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Crossword Clues for CSA

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Clue Source Date
Farm-share program, for short New York Times 18 Nov 2020
Farm-to-table program, in brief New York Times 01 Nov 2020
Civil War insignia Newsday 25 Oct 2020
Civil War side: Abbr New York Times 26 Jul 2020
Civil War inits New York Times 07 Mar 2020
Richmond was its cap Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
Its cap. was Richmond Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Secessionists' org Newsday 28 Jul 2019
Pres. Davis's nation Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2019
Letters from the Civil War The Washington Post 11 Jul 2019
Gen. Lee's side Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2019
Grp. with the motto 'Deo vindice' New York Times 16 Mar 2019
Letters on some collectible coat buttons Newsday 04 Jan 2019
Richmond was its cap.
Pres. Davis's group
Grp. with the motto "Deo vindice"
One side in 'Gone With the Wind': Abbr The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
One side in "Gone With the Wind": Abbr LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2018
Gen. Lee's side: Abbr Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
J.E.B. Stuart's side The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
Breakaway nation: Abbr The Washington Post 04 Nov 2018
Pres. Davis led it Wall Street Journal 16 Oct 2018
Civil War side (abbr.) Universal 10 Oct 2018
Civil War letters The Washington Post 09 Sep 2018
NC joined it in 1861 The Washington Post 29 Jul 2018
Johnny Reb's land (Abbr.) USA Today 19 Jul 2018
Failed 1860s govt Universal 24 May 2018
Pres. Davis's org Wall Street Journal 05 May 2018
19th-century govt Newsday 04 May 2018
Civil War side, for short Jonesin 24 Apr 2018
Davis was its pres USA Today 24 Jan 2018
Pres. Davis's org.
Davis was its pres.
Failed 1860s govt.
One side in "Gone With the Wind": Abbr.
Breakaway nation: Abbr.
Govt. of the Rebs New York Times 25 Dec 2017
Jefferson Davis's gp Jonesin 10 Oct 2017
Letters on some ''Antiques Roadshow'' buckles Newsday 06 Oct 2017
Its capital was Richmond, Va Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2017
Civil War org The Washington Post 19 Jun 2017
Civil War gp Universal 28 May 2017
Stars and Bars org New York Times 03 May 2017
Old anti-Union gp The Washington Post 21 Apr 2017
South of old, for short Newsday 15 Apr 2017
Jefferson Davis' org The Washington Post 25 Mar 2017
Gen. Grant's opponent Newsday 19 Feb 2017
Pres. Davis' side USA Today 11 Feb 2017
"God Save the South" org USA Today 05 Feb 2017
Civil War gp.
Stars and Bars org.
Civil War inits.
Old anti-Union gp.
Civil War side: Abbr.
Civil War org.
Johnny Reb's org New York Times 24 Nov 2016
Letters from the Civil War era The Washington Post 30 Oct 2016
Gen. Lee's force The Washington Post 11 Oct 2016
Union foe in the 19th cen LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2016
Reb's org Thomas Joseph 01 Oct 2016
Gen. Beauregard's side: Abbr New York Times 07 Sep 2016
Jefferson Davis' gov Universal 13 Aug 2016
Letters on some collectible buttons Newsday 08 Jul 2016
Gen. Lee's nation USA Today 02 Jul 2016
Jefferson Davis's govt New York Times 13 Jun 2016
One of its letters stands for 'Supported' Jonesin 31 May 2016
R.E. Lee's org Premier Sunday 29 May 2016
Org. Rhett fought for Newsday 20 May 2016
Davis's org Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2016
Lee side: Abbr LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2016
Pres. Davis's side Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2016
Jefferson Davis' gov.
Johnny Reb's org.
Jefferson Davis's govt.
Gen. Beauregard's side: Abbr.
Lee side: Abbr.
Robert E. Lee's org LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2015
Jefferson Davis was its only pres LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2015
Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's org The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Sep 2015
24 Across' grp Newsday 23 Sep 2015
The South in the Civil War: Abbr New York Times 06 Jul 2015
It included Ga., La. and Va New York Times 22 May 2015
Org. of one of the six flags over Texas The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Apr 2015
Lee's side: Abbr Newsday 03 Apr 2015
Letters seen on ''Antiques Roadshow'' buckles Newsday 28 Mar 2015
Rebel org LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2015
Grp. whose seal featured Washington on horseback New York Times 28 Feb 2015
The South in the Civil War: Abbr.
It included Ga., La. and Va.
'60s org.
Letters seen on "Antiques Roadshow" buckles
Lee's side: Abbr.
24 Across' grp.
Robert E. Lee's org.
Rebel org.
Jefferson Davis was its only pres.
Civil War govt.
Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's org.
Source of vegetables you've got to decide what to do with: Abbr.
Vegetable share letters
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