Word "CRYSTAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
colorless glass made of almost pure silica
lechatelierite, quartz, quartz glass, vitreous silica

Part of Speech:
a protective cover that protects the face of a watch
watch crystal, watch glass

Part of Speech:
a rock formed by the solidification of a substance; has regularly repeating internal structure; external plane faces

Crossword Clues for CRYSTAL

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Clue Source Date
Oddly curvy stalactite's 40% quartz The Guardian Quiptic 02 May 2022
Geode feature, perhaps LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2022
Geode feature, perhaps The Washington Post 11 Mar 2022
Clear quartz The Times Concise 02 Mar 2022
Chandelier part, often New York Times 19 Dec 2021
New Age healing item (... first 3) Universal 05 Dec 2021
Kind of glassware The Guardian Quick 04 Nov 2021
Call on salt to be shifted that’s found in wine glass The Times Cryptic 04 Oct 2021
Stone wrapped in Lycra -- broken quartz? The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2021
Clear quartz The Telegraph Quick 19 Mar 2021
Transparent mineral The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2021
Glass last to break after shout The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2021
Waterford product Eugene Sheffer 02 Oct 2020
Natural glass Canadiana 28 Sep 2020
Keen to have old cut glass The Sun Two Speed 27 Jul 2020
Items of cut glass? Shed tears, booth having only one left The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2020
Quartz, for example The Guardian Speedy 28 Jun 2020
Stop short after shout for such glass The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Sep 2019
A clear quartz The Telegraph Quick 14 Sep 2019
Nine-time Oscars host (1990-2012) Newsday 03 Aug 2019
____City, MB Canadiana 01 Jul 2019
Seer's __ ball LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2019
Seer's __ ball The Washington Post 22 Apr 2019
Glassware The Telegraph Quick 12 Mar 2019
Seer's __ ball
Fancy glass material Universal 03 Dec 2018
Traditional 15th anniversary gift LA Times Daily 16 Jul 2018
Traditional 15th anniversary gift The Washington Post 16 Jul 2018
Watch cover LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2018
Watch cover The Washington Post 17 Jun 2018
Transparent mineral The Times Concise 15 Jun 2018
Type of glass at palace? The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2018
Clear quartz The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2018
Weep, having broken last glass The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Jan 2018
Traditional 15th anniversary gift
Fancy glass material
Watch cover
Colourless transparent quartz Irish Times Simplex 19 May 2017
___ ball The Washington Post 01 Feb 2017
Clear mineral, eg, quartz The Times Concise 30 Nov 2016
Clear material such as quartz The Times Concise 04 Nov 2016
Old set, glass The Times Cryptic 16 Sep 2015
Temperature in stormy scary lake can be like ice The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jul 2015
Good glasses
15th anniversary gift
Fine glass
Nine-time Oscars host
Formal glassware
Formal glassware
Figurine material
Waterford product
Billy of "Monsters, Inc."
Waterford product
High-quality glass
Pricey stemware
It's clear
Fifteenth anniversary gift
See 52 Across
Waterford product
Watch part
Traditional 15th anniversary gift
Ubiquitous BIC
Snowflake, e.g.
Ball material
The 'C' of LCD
Goblet material
Formal dinnerware
Seer's tool
Fine glassware
New Age mat riel
Watch part
Grain of salt, e.g.
Futuristic kind of ball
Gazer's globe
Flint glass.
Symbol of clarity.
Fifteenth anniversary gift.
Part of a formal dinner service.
Transparent quartz.
Clear, transparent quartz.
Early radio set.
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