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Word "CUFF" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
hit with the hand

Part of Speech:
shackle that consists of a metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs
handcuff, handlock, manacle

Part of Speech:
confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs
handcuff, manacle
The police handcuffed the suspect at the scene of the crime

Crossword Clues for CUFF

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Clue Source Date
Shirt sleeve's end LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2020
Trouser leg part Family Time 20 Dec 2020
Sleeve end The Sun Two Speed 12 Oct 2020
Copper following female gets smack The Sun Two Speed 12 Oct 2020
Part of a dress shirt The Washington Post Sunday 17 May 2020
Strike on the head New York Times 18 Aug 2019
Sleeve feature Universal 29 Apr 2019
Sleeve ending The Times Concise 05 Mar 2019
Link spot Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2019
Sleeve finale Universal 19 Nov 2018
Fashion fold Newsday 03 Aug 2018
Pants end Family Time 30 Jul 2018
End of sleeve The Telegraph Quick 18 Jan 2018
Restraining device used by police in strike The Telegraph Toughie 08 Aug 2017
Heartlessly disconnected -- that's a blow The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jul 2017
Strike sharply New York Times 22 Apr 2017
Belt as part of a shirt The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Apr 2017
Cut off both sides on sleeve Irish Times Crosaire 25 Feb 2017
Hit with the hand The Telegraph Quick 31 Dec 2016
Pants part, sometimes Family Time 27 Mar 2016
Swat Canadiana 21 Dec 2015
Softly, softly? Certainly not when copper's on beat The Times Cryptic 26 Nov 2015
Sleeve section Newsday 29 Oct 2015
Dress-shirt feature Newsday 07 Oct 2015
Place for a link New York Times 03 Oct 2015
Copper leads force, following strike The Times Cryptic 27 Mar 2015
Make train sound, less hard to beat The Telegraph Toughie 20 Feb 2015
Rocker bracelet?
Sleeve's end
Fashionable fold
Clothing fold
One may be linked
End-of-sleeve feature
Turned-up fold
Slap the bracelets on
Copper bracelet?
Take into custody, in a way
Link site (h)
What some comments are off of (with "the")
What some comments are off of
Put the bracelets on
Shirt feature
Sleeve terminus
Shirt part
Take into custody
Shirt piece
End of a shirt arm
Link site
Type of link
Off the __: spur-of-the-moment
Link type
Many a leg's end
It may have a link
Restrain, as a perp
Give a hand?
Trouser turnup
Part of a sleeve
Some remarks are off this
Sleeve part
Off the ___ (impromptu)
French or hand
Links place
Links' place
Shirt feature.
French ___.
Part of a sleeve.
Watch coverer
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.