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Crossword Clues for DDD

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Clue Source Date
CD letters
Indication that something is missing
Letters on a CD
Abbr. on many CDs
Phone operation: Abbr.
Long-distance phoning: Abbr.
Dialing system, for short.
___ of omission
___ materials
___ foil hat (conspiracy theorist's cover)
___ Speedwagon
___ Schlafly Jr., recently deceased inventor of the teleprompter
___ Khan
___ Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device
[We don't know what we'll be showing]
Word with legal or stamp
Word sung holding soccer scarves
Word after carpenter or harvester
Woman who takes vows
Wire letters: Abbr.
Wine classification
Will Shortz, ___ The Puzzlemaster
Where you might take a bullet: Abbr.
Where some vets served
When you can expect a touchdown: Abbr.
What's reserved in the U.S.'s strategic reserves
Watson's company
Use one of the senses
Tour de force
Tough apartment to sublet, likely
Topless beach saison
Toltec treasure
Title for former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson
Tiny shot
Time card divs.
Throwback jersey, e.g.
This is going to take some time
Thin swimmer
They protect QBs
The World Factbook org.
The Get Up Kids genre
The "K" in "K-Fed," for short
Tee off
Table scrap
Super Bowl stat
Stuntman Margera
Stretch for a 45-Across
Storm center
Stomach acid, chemically
Stephenie Meyer's alma mater
State hwy.
Starch dish served at room temperature
St. for gamblers and bachelor parties
Spring forecast
Spots on a time line: Abbr.
Sporty British autos
Sports org. whose most recent champion are the Arizona Rattlers
Some yearbook buyers, for short
Some people do it gracefully
Snake's brother
Slope boundary, perhaps
Senator Demint
Scribble (down)
School sounds, hopefully
Sch. west of Topeka
Sch. northwest of Portsmouth
Saucer contents
Roy Hobbs's "Wonderboy"
Rough rider's ride?: Abbr.
Rory McIlroy's org.
Rome-to-Taranto dir.
Resistance unit whose symbol is an omega
Reply to "Is that enough guacamole, señor?"
Rel. movement started after the Second Great Awakening
Reed heard in music
Redbox rental
Rarity among grade inflation
Rap collective ___ Future
Rand popular among Tea Partiers
Quickness gauges
Quarterback Flacco
Puzzlemaker Mike Nothnagel's alma mater: Abbr.
Puzzlemaker Kevin G. Der's alma mater: Abbr.
Put a dent in
Protesters, sometimes
Pres. turned painter
Prefix with phony?
Popeye's piece
Pond fish
Pointer's pointer
Poet's globe
Poem by 21-Down
Player's jersey, for short
Pitcher Oswalt
Piece of shit
Ornette Coleman's instrument
Original Dungeons & Dragons game co.
Org. that fights coal plants
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.