 27 Jul 2020
Small sheltered bay The Times Concise 13 Jul 2020
Sheltered spot Universal 14 Jun 2020
Coastal recess LA Times Daily 02 Jun 2020
Strange fellow witches in group for the most part The Sun Two Speed 03 Apr 2020
Inlet Eugene Sheffer 31 Mar 2020
Quiet fishing spot
Sheltered shoreline spot New York Times 23 Dec 2019
Ship's shelter USA Today 06 Nov 2019
Some upsetting language vocalised in Safe Harbour perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2019
Anchorage setting Newsday 28 Sep 2019
Small bay Newsday 17 Sep 2019
Pirate ship's haven Universal 03 May 2019
Shoreline mooring spot USA Today 26 Apr 2019
Place for a marina USA Today 23 Apr 2019
Bay The Telegraph Quick 14 Mar 2019
Sheltered harbor Newsday 12 Feb 2019
Old fish where the sea comes in The Telegraph Toughie 08 Feb 2019
Dock setting The Washington Post 22 Dec 2018
Area to lay anchor The Washington Post 13 Sep 2018
Coastal inlet USA Today 23 Jun 2018
Small inlet Newsday 14 Jun 2018
Pirate's hideout New York Times 12 Jun 2018
Dated chap -- desire unconsummated The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jun 2018
Natural harbor Newsday 16 May 2018
Little bay Premier Sunday 12 Nov 2017
Cornerless figures The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Sep 2017
Arm that's tucked away New York Times 23 Jun 2017
Shelter for ships
Small inlet, bay The Guardian Speedy 13 Nov 2016
Coastal feature Canadiana 07 Nov 2016
Smuggler's hideaway New York Times 29 Oct 2016
Area with moorings LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2016
Snug harbor USA Today 24 Jul 2016
Shore recess New York Times 11 Jul 2016
Safe harbor USA Today 09 Jun 2016
Coastal niche Newsday 25 Feb 2016
Boater's haven New York Times 08 Feb 2016
Ria Canadiana 01 Feb 2016
Shoreline indentation Universal 12 Aug 2015
Cabot ___ ('Murder, She Wrote' setting) New York Times 26 May 2015
Yacht spot New York Times 29 Apr 2015
Place to moor a boat New York Times 27 Jan 2015
Cabot ___ ("Murder, She Wrote" setting)
Recessed place, with one letter changed from 5-Across
Shoreline recess
Dock site
Where pirates moor
Pirate hide-out, often
Mooring spot
Pirate's hideaway
Fishing spot
Coastal irregularity
Shelter along the shore
Hillside recess
Inlet at the shore
Cabot ___ ("Murder, She Wrote" town)
Shore nook
Quiet place to fish
Pirate hideout, perhaps
Sheltered anchorage
Rower's retreat
Put-in place
Harbor inlet
*Place to moor
Shelter from a storm, perhaps
Pirate's recess
2009 Best Documentary Feature winner, with "The"
Natural indentation
Spot to moor
Shore indentation
Pirate's retreat
Bay relative
Sheltered nook
Recess in the shoreline
Pirate hideout
Where you might turn in
Pirates' refuge
Port in a storm
Cabot ___, Maine (setting of "Murder, She Wrote")
Where pirates moor, sometimes
Where pirates moor, perhaps
Shoreline irregularity
Possible pirate parking place
Shoreline feature
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