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Word "DAISY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl

Crossword Clues for DAISY

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Clue Source Date
Common flower The Times Concise 16 Mar 2021
Symbol of freshness New York Times 07 Jan 2021
Part of an easily broken chain Universal 08 Nov 2020
Youngest Girl Scout Newsday 01 Nov 2020
Yellow-disked flower Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2020
"She loves me, she loves me not" flower Family Time 03 Aug 2020
''Fresh as a'' flower Newsday 22 Jun 2020
Lawn flower The Telegraph Quick 19 Jun 2020
Jay Gatsby's love in 'The Great Gatsby' New York Times 28 Apr 2020
White-rayed flower Premier Sunday 25 Aug 2019
Jay Gatsby's love The Washington Post 03 Aug 2019
Dagwood's dog Eugene Sheffer 10 Apr 2019
Donald's love Wall Street Journal 03 Jan 2019
Lawn flower, weed The Telegraph Quick 12 Nov 2017
"Fresh as" flower Universal 14 Oct 2017
Something to be as fresh as Universal 23 Sep 2017
Flower with rays New York Times 06 Aug 2017
White-petaled flower Newsday 03 Jul 2017
Oxeye ___ USA Today 25 May 2017
Lil Abner and _____ Mae Canadiana 27 Mar 2017
Flower is visible in light The Times Cryptic 01 Mar 2017
"She loves me . . ." flower USA Today 05 Feb 2017
In age, one's making a bloomer The Times Cryptic 07 Dec 2016
Girl with a song cycle? Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2016
Flower with a yellow center The Washington Post 07 Nov 2016
Grassland flower The Telegraph Quick 02 Oct 2016
Jay Gatsby's beloved New York Times 06 Aug 2016
Flower symbolizing freshness LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2016
Flower that's fresh, comparatively speaking The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2016
Composite platform, the fourth for Marylebone The Times Cryptic 03 Feb 2016
Bloom has life during hours of sunlight The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jun 2015
Epitome of freshness
Fresh as a ___
Donald Duck's love
Flowery Switchfoot song?
Kindergarten-age Girl Scout
Donald Duck's beloved
Part of a posy, maybe
Gatsby's love
The Bumstead's pooch
Link in a floral chain
Donald Duck's girlfriend
Brand New song about a flower?
Flower girl?
White-and-yellow flower
1989 Oscar-winning title role for Jessica Tandy
Flower symbolic of the 1960s
Girl with a song cycle
Donald Duck's ladylove
"Fresh" flower
Freshness symbol
Donald's girl on the comics page
Donald's date
Dagwood and Blondie's dog
Kind of chain
Part of a simple bouquet
"Blondie" canine
A Duke's sister
Chain component, perhaps
"She loves me … she loves me not” flower
Bumstead dog
"Driving Miss __"
Word preceding chain or wheel
Bloom in a chain
Duck of note
Summer flower
Fresh as a __
Donald Duck's girl
Bumstead's dog
An anti-Gore ad modeled after the infamous 1964 "__" nuclear scare commercial has been pulled
Dog in "Blondie"
Fresh paradigm
Black-eyed Susan e.g.
White and yellow flower
Judith Krantz's Princess ____
Kind of wheel
Henry James's Miss Miller
Kind of wheel or chain
Kind of ham or wheel
Oxeye or shasta
Miller or Mae
The Bumsteads' dog
Bumsteads' dog
Cyclist of songdom
Field flower
Mrs. Miller's naïve daughter
"___ Miller"
Non-telling flower
Part of a certain chain
Non-telling bloomer
Kind of ham
Girl of song.
Henry James heroine.
Kind of chain: Colloq.
English ___.
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