Crossword Clues for DDDD

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Clue Source Date
Lineup on a bad report card
"An Unsocial Socialist" novelist
"Around the World in 80 Days" protagonist
"Caprica" actor Morales
"Dame" on stage
"Do I really have to go over this again?"
"Fish Magic" painter
"Get a ___!"
"Gimme that!"
"Here's the thing"
"Hold the Line" band
"Miracle at St. ___" (2008 Spike Lee film)
"Move Your Mind" company
"My word, old chap!"
"Oh give me a break"
"Pause Like You Mean It" candy bar
"This is How You Lose Her" author Junot
"Trainspotting" actor Bremner
"___ Garden" (1981 Al Jarreau hit)
"___ girl"
"___ the Air" (2009 George Clooney film)
2010 hurricane
53-Down, in the outback
A Chaplin
Action movie props
Actor McGregor
Actress Jessica
Actress ___ Rachel Wood
Allocate, with "out"
Animal on the Sri Lankan flag
Assayed material
Avoiding the sun, probably
Back to square one
Baloney salesman
Banksy's canvas
Bay ___
Beach volleyball sides
Beer ___
Big cost in snow removal
Big name among Norwegian kings
Bill passed in The Hague?
Billiard hall tool
Black birds of crosswords
Bonus track on a deluxe reissued album
Bristol Bridge spans it
Brit. decorations
Brown of Newsweek
Cap-and-trade subj.
Caramel candy
Casa room
Caterer's equipment
Cheese on a salad
Chill out
Christian on the runway
Cinnamon-flavored candies
City on the French Riviera
Classic Langston Hughes poem
Coastal raptor
College football team that plays in Neyland Stadium, for short
Common crossword tag
Compact from Chevrolet
Covered, as hooves
Day that the Great Depression began: Abbr.
Depend (on)
Dict. info
Did a DJ gig
Dirty tub problem
Do some steelwork
Dunked treat
Dunker's target
Dust Bowl family surname
Emcee's need
Enc. for those who still get their utility bills via snail mail
Event planning question
Farm workers
Fast food restaurant founder Karcher with an eponymous chain
Feel sorry for
Floating area marker
Focusing problem, briefly
Follow closely
Food served in a bowl
Fuel/fertilizer from fens
Gateway ___
Go for
Golfer Isao
Gomez's grizzlies
Gov. Jerry Brown's alma mater
Grounding ruling
Gym set
Hostess treat
Hotel ___
Iberian river
Imbibes in
Immeasurably long span
Improv troupe members, e.g.
In need of a sewing kit
It gets pins and needles
It's usually pulled at a bar
Its state quarter has an astronaut on it
Jacob's spouse
Kinnear of "The Kennedys"
Kiss bassist Simmons
Latched onto
Leatherman tool
Like '80s colors
Like an airball
Like the crème de la crème
Line of coke, in slang
Loaded for ___
Lodge guys
Lunch sandwich choice
Made an impression?
Major Middle East oil port
Make out in a British bar
Makeup, for one
Math club president, probably
Messy sandwich
Mies van der ___
Mini bar?
Mode of "The Incredibles"
Mount where Moses saw the Promised Land
Move to the next grade
Mr. Sarah Palin
Mylanta rival
NBA legend Frazier
NPR correspondent Garrels
Nadal's nickname
Nautical position
New Yorker drama critic John
Nintendo gaming console whose name sounds like two pronouns
No-for-no's-sake type
North Carolina county abutting Virginia and Tennessee
Norwegian hero/king
Not kosher for passover
Oft-darned spot
On the safe side
Orange covering
Overly precious
Ozzy has two of them
Parking lot mishap
Party where huli huli chicken is served
Pharmacy word
Piece on a sloping edge
Place for your buds
Place to practice your chops
Polish up paragraphs
Political commentator Ted who wrote "The Anti-American Manifesto"
Pork purchase
Postdoc requirements: Abbr.
Presque Isle State Park city
Revolution outcome
Rice who recently renounced Christianity
Right direction?
Ripped in two
Ritz alternative
Road-safety acronym
Rocker Grohl
Rolling Stone competitor
Sarah McLachlan hit ballad
School on the Thames
Seal's trademark
See 7-Down
Select a party
Sharp blow
Shockingly wiggly?
Slave to crosswordese
Small beer glass
Smelting waste
Spanish eyes
Stare at from across the room
Start from scratch
State whose official donut is glazed: Abbr.
Stretch ___
Sty cry
Sucked big time
Sunday meeting
Symbol on some Euro country coins
Takes credit?
The Fall setting
Their first hit was "Don't Stop Believin'"
Their walls are I.V. covered
Thick and Fluffy Waffles maker
Tiny smidgen
Trapper's skin
Triathlon "souvenir"
Uncategorizable category: Abbr.
Uncle Sam and Santa Claus creator Thomas
Untouchable member
Use one of the senses
Very profound
Walkers, for short
Water-into-wine locale
Weak ___ (bridge convention)
Website section
Won, in Battleship
X-ray exposure units
Zoo attraction
___ Lansing
___ Terrier
___ bargain
___ drawing
___ du jour
___ mind trick
___ streak
___ tide
iCal entry: Abbr.
Crafty trick
San ___ (Milan soccer stadium)
Ivory, Coast, e.g.
Tennis player nicknamed "Fräulein Forehand"
Norse name that means "young man"
Pesky's ___ (Fenway Park feature)
Hue similar to robin's egg blue
Character who said "When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not."
Nickname of the tennis player married to model Brooklyn Decker
Shift alternative
Population distribution subj.
Cool "Italian" treats
Instrument with a soprano range
"___, the Wicked Warden" (1977 sexploitation flick)
Lightrail alternative
"Affordable solutions for better living" company
Prefix with bus or directional
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