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Word "CRAVAT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
neckwear worn in a slipknot with long ends overlapping vertically in front

Crossword Clues for CRAVAT

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Clue Source Date
Neckwear Irish Times Simplex 14 Jan 2021
Fancy necktie Newsday 06 Oct 2020
Fancy tie Premier Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Neckcloth The Telegraph Quick 08 Dec 2019
Personal item providing a tax credit up front The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2019
Fop's accessory New York Times 14 Sep 2019
One is up to one's neck sorting car tax Irish Times Crosaire 20 Aug 2019
Fancy neckwear USA Today 02 Jun 2019
Box mostly used for storing a very short item of clothing The Telegraph Toughie 26 Sep 2018
Item of neckwear The Times Concise 08 Aug 2018
Type of neckwear named after Slavic mercenaries of the 17th century The Times Specialist Sunday 06 May 2018
Neckwear in a slipknot Universal 20 Jan 2018
Formal neckerchief The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2017
Almost stuff container with scarf The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2017
Dressy piece of neckwear Family Time 03 Dec 2017
Tie Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2017
Menswear item may be a tax on credit The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jul 2017
One is up to one's neck in neglecting car tax Irish Times Crosaire 23 Sep 2016
Neckerchief The Telegraph Quick 11 Aug 2016
Stock form of car tax The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jun 2016
Scarf, mostly long for a time The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2016
Cold artist against a tie -- that is unwanted item of neckwear The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Sep 2015
Dandy accessory New York Times 11 Sep 2015
Artist very enthralled by, say, Persian neckwear The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Aug 2015
Fit to be tied for credit allowed initially for one's feed of drink Irish Times Crosaire 25 Aug 2015
A tax credit having priority for some menswear? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jul 2015
Type of neckwear Irish Times Simplex 30 Jan 2015
Ascot's cousin
Haberdashery item
Adam's apple coverer
Decorative neckwear
Ascot relative
Dressy neckwear
Decorative necktie
Accessory popularized by Louis XIV
Louis XIV accessory
Ascot cousin
Tuxedo accessory
It hangs by the neck
Lace-trimmed neckwear
17th-century neckwear
Piece of neckwear
Tie alternative
Nob's accessory, perhaps
Type of scarf
Accessory for a three-piece suit
Relative of 14-Across
Neck piece
Haberdasher's offering
Haberdasher's item
Apparel item
Masculine finery.
Haberdashery item.
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