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Word "CYST" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a closed sac that develops abnormally in some body structure

Part of Speech:
a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)

Crossword Clues for CYST

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Clue Source Date
Fluid-filled sac The Times Concise 08 Jan 2021
Skin concern LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2020
Dermatologist's concern New York Times 10 Dec 2020
Nonvital surgery target New York Times 21 Nov 2020
Bankruptcy strongly restricts growth The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2020
Anatomical sac New York Times 09 Aug 2020
Skin malady LA Times Daily 08 Aug 2020
Dermatological concern New York Times 07 Aug 2020
Growth in infancy stalled The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Aug 2020
Skin abnormality New York Times 01 Jul 2020
Dermatological sac New York Times 13 Jan 2020
Unwanted Mass in Mercy Street The Sun Two Speed 18 Dec 2019
Growth The Sun Two Speed 18 Dec 2019
Dermatology issue The Washington Post 24 Oct 2019
Dermatologist’s concern Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2019
Dermatological problem New York Times 26 Sep 2019
Wen Canadiana 12 Aug 2019
Dermatologist's diagnosis, sometimes Family Time 28 Jul 2019
Dermatologist's removal USA Today 07 Jul 2019
Growth in infancy, steady The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Mar 2019
Bit of Patsy Cline backtrack with a thin-walled organ Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2019
Abnormal sac containing fluid Irish Times Simplex 12 Jan 2019
Small anatomical sac Universal 13 Dec 2018
Certain sac Premier Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Growth under the skin New York Times 05 Nov 2018
Dermatological abnormality The Washington Post Sunday 07 Oct 2018
Sac found in icy stadium The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Internal sac The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Sac The Telegraph Quick 18 Nov 2017
Sac in anatomy Premier Sunday 05 Nov 2017
Dermatological diagnosis Family Time 05 Jun 2017
Bladderlike sac Premier Sunday 04 Sep 2016
Saclike growth Universal 16 May 2016
Fluid filled sac The Times Concise 14 Mar 2016
Dermatology concern
Dermatological diagnosis, sometimes Universal 14 Nov 2015
Dermatology diagnosis, sometimes Universal 04 Oct 2015
Bag in Regency style The Times Cryptic 20 Jul 2015
Crunchy sorbet dislodging fillings produces cavity The Times Cryptic 18 May 2015
Lump found in fancy street Irish Times Crosaire 05 May 2015
Anatomical 54-Across USA Today 01 Feb 2015
Dermatologist's diagnosis
Abnormal sac
Dermatological diagnosis, perhaps
Saclike body growth
Skin malady, perhaps
It might come to a boil
Abnormal body sac
Certain skin bulge
Vesicle, e.g.
Dermatologist's diagnosis, perhaps
Target of some surgery
Dermatologist's concern, perhaps
Cause for a trip to the dermatologist
Skin bulge sometimes,
Bladderlike body sac
Closed sac
Skin bulge, sometimes
Tissue sac
Dermatologist's removal, perhaps
Capsule-like sac
Skin problem
Abnormal growth
Bladderlike sac in the body
Growth that might be excised
Biological sac
Bodily sac
Botanical cell
Abnormal vesicle
Sac; vesicle
Certain sac or spore
Saclike structure
Body pouch
Sac of a sort
Animal sac
Saclike structure.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.