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Crossword Clues for DABS

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Clue Source Date
Applies carefully Universal 18 Apr 2021
Bits of gel Universal 01 Apr 2021
Applies gently, as paint Family Time 15 Mar 2021
Ointment amounts Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Touches with a cotton ball, say USA Today 14 Jan 2021
Lawyer content to leave burglars' fingerprints The Telegraph Toughie 30 Dec 2020
Pats gently LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2020
Applies touches of paint Family Time 28 Sep 2020
Smidgens Premier Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Applies with a cotton ball USA Today 10 Aug 2020
Small globs USA Today 09 Jul 2020
Hair gel amounts USA Today 02 Jul 2020
Fingerprints The Telegraph Quick 10 Jun 2020
Small bits of paint USA Today 02 Jun 2020
Uses a tissue, maybe New York Times 14 Feb 2020
Applies gently The Washington Post 31 Dec 2019
Tiny amounts Universal 22 Oct 2019
Applies, with "on" The New Yorker 02 Sep 2019
Applies lightly, as paint Family Time 16 Jun 2019
Applies lightly USA Today 03 Jun 2019
Unguent applications Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2019
Bits of paint Newsday 10 Apr 2019
Finger-paints Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2019
Lawyer starts to broach suspect's fingerprint The Telegraph Toughie 08 Mar 2019
Blots gently The Washington Post 11 Sep 2018
Unguent amounts Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2018
Pats Canadiana 27 Aug 2018
Little amounts of cream New York Times 31 Jul 2018
Applies sparingly Newsday 24 Jun 2018
Gentle touches USA Today 01 May 2018
Brylcreem amounts New York Times 24 Apr 2018
Sponges lightly Universal 09 Mar 2018
Small amounts Universal 25 Feb 2018
Soft touches Newsday 01 Feb 2018
Small portions Newsday 27 Oct 2017
Gel amounts Universal 26 Oct 2017
Fingerprints (sl.) The Telegraph Quick 07 Jun 2017
Fishy lot providing police evidence? The Times Cryptic 01 Jun 2017
Little quick touches, as of paint Universal 25 May 2017
Puts on gently The Washington Post 15 Mar 2017
Painters' touches New York Times 06 Mar 2017
Artistic light touches Universal 10 Feb 2017
Bits of makeup Thomas Joseph 26 Jan 2017
Wee bits Premier Sunday 01 Jan 2017
Paints delicately The Washington Post 18 Dec 2016
Applies lightly or artistically Universal 18 Dec 2016
Touches lightly Newsday 24 Aug 2016
Light touches USA Today 23 May 2016
Applies makeup Thomas Joseph 16 May 2016
Applies gingerly New York Times 28 Feb 2016
Small applications LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2016
Delicately applies
Small amounts of moisturizer Eugene Sheffer 25 Nov 2015
Little bits LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2015
Small amounts, as of cream USA Today 12 Aug 2015
Brylcreem applications LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Small spots Newsday 07 Feb 2015
Cotton ball applications
Pats on, as makeup
Slight touches
Little touches, as of paint
Small dollops
Paints quickly
Applies in light strokes
Applies with a Q-Tip, say
Touch-up strokes
Pats (on) lightly
Smidgens of hair gel
Soft pats
Small amounts of sunscreen
Applies with a Q-Tip
Paints gently
Bits of hair cream
Gently applies
Light applications
Applies, in a way
Artistic touches
Moist modicums
Applies with a Q-tip
Applies with a cotton swab, e.g.
Small quantities
Pats on lightly
Artist's light touches
Hits lightly
Pats on
Easy strokes
Light strokes
Sand __ (fish)
Small bits
Artistic touch-ups
Wipes lightly
Hair-cream portions
Paints pointillistically
Small servings
Puts on paint lightly
Quick strokes
Smidgens, as of cream
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