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Word "DEITY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
divinity, god, immortal

Crossword Clues for DEITY

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Clue Source Date
Divine being USA Today 27 Mar 2021
Being such as Aphrodite Universal 11 Dec 2020
God USA Today 02 Aug 2020
Artemis or Athena Universal 30 May 2020
Aphrodite or Lakshmi Universal 28 Apr 2020
One in a pantheon Newsday 27 Mar 2020
One with superhuman powers New York Times 08 Dec 2019
Being such as Hera Universal 23 Jul 2019
God or goddess The Times Concise 21 Jun 2019
'Hail the incarnate --' (carol) The Telegraph General Knowledge 23 Dec 2018
God's position Family Time 26 Nov 2018
Prayer target Universal 22 Jun 2018
The Almighty, e.g Universal 15 May 2018
Mercury or Mars USA Today 14 Mar 2018
Eros or Eos The Washington Post 02 Feb 2018
The Almighty, e.g.
Mars or Venus, but not Earth USA Today 16 Nov 2017
Supreme being Universal 02 Nov 2017
Mars, Venus or Jupiter USA Today 27 Jul 2017
One may be responsible for rain LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2017
One prayed to Newsday 11 Apr 2016
A god The Telegraph Quick 22 Feb 2016
Jupiter or Mars, for example Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2015
Receiver of prayers USA Today 12 Dec 2015
Supernatural being Irish Times Simplex 10 Dec 2015
Divine figure The Washington Post 12 Nov 2015
Mars or Neptune New York Times 03 Nov 2015
United over unknown god The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2015
Worshipped being USA Today 07 Jul 2015
Aphrodite or Ares New York Times 23 Feb 2015
Object of worship Universal 02 Feb 2015
Saturn or Mercury New York Times 27 Jan 2015
Nike, for example
Shrine honoree
Odin, for one
Any Olympian
Krishna, for one
Object of prayers
Prayer object
Divine one
Jupiter or Zeus
Mount Olympus denizen
Part of a pantheon
Prayer recipient
Saturn or Venus
Nike, e.g.
Saturn or Jupiter
Mars, for one
Jupiter or Mars
Apollo or Loki
Mars or Jupiter
Spiritual being
Revered person
Goddess, for instance
Apollo, e.g.
Pantheon member
Revered one
Venus or Mars
Mars or Venus
Pan, e.g.
Mars or Mercury
Zeus is one
39-Across, for example
Mercury, e.g.
Zeus, to Zeno
Venus, to Virgil
Olympus dweller
Worshiped one
Zeus or Hera
Pantheon member.
Status of Ra.
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