Word "CULT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
followers of an exclusive system of beliefs and practices

Part of Speech:
an interest followed with exaggerated zeal
craze, fad, furor, furore, rage

Part of Speech:
a system of religious beliefs and rituals
cultus, religious cult
devoted to the cultus of the Blessed Virgin

Crossword Clues for CULT

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Clue Source Date
___ film New York Times 06 Nov 2022
Fanatic following Wall Street Journal 18 Oct 2022
__ classic LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2022
Copper, officer who inspires devotion? The Times Cryptic 25 Aug 2022
Group of believers Thomas Joseph 23 Aug 2022
Religious sect The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2022
Unorthodox sect LA Times Daily 09 Jul 2022
Obsessed group Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2022
Strange sect The Times Concise 14 Jan 2022
Like many midnight movies LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2021
Group of believers Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2021
Fringe group Newsday 09 Jul 2021
Word before 'classic' or 'following' USA Today 15 May 2021
Sect The Telegraph Quick 06 Mar 2021
Religious group set-up in Montlu?on Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2020
Defame Canadiana 23 Nov 2020
Zealous group Eugene Sheffer 10 Nov 2020
___ following Universal 10 Oct 2020
___ of personality USA Today 06 Sep 2020
___ classic New York Times 15 Aug 2020
___ classic USA Today 04 Jul 2020
Snake worshippers, e.g The Washington Post 31 May 2020
Snake worshippers, e.g LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Extremely popular to a small fan base New York Times 29 May 2020
Zealous bunch Wall Street Journal 09 May 2020
Religious sect The Sun Two Speed 01 Jul 2019
50 in split to form extremist group The Sun Two Speed 01 Jul 2019
Rock's Blue Oyster ___ USA Today 15 May 2019
Single-minded religious group New York Times 16 Apr 2019
Copper and army officer in unorthodox organisation The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2019
Extremist sect USA Today 06 Feb 2019
Extremist sect
Single-minded religious group
Rock's Blue Oyster ___
'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' devotees, e.g USA Today 15 Dec 2018
Rip off culprit from religious group Irish Times Crosaire 01 Dec 2018
Strange religious group The Times Concise 01 Aug 2018
Sect Canadiana 23 Jul 2018
Highly devoted followers Newsday 01 Jun 2018
Splinter group Newsday 27 May 2018
Fanatical following USA Today 18 May 2018
Type of following Universal 16 Apr 2018
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" devotees, e.g.
Type of following
Fanatical following
___ of personality
Fringe group Newsday 31 Dec 2017
Obsessed group Thomas Joseph 19 Aug 2017
Kind of hero or film Universal 11 Jun 2017
Sect The Guardian Speedy 20 May 2017
Religious group The Telegraph Quick 11 Mar 2017
___ of personality The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Feb 2017
Kind of hero or film
___ of personality
Fanatical following Wall Street Journal 18 Oct 2016
Religious sect Newsday 15 Aug 2016
Religious offshoot Newsday 06 Jul 2016
Narrow religious sect The Times Concise 20 Jun 2016
Fanatic following Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2016
Something regarded as fashionable by a particular group The Telegraph General Knowledge 10 Apr 2016
Satanists, e.g USA Today 23 Mar 2016
___ of personality New York Times 28 Oct 2015
Devoted group Newsday 10 Sep 2015
Unorthodox or false religion Irish Times Simplex 17 Aug 2015
Zealots' group Eugene Sheffer 15 Aug 2015
Kind of following Universal 25 Jul 2015
Group of believers Thomas Joseph 01 Jul 2015
Like-minded group LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2015
Kind of film or following USA Today 29 May 2015
__ film LA Times Daily 17 Apr 2015
Group of zealots Universal 15 Jan 2015
Kind of following
__ film
Fanatic followers
Fans of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," some say
Like-minded group
__ film
___ of personality
Group of zealots
Religious sect
Devoted group
Kind of film or following
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" fans, e.g.
Kind of film or hero
Unorthodox sect
Kind of movie
Faction on the fringe
Religious offshoot
Kind of film
Group that's more than devoted
Having a small but rabid fan base
Kind of film
Warned of "Fire Woman"
Bought some "Sanctuary"?
Religious sect
Religious sect
Type of film or following
Branch Davidians, e.g.
Group of devotees
Word with film or hero
Group that's certainly not mainstream
Like many midnight movies
Religious offshoot
Kind of film
Like films with passionate fans
Bevy of bug-eyed believers
Kind of film
Word with "film" or "following"
Unorthodox sect
Kind of film
Extremist sect
Zealot's group
Extremist religious group
Group that's more than devoted
Bunch of zealots
Branch Davidian sect, for one
Unorthodox sect
Group of devotees
Following group
Blue Öyster ___ (heavy-metal band)
Devoted following
Fanatic following
Kind of hero
Kind of worship
Kind of worship
Bevy of believers
Religious splinter group
Religious group
Extremist sect
Devoted following
Extremist sect
Devoted group
Programming group?
Midnight filmgoers, perhaps
Splinter group
Extremist sect
Religious group
Religious group
Religious offshoot
Exclusive group
Rastafarianism, for one
Unorthodox religious group
Extremist religious group
Admirers' group
Order of the Solar Temple, e.g.
Branch Davidians, for one
Film following
Unorthodox sect
Religous sect
James Dean's fans, say
Extremist religious sect
Kind of film
Mystical society
Movie following, maybe
Intense worshipers
Personality __
Heaven's Gate, e.g.
Unorthodox group
Branch Davidians, e.g.
Unorthodox sect
Close-knit religious group
Kind of following
Devoted group
Dada, e.g.
Satanists, e.g.
Dada, for one
Group of devotees
James Dean fans, e.g.
Bogart fans, e.g.
Devilism is one
Ritual group
Devilism, e.g.
System of worship
Religious group
Secret group
Group of followers.
Group of faddists.
Faddish group.
System of worship.
Rites of a religion.
Existentialism, for one.
Great devotion to some idea.
Nudism, for example.
Body of worshipers.
System of belief.
Religious group.
Group of religious fanatics.
Faddish devotion to an idea.
Group of worshipers.
Group of admirers.
Religious system.
Manson Family, e.g.
Kool-Aid drinkers?
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