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Word "CRUX" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus
crux australis, southern cross

Part of Speech:
the most important point
crux of the matter

Crossword Clues for CRUX

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Clue Source Date
Decisive point at issue The Times Concise 06 Oct 2020
Critical point Newsday 27 Sep 2020
Essential point Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2020
Central idea The Washington Post 13 Apr 2020
Key point USA Today 13 Sep 2019
Heart The Washington Post 23 Aug 2019
Heart of the matter Eugene Sheffer 11 Jul 2019
Core Conservative vote keeping united to support Right The Telegraph Toughie 21 May 2019
Centre Canadiana 11 Mar 2019
Key point of vote on vineyard The Telegraph Toughie 08 Feb 2019
Essence Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2019
Core Universal 10 Jan 2019
Main point USA Today 20 Jul 2018
Pivotal point Newsday 12 Jun 2018
Main idea USA Today 11 Dec 2017
Decisive point The Telegraph Quick 21 Nov 2017
Puzzling problem Wall Street Journal 02 Sep 2017
Most important point The Telegraph Quick 03 Dec 2016
The heart of a matter Canadiana 09 May 2016
Point The Washington Post 06 May 2016
Central point New York Times 27 Oct 2015
Particular difficulty The Times Concise 22 Apr 2015
What's wrong with the vineyard? To begin with, it's at the heart of the matter! Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jan 2015
Key target of resolution
The most important point
Central point, as of an argument
Pivotal part
Decisive stage
Central feature
Vital point
Unsolved question
Main feature
Basic point
Vital point.
Puzzling thing.
Pivotal point.
Critical moment.
Essential point.
Main point.
Crucial point.
Critical point.
Decisive point.
Most important point.
Anything very puzzling.
The Southern Cross.
Basic story
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.