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Word "CRANE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
United States poet (1899-1932)
harold hart crane, hart crane

Part of Speech:
a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Phoenix

Part of Speech:
United States writer (1871-1900)
stephen crane

Crossword Clues for CRANE

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Clue Source Date
Construction site sight Universal 08 Apr 2021
Large wading bird Universal 02 Apr 2021
Heavy-duty lifter Universal 01 Apr 2021
Machine named for a bird Newsday 28 Mar 2021
Origami shape called 'orizuru' New York Times 28 Mar 2021
Construction site hoist Universal 13 Mar 2021
Origami creation Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2021
Origami bird LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2021
Lifting machine USA Today 05 Dec 2020
One might raise the roof Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2020
Construction site lifter Newsday 18 Aug 2020
Wading bird The Sun Two Speed 16 Aug 2020
Flyer managed to enter church The Sun Two Speed 16 Aug 2020
Whooping ___ (bird) The Washington Post Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Construction site's lifting machine Newsday 01 Jun 2020
Beam-lifting device The Washington Post Sunday 31 May 2020
The bird stylised in the logo of Lufthansa The Times Specialist Sunday 24 May 2020
Device with a hoist rope The Washington Post Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Large wader Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Construction site machine Newsday 15 Apr 2020
Girder lifter Wall Street Journal 13 Apr 2020
Tall construction-site machine Newsday 25 Feb 2020
Heavy weight lifter The Washington Post Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Construction site lifting machine Newsday 18 Nov 2019
Whooping bird USA Today 29 Oct 2019
Wading bird and lifting machine Irish Times Simplex 18 Jul 2019
Popular bird in origami New York Times 07 May 2019
Camera operator's device USA Today 17 Apr 2019
Construction-site hoister Newsday 15 Apr 2019
Girder raiser Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2019
Tall construction machine Newsday 12 Mar 2019
Try hard to catch glimpse of Romeo — stick around The Sun Two Speed 02 Feb 2019
Lifting structure The Times Concise 25 Jan 2019
Wetlands bird Newsday 12 Dec 2018
Girder handler Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Stick around river to see bird The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2018
Heavy lifter USA Today 26 Sep 2018
Long-necked wader USA Today 27 May 2018
Provider of a big lift The Washington Post 20 May 2018
Ichabod of Sleepy Hollow USA Today 13 May 2018
Whooping creature Family Time 30 Apr 2018
Surname on "Frasier" Universal 30 Apr 2018
Stick put right inside lifting machine The Sun Two Speed 20 Mar 2018
Large hoist The Sun Two Speed 20 Mar 2018
'Whooping' marsh bird The Washington Post 16 Jan 2018
"Whooping" marsh bird LA Times Daily 16 Jan 2018
Beam raiser
Long-necked wading bird The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Beam lifter Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2017
Long-necked waterfowl USA Today 21 Sep 2017
Wrecking ball swinger USA Today 22 Aug 2017
Long-necked bird The Washington Post 23 Jul 2017
Skyline constructor Newsday 21 Jul 2017
One doing heavy lifting New York Times 21 May 2017
Animal in the Japan Airlines logo The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Apr 2017
Construction weightlifter Universal 07 Feb 2017
'The Red Badge of Courage' author Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2017
Origami staple LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2016
Heron look-alike Newsday 13 Oct 2016
Construction-site lifting machine Newsday 15 Aug 2016
Long-necked wading bird and lifting machine Irish Times Simplex 08 Apr 2016
Twist, as one's neck USA Today 17 Mar 2016
'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' protagonist The Washington Post 05 Feb 2016
Wrecking-ball swinger USA Today 08 Jan 2016
Frequent 44-Down creation Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2015
Bow the neck for a better view Canadiana 02 Nov 2015
Long-legged bird does a lot of heavy lifting Irish Times Crosaire 14 Oct 2015
What a folder might end up with Newsday 20 Jun 2015
Popular origami sculpture Family Time 01 Jun 2015
One raising the bar? New York Times 10 Apr 2015
Long-legged wading bird Universal 14 Jan 2015
Bird with an elaborate courtship dance
Stick out your neck
Lifting device
Machine at a construction site
Big picker-upper?
Origami figure
Irving's schoolteacher
Hoisting apparatus
Heavy lifter at a construction site
Heron's cousin
"Frasier" surname
Endangered whooper
Stretch, in a way
It may give you a lift
Hoisting machine
Whooping __
Long-legged flier
Long-legged bird
It may raise the roof
Bird found in marshes
Part of a boomtown's skyline
It may take a wrecking ball
Movie set vehicle
Long-legged wader
It goes out with a boom
Construction-site machine
Leggy wader
Weight lifter
Stretch out one's neck
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.