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Word "CROSSWORD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a puzzle in which words corresponding to numbered clues are to be found and written in to squares in the puzzle
crossword puzzle

Crossword Clues for CROSSWORD

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Clue Source Date
Vexed utterance is a puzzle (9)
This kind of puzzle
What's this I see before me? Drat! (9)
Angry exchange you're looking at (9)
What you're doing now The Guardian Quick 28 Dec 2023
What you're doing now (9)
What are you doing, Socrates, half-drunk with weapon? The Guardian Cryptic 14 Mar 2023
You're doing one USA Today 11 Jan 2023
Interrupt discussion, and here we are?
This is one such puzzle Irish Times Simplex 17 Nov 2021
This puzzle, or either answer in each pair of starred entries? Universal 09 Jul 2021
Angry over promise to supply puzzle The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jun 2021
What are you doing, Balls?
Ill-tempered promise — this?!
“Do you find you can’t finish the ____ like you used to […]?” (Doc Morrissey in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin) The Times Specialist Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Fun starting in 1913 irritated a lot left out
Bugger your task in hand?
This is a puzzle Irish Times Simplex 03 Sep 2019
You're presumably looking at this right now, annoyed by a single conversational piece Irish Times Crosaire 11 Sep 2018
Challenge laid out in front of you in black and white? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2018
Bridge news: a much-loved part of The Times
What you're doing that's said to show irritation The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Dec 2017
Right before the middle of function, almost nod off over this
Puzzle The Telegraph Quick 27 Sep 2017
Puzzle with angry order
Puzzle: bridge term
You're probably looking at this and thinking what am I doing here Irish Times Crosaire 17 Mar 2017
This line around ship secured by rope
This line around ship secured by rope The Times Cryptic 02 Dec 2016
Angry over promise to provide this The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2016
See 5 The Telegraph Quick 18 Dec 2015
Black-and-white puzzle Newsday 21 Jul 2015
A stern talking-to for this
Angry remark that should make you think The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2015
Black-and-white puzzle
This could bar you from the Dunmow flitch
Utterance from a curmudgeon
It's puzzling
Particular puzzle
Double ___ play
Black and white #5
Popular puzzle
With 47 Down, theme of this puzzle
Place to write letters
Type of puzzle
Arthur Wynne creation: 1913
Puzzle type
Irritable remark
International pastime.
Chance card, part 2
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