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Word "DAMASK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a fabric of linen or cotton or silk or wool with a reversible pattern woven into it

Part of Speech:
a table linen made from linen with a damask pattern

Part of Speech:
having a woven pattern
damask table linens

Crossword Clues for DAMASK

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Clue Source Date
Two family members and first son Kelvin produces material that has a number of sides to it Irish Times Crosaire 24 Feb 2021
Fancy fabric Eugene Sheffer 30 Dec 2020
Tablecloth fabric New York Times 16 Nov 2020
Table linen fabric Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2020
Woven upholstery fabric USA Today 15 Aug 2019
Fabric Canadiana 29 Jul 2019
Upholstery fabric Wall Street Journal 04 May 2019
Lunatic getting upset over request to provide material The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2019
Fabric named for Syria's capital Newsday 08 Aug 2018
Type of table linen The Telegraph Quick 24 Jul 2018
Patterned fabric New York Times 30 Dec 2017
Reversible fabric New York Times 13 Oct 2017
Ornamental fabric The Washington Post 24 Aug 2017
Lustrous patterned fabric The Washington Post 08 Aug 2017
Rich fabric with a woven pattern Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2017
Relative from Small Screen produces material with a couple of sides to it Irish Times Crosaire 03 Dec 2016
Fabric named for a Mideast capital Jonesin 01 Nov 2016
Daughter wants a facial disguise -- here's the material The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Sep 2016
Rich fabric Thomas Joseph 02 Apr 2016
Material named for Syria's capital The Washington Post 24 Dec 2015
Material providing end of bed with a covering The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2015
Rose crazy to come back with invite The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Oct 2015
Without reason, brought up request for material The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jun 2015
Woven, reversible fabric
Sweet-scented pink rose
Velvety pink
Woven fabric
Grayish red
Altar cloth material
Table linen
Napkin material
Fabric named for an Asian capital
Fancy patterned fabric
Patterned linen cloth
Fabric of raised woven figures
Table linen material
Figured fabric
Rich, patterned fabric
Fine linen
Fancy table linen
Lustrous fabric
Napery fabric
Tablecloth cloth
Fine table linen
Reversible linen
Fabric named for a city
Cotton fabric
Table-linen fabric
Patterned weave
Richly patterned fabric
Napkin fabric
Tablecloths and napkins, maybe
Linen fabric
Table linen, often
Fabric used for table linen
Deep pink
Adorn elaborately
Firm, lustrous fabric
Double ___ dinner napkins
Napery fabric.
Deep-pink or rose.
Reversible figured fabric.
Drapery fabric.
Table cloth.
Fabric of raised woven figures.
Linen tablecloth.
Figured fabric.
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