Word "COWS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age
bos taurus, cattle, kine, oxen
wait till the cows come home

Crossword Clues for COWS

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Clue Source Date
They don't appreciate being tipped Universal 30 Aug 2022
Some stock Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2022
Dairy animals Premier Sunday 14 Aug 2022
Female elephants USA Today 27 Jul 2022
Dairy farm animals LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2022
Animals protected by Krishna USA Today 22 Apr 2022
Pasture group Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2022
Milked beasts Premier Sunday 02 Jan 2022
Intimidates New York Times 23 Nov 2021
Animals sacred to Hindus Universal 22 Oct 2021
Dairy dwellers Newsday 03 Jun 2021
Longhorns, e.g New York Times 06 Apr 2021
Domesticated bovines Irish Times Simplex 01 Apr 2021
Dairy animals Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2020
Intimidates a number of the Dexters Irish Times Crosaire 04 Dec 2020
Farmers' moneymakers Family Time 18 Oct 2020
Jerseys, e.g LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2020
Jerseys, e.g The Washington Post 02 Aug 2020
Meadow group Thomas Joseph 10 Jul 2020
Bullies females The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jun 2020
Intimidates those in 20 across similarly Irish Times Crosaire 01 May 2020
Major sources of methane USA Today 22 Feb 2020
Pasture animals Universal 03 Dec 2019
Dairy farm grazers Newsday 24 Jul 2019
Ranch grazers LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2019
Ranch grazers The Washington Post 19 Mar 2019
Bullies New York Times 24 Feb 2019
Dairy herd Newsday 20 Feb 2019
Farm moms LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2019
Farm moms The Washington Post 12 Feb 2019
Female elephants Newsday 20 Jan 2019
About half of all elephants Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2019
About half of all elephants
Ranch grazers
Farm moms
Talking animals in 'The Far Side' USA Today 30 Dec 2018
Intimidates LA Times Daily 09 Dec 2018
Intimidates The Washington Post 09 Dec 2018
Anthropomorphic figures in many 'Far Side' cartoons New York Times 19 Nov 2018
Uses scare tactics on Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2018
Farm females USA Today 18 Oct 2018
Cud-chewing animals Family Time 08 Oct 2018
Stackable Livestock animals, in 'The Far Side' The Washington Post Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Dairy farm animals Newsday 03 Sep 2018
Dairy animals Newsday 09 Jul 2018
Female elephants USA Today 20 May 2018
Metaphorical homecomers Newsday 26 Apr 2018
Farm females
Anthropomorphic figures in many "Far Side" cartoons
Uses scare tactics on
Talking animals in "The Far Side"
Female elephants
Farm grazers Eugene Sheffer 05 Dec 2017
Dairy beasts Premier Sunday 12 Nov 2017
Animals that stood erect in "The Far Side" USA Today 30 Aug 2017
Farm animals The Times Concise 14 Jul 2017
Female whales New York Times 23 Jun 2017
Stockholder's assets? LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2017
Female whales
Animals that stood erect in "The Far Side"
Milk dispensers? The Washington Post 24 Dec 2016
Cud chewers Wall Street Journal 15 Nov 2016
Intimidates New York Times 30 Oct 2016
Browbeats Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2016
Female cattle The Times Concise 24 May 2016
Jerseys, e.g Universal 20 Apr 2016
Intimidates Newsday 17 Mar 2016
Farm grazers Thomas Joseph 25 Jan 2016
Cattle The Telegraph Quick 12 Jan 2016
Female animals The Telegraph Quick 05 Dec 2015
Female whales Newsday 18 Jul 2015
Female whales USA Today 28 Jun 2015
Some stock Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2015
Daunts New York Times 06 Mar 2015
Female bovines The Telegraph Quick 18 Jan 2015
Female whales
Some stock
Female whales
Sights at 127-Across
Some elephants or whales
67-Across and others
Milk sources
Dairy animals
Animals of the genus Bos
They really never come home, figuratively
Milk dispensers
They really never come home, figuratively
Common subject in "The Far Side"
Foo Fighters "For All the ___"
Dairy farm dwellers
Milk producers
Who Foo Fighters sang to on debut
Lea group
Dairy dwellers
Barn bunch
Lea group
Beef sources
Beef sources
Some stock
Elsie and ilk
Female whales
Bossy types?
Till the ___ come home
Dairy herd
Some whales
Homecoming stragglers?
Homecoming stragglers?
Some elephants or whales
Female elephants
Dairy herd
Bullies' mates
Jerseys and Guernseys
Carnation's "contented" creatures
Bullies, curiously?
Jerseys and Guernseys
Dairy animals
Mad ones are bad
Dairy animals
Subjects of "The Far Side," often
Some elephants
Farm marms
Bossy and more?
Dairy beasts
Whale moms
Moon jumpers, in a nursery rhyme
Bossy and more?
Farm moms
Dairy herd
Some elephants or whales
Dairy herd
Farm animals
Whale moms
Moo makers
Cud chewers
Meadow herd
Bullies, ironically?
Milk dispensers
Homecoming animals
Dairy animals
Byre tenants.
Farm animals.
Sacred ___.
Elsie and others.
"Till the ___ come home."
The "lowing herd."
Suppliers to the food industry.
Guernseys, Jerseys. etc.
Little Boy Blue's charges.
Herded by "The Virginian."—Wister.
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