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Crossword Clues for CUSPS

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Clue Source Date
Points Eugene Sheffer 09 Apr 2021
Zodiacal borders Newsday 04 Apr 2021
Borders New York Times 20 Feb 2021
Molar elevations Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2020
Zodiac borders Family Time 28 Jun 2020
Tooth edges Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2020
Zodiac sign boundaries Jonesin 25 Feb 2020
Molar parts Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2019
Crescent moon points Universal 13 Jan 2019
Pointed ends Newsday 27 Dec 2018
Crescent moon's pair USA Today 16 Jul 2018
Graph points Thomas Joseph 02 Nov 2017
Parts of grinding teeth Universal 13 Aug 2017
Tooth points Universal 23 Feb 2017
Crescent points LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2017
Molars usually have four of these New York Times 24 Oct 2016
Crescent features Universal 30 Aug 2016
Zodiac transition points LA Times Daily 30 May 2016
Tooth parts Premier Sunday 22 Nov 2015
Tooth prominences USA Today 03 May 2015
Crescent horns Newsday 26 Apr 2015
Sign boundaries
Astrological edges
Pair on a crescent
Points on a crescent moon
Zodiac boundaries
Tips of teeth
Astrological borders
Crescent moon features
Zodiacal boundaries
Transition points
Canine features
Zodiacal transition points
Tooth tips
Beginnings of signs
Ends of a crescent
Dental points
Horns of a crescent
Architectural decorations
Horns of a new moon.
Horns of the new moon.
Horns of the crescent moon.
Pointed ends of the new moon.
Crescent moon horns
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.