Crossword Clues for DATES

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Clue Source Date
Medjool fruits USA Today 18 Jun 2022
Fruits of the palm Irish Times Simplex 15 Jun 2022
Red ___ (fruits in Chinese soups) USA Today 15 Jun 2022
Goes out with Newsday 18 May 2022
Matrimonial cake ingredient Canadiana 02 May 2022
Tinder goals Eugene Sheffer 25 Apr 2022
Oasis fruits Wall Street Journal 05 Apr 2022
Calendar items Thomas Joseph 14 Mar 2022
Pitted fruit New York Times 04 Mar 2022
Her meetups USA Today 27 Feb 2022
Sources of high school jitters The Washington Post 23 Feb 2022
Meetups from Bumble Universal 23 Feb 2022
Sources of high school jitters LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2022
Fruits from palms Wall Street Journal 18 Jan 2022
Sees LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2022
3/4 and 7/8, e.g. New York Times 02 Jan 2022
Times The Telegraph Quick 25 Nov 2021
Calendar items Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2021
Fruits of the palm Irish Times Simplex 17 Jul 2021
Events set up on the apps Her and Scruff The Washington Post Sunday 27 Jun 2021
Calendar items Thomas Joseph 25 May 2021
Goes out with The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2021
Social activities Newsday 02 May 2021
Numbers on calendars Newsday 27 Apr 2021
Fruits in ma'amoul USA Today 28 Feb 2021
Appointments Thomas Joseph 29 Jan 2021
Part of Somerset advertisement for return of fruit Irish Times Crosaire 24 Dec 2020
Goes out with The Washington Post 21 Dec 2020
Goes out with LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2020
'Love Is Blind' events The Washington Post Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Some answers on history exams New York Times 03 Sep 2020
Appointments Eugene Sheffer 19 Aug 2020
Chewy fruits or history units Family Time 19 Jul 2020
Squeezes fruit under palm? The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jul 2020
Romantic outings USA Today 11 Jul 2020
Sees Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2020
OkCupid linkups USA Today 14 May 2020
Sees LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2020
Sees The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
Gets uncool boyfriends? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Apr 2020
Goes steady with The Telegraph Quick 27 Mar 2020
Fruit with a Medjool variety LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2020
Fruit with a Medjool variety The Washington Post 14 Mar 2020
Bumble meetups USA Today 04 Mar 2020
Calendar entries LA Times Daily 30 Dec 2019
Calendar entries The Washington Post 30 Dec 2019
Takes out The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Goes out with Universal 21 Dec 2019
Prom pairs Family Time 16 Dec 2019
Sample of the enchilada tested with dark fruits Irish Times Crosaire 14 Oct 2019
Teen gossip fodder LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2019
Teen gossip fodder The Washington Post 11 Oct 2019
Court's times The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2019
Romantic outings Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2019
Sees socially Thomas Joseph 15 Jul 2019
Tinder meetups Universal 05 Jul 2019
Fruits of the palm Irish Times Simplex 11 May 2019
7/4/1776 and 6/6/1944, e.g New York Times 23 Apr 2019 results The Washington Post 23 Mar 2019 results LA Times Daily 23 Mar 2019
Schedule entries USA Today 28 Feb 2019
7/4/1776 and 6/6/1944, e.g.
Romantic outings
Schedule entries results
Teen gossip fodder
Tinder meetups
Chewy fruit The Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Dec 2018
Sweet edible fruits of a palm Irish Times Simplex 01 Dec 2018
Sees regularly LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2018
Sees regularly The Washington Post 04 Oct 2018
Goes out with Newsday 06 Aug 2018
Palm yield USA Today 31 Jul 2018
Appointments put back by district attorney The Telegraph Cryptic 30 May 2018
Tinder endgame The New Yorker 07 May 2018
Tour schedule listing Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2018
Palm fruits The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2018
Goes out with festive food The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2018
Appointments The Sun Two Speed 10 Jan 2018
Chewy fruit
Palm yield
Sees regularly
Tour schedule listing
Some history test answers USA Today 25 Nov 2017
Dalliances and trysts embracing sweetheart initially The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Nov 2017
Egypt leads the world in their production Wall Street Journal 25 Oct 2017
The calendar is full of them Family Time 08 Oct 2017
Dried fruit The Telegraph Quick 03 Oct 2017
eHarmony member's goals The Washington Post Sunday 03 Sep 2017
Calendar fillers Universal 10 Aug 2017
Historical trivia New York Times 30 Jul 2017 hookups USA Today 12 Jul 2017 matchups USA Today 16 Jun 2017
Sees regularly New York Times 10 May 2017
Performs carbon testing Universal 08 May 2017
Ted's a problem for potential partners Irish Times Crosaire 01 May 2017 linkups USA Today 04 Apr 2017
Tour schedule info Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2017
Schedule succession Newsday 11 Mar 2017
They're on many concert T-shirt backs Newsday 21 Jan 2017
