Crossword Clues for DDDDD

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Clue Source Date
"Allahu ___!"
"Barry Lyndon" actor
"Casablanca" actor
"Deathwatch" playwright
"Fried Green Tomatoes" actress
"Funny or Die" post
"Go Tell It on the Mountain," e.g.
"Hard to believe, but..."
"I challenge you to ___!"
"I didn't ___ be part of this"
"Let me try that again ..."
"Lovergirl" singer ___ Marie
"Midnight Cowboy" character who says "I'm walking here!"
"Naked Chef" ___ Oliver
"Scarface" setting
"Set Fire to the Rain" singer
"Shaun of the Dead" director Wright
"Team" singer
"Thanks, mon ami"
"The Dark Knight Rises" director
"The Office" boss
"The Untouchables" composer Morricone
"Thong Song" performer
"You can count on me"
"You fools, they're getting away!"
"___ Deep" (1986 Genesis hit)
"___ Irish Rose"
1990 Woody Allen movie
55-Down, in the U.S.
8th seed beating a 1st seed, e.g.
Actor Taye
Actors who are often trapped in a box
Anti-war activist Sheehan
Apartment number
Bacteria in many food recalls
Ballerina's support
Barely make out
Become tainted
Big mess
Big name in designer handbags
Big name in printing
Book-publishing giant
Breakfast order
Bridge opening showing a balanced hand
British India address
British poet John
Broncos executive John
Brown group?
By the side of
Capital of Colorado?
Carved family symbol
Casual rejections
Celtics executive Danny
Chess master Viswanathan ___
Church crucifixes
CivPro students
Classic infomercial company
Clio, e.g.
Colon, e.g.
Colorado resort
Complete taxing work?
Computer that weighed 30 tons
Cop, in Cornwall
Cuts back on carbs
Dad's rival
Darfur's country
Deli specification
Double-check the arithmetic
Dryer maker
Eagle's construction
Easily gullible
Effect used during coaches challenges
Emulate Chuck Close
Episcopal cleric
Espresso and milk drink
Essay test assignment
Establishment to get your nails done
Ewe cry
Exams for MBA hopefuls
Existentialist Kierkegaard
Extras in a rap video
Exxon's mascot
First couple of pages in a book, often
Fish sandwich spread
Fizzle, with "out"
Follows the advice of
Frat house, for short
Funeral attendees, perhaps
Georgia city
Golfing great nicknamed "Slammin' Sammy"
Gram subdivision
Guitarist's gizmos
Hairstyles made with scrunchies
Hanna Barbera's Hardy Harhar, e.g.
Hendrix's guitar, for short
High-speed train along the Eastern seabord
His and her
Hole in the head?
House for the night
Infamous cave-dweller
Install hastily
Into solar panels, say
Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, e.g.
Is breathless
It's often waxed in the bathroom
It's used to stand tall
Items in docks
Japanese fencing sport
Jordan's capital
Kind of badge
Kind of glue
Kind of salami
Leader who modernized Argentina
Lets up
Lid afflictions
Linguist's topic
Magic, e.g.
Makes bread?
Masseur's challenges
Michelob ___
Mixing board control
Mom jeans material
Mérida misses: Abbr.
NBA stars Gordon and Bledsoe
NFL perfect season coach
Native Oklahomans
No longer hungry
Off base
Oft-hated crossword theme
One bombarded with HuffPo headlines upon logging in, probably
One of the Rosetta Stone languages
One whose national anthem translates to "Where is my home?"
Open-mouthed, as in shock
Out of gas
Petro-Canada purchase
Photo in comparisons
Piece of land
Pitcher Brian Wilson's trademark
Places to hang ten
Pre-nap activity for a toddler
Prefix with -dactyl
Pushed hard
Racing legend Al
Reeves of "A Scanner Darkly"
Regarding Francis
Removes from the list
Rental sign
Repeat customer's order
River people always forget traveling
Romcom, e.g.
Says without doubt
Search engine request
Search for water
Senegal's capital
Shake, as pursuers
Shopaholic's outing
Showers love (on)
Singer Tom with a porkpie hat
Small, rounded, grassy hill
Sofa covering
Some pregnancy side effects
Some steak sauces
Song sung on the doormat
Spock's father
Summa cum ___
Super Bowl XLVII runner up, for short
TV character who says "Did I do that?"
That extra something
The States
Things that make you grab your nose
To the point
Tournament type
Toussaint Louverture International Airport nation
Trick photography?
University where CNN reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta teaches
WWII craft
When the witches in "Macbeth" say "Double, double, toil and trouble"
Whittles (down)
Wine feature
___ Treaty
Pacer's contests
NBA Hall of Famer Wilkins, for short
Themeless puzzle with five 15-letter entries stacked on each other, e.g.
___ Schuester (mom on "Glee")
Going crazy
Pico de gallo alternative
Eight-time Emmy-winning sports reporter Keteyian
The fourth Doctor's prop, in "Doctor Who"
Battle of ___ ("Return of the Jedi" climax)
Green mushroom in Super Mario Bros.
Actor Cibrian who is married to Leann Rimes
Hotel meeting that is best kept on the DL
Sci-fi writer ___ Scott Card
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