Sees regularly hookups matchups
Historical trivia
Some history test answers
Performs carbon testing
Calendar fillers
Some are blind Universal 15 Oct 2016
Goes with Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2016
Calendar markings Thomas Joseph 12 Sep 2016
Appointments The Telegraph Quick 07 Sep 2016
Oasis fruit Universal 02 Sep 2016
Palm fruits USA Today 27 Jun 2016
Sees romantically The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Jun 2016
eHarmony connections Universal 27 May 2016
Palm products LA Times Daily 15 May 2016
New Year's Eve get-togethers? LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2016
History exam fodder Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2016
OKCupid meetups Jonesin 05 Apr 2016
Sees socially Newsday 04 Apr 2016
Palm products Newsday 12 Mar 2016
Historian's recollections USA Today 21 Jan 2016
Some are blind
eHarmony connections
Sees romantically
Historian's recollections
Palm fruits
Palm products
Takes out fruit eaten at Christmas The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2015
Some social commitments USA Today 13 Nov 2015
Calendar entries Thomas Joseph 06 Nov 2015
Palm tree fruits Universal 17 Oct 2015
Fruits at an oasis New York Times 05 Aug 2015
Some history-test answers USA Today 02 Aug 2015
Calendar units USA Today 10 Jun 2015
Steps out with Newsday 28 May 2015
Timeline points USA Today 30 Apr 2015
Some like them hot New York Times 23 Apr 2015
They can be blind USA Today 11 Apr 2015
Fruits at an oasis
They can be blind
Some social commitments
Palm tree fruits
History-class info
Shows on calendar
Steps out with
Calendar units
Goes out with
Some like them hot
Some history-test answers
Timeline points
Rock tour info
Takes out
eHarmony users' hopes
Results of using eHarmony
Palm fruit
Marks on tour calendar
Outings on MTV's "Next"
Goes out with
Tide-table column
Calendar features
Some are blind
Does more than just hook up with
Steps out with
Some history test answers
Tropical fruits
Calendar entries
Goes out with
Calendar entries
Oasis treats
They're sometimes written in Roman numerals
Relationship highlights
Sees socially
Oasis finds
Tour ___
Some are blind
24-Across component that represents tranquility
Calendar entries
Some are blind
Organizer jottings
Some history memorization
Goes steady with
Sees romantically
Chewy fruit
Times to remember
Prom couples
Historical trivia
Goes out with
7/4/1776 and 12/7/1941, e.g.
Takes out
Attends the prom with
Palm tree fruits
Palm products
Sees regularly
eHarmony goals
Assays, maybe
Takes out
They're sometimes written in Roman numerals
Almanac info
Historical information
They're often applied with stamps
Performs an archaeologist's job
Calendar units hidden in 20- and 61-Across and 11- and 35-Down
They're set for marriages
Prom partners
Historical info
Calendar numbers
Goes with
Dinner-and-a-movie events
Oasis fare
Dinner-and-a-movie events
Calendar entries
Some companions hookups
Parts of history tests
For marriages, they're set
Circled items
Historical trivia
Sees romantically
They may be blind
Some companions
Scheduling needs
Takes to the prom, e.g.
Milk carton data
Sees socially
Social appointments
Major Libyan export
Uses carbon-14
Sees socially
They're set for marriage
Dutch treats, often
Fruits of palm
They can be blind
February 14 and others
They're often applied with stamps
Sees people
They're often applied with stamps
Palm fruits
Takes out on the town
Takes to the movies, say
Sees socially
Limo pairs, prom bound
Historical info
July 4, 1776, and others
Determines the age of
Cornerstone features
Sweet encounters?
Almanac info
Palm fruits
Palm fruit
Social commitments
Takes to the movies, say
Social commitments
Goes steady with
Chewy fruit
Goes out with
Goes out with
Postmark parts
Info on library slips
Dried fruits
They may be blind
Social activities
Some history-test answers
Social activities
They're set for marriage
Cornerstone features
Tests for carbon 14
Tropical fruit
Palm products
Goes with
Saturday night specials?
They may be blind or open
Sees socially
Sees socially
Historical info
Goes out
Puts a time on
Times to remember?
Palm tree fruits
Prom couples
Takes out
Circled items, sometimes
Circled items
Timeline points
Dorm topics
Iraqi exports
Arabian staples
Goes with
Oasis products
Iraq export
Topic in a dorm
Prenuptial events
Shipment from Iraq
December 24 and December 31
Boy-girl events
Postmark info
Products of some palms
Bread sweeteners, at times
Some vital statistics
History student's concern
1732, 1799, etc.
Shipment from Baghdad
Singles' concern
Palm products
Goes out with
Palm yields
Socializes with
Historian's concerns
Calendar entries.
Social items.
Teen-age objectives.
Modern rendezvous.
Historian's concern.
Trysts, American style.
Sees socially.
Palm fruit.
Teen-ager's concern.
Teen-agers' preoccupation.
Finds the age of.
Palm tree fruits.
Social activities.
1492, 1776, 1812.
Palm fruits.
History questions.
1066 and 1776.
Tropical fruits.
Future trysts.
Historical times.
Social engagements.
1066, 1492, 1776, etc.
Favorite recreation of co-eds.
Boys meet girls.
Valuable food.
They're set for marriages
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