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Word "DELL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small wooded hollow

Crossword Clues for DELL

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Clue Source Date
Farmer's place Eugene Sheffer 23 Feb 2021
Company started in an Austin dorm room Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2021
Computer giant LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2021
Inspiron maker LA Times Daily 08 Jan 2021
Locale in a children's song title New York Times 08 Jan 2021
PC eponym Newsday 16 Oct 2020
''The Farmer in the __'' (kids' song) Newsday 12 Oct 2020
Small wooded hollow Irish Times Simplex 05 Oct 2020
PC brand Universal 26 Sep 2020
Lenovo competitor USA Today 25 Sep 2020
Secluded valley Thomas Joseph 21 Aug 2020
Little valley Universal 14 Jul 2020
HP competitor USA Today 14 Jul 2020
Turns up heavy metal on the radio with controversial ending in Dingle Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2020
Deep hollow or small valley The Times Concise 03 Jul 2020
Small valley; computer company The Times Concise 03 Mar 2020
Farmer's place, in song
Big name in computers USA Today 24 Dec 2019
Farmer's locale, in a song Universal 16 Dec 2019
Farmer's place, in a song Universal 08 Oct 2019
Big name in PCs USA Today 28 Sep 2019
Wooded hollow Canadiana 16 Sep 2019
Farmer's place, in a kids' song The Washington Post 10 Jun 2019
Farmer's place in song USA Today 21 May 2019
Wooded valley The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2019
Small hollow found in Arundel locally The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2019
Major PC maker Universal 27 Feb 2019
PC giant USA Today 11 Nov 2018
''The Farmer in the __'' Newsday 09 Oct 2018
Farmer's habitat? The Washington Post 07 Sep 2018
Farmer's whereabouts, in song Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2018
Inspiron computer maker Jonesin 21 Aug 2018
Small valley Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2018
Farmer's song location Universal 31 Jul 2018
Farmer's place of song USA Today 09 May 2018
Place for a farmer of song Universal 08 May 2018
Farmer's place, in a kid's song Newsday 02 May 2018
Dingle The Telegraph Quick 26 Apr 2018
Acer rival The Washington Post 08 Apr 2018
PC maker Universal 28 Mar 2018
HP's PC competitor Newsday 31 Dec 2017
Texas-based computer company Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2017
Farmer's spot of song Newsday 25 Oct 2017
Big-time PC maker Universal 25 Oct 2017
Competitor of Acer and HP New York Times 02 Aug 2017
Competitor of HP and Acer USA Today 12 Jul 2017
Tech company founder Michael New York Times 25 Jun 2017
'The Farmer in the ___' New York Times 05 Jun 2017
Farmer's locale, in song Universal 25 May 2017
PC's Limited, today Newsday 08 Apr 2017
Small, low valley Family Time 13 Mar 2017
"The Farmer in the ___"
Texas-based tech giant LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2016
Compaq competitor The Washington Post 03 Sep 2016
Home to a farmer who notably takes a wife The Washington Post 09 Jul 2016
Location of a certain wife-taking farmer The Washington Post 21 May 2016
Computer brand USA Today 19 Jan 2016
Nursery-rhyme farmer's home USA Today 10 Jan 2016
Small, secluded, wooded valley New York Times 06 Dec 2015
Hollow Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2015
Wooded depression LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2015
HP rival in PCs Newsday 05 Mar 2015
Company whose logo features a crooked vowel The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Jan 2015
Farmer's home
Computer brand with the slogan "The power to do more"
Farmer's whereabouts
Company started in a University of Texas dorm room
Word on many computers
Farmer's locale in song
Gateway competitor
Inspiron manufacturer
Certain farmer's home
HP rival
"The Farmer in the __"
Texas-based computer giant
Texas computer giant
Farmer's place, perhaps
Computer maker
HP competitor in PCs
Farmer's PC?
"Dude, you're gettin' a ___!" (old computer ad phrase)
Texas computer giant started in a dorm room
Big maker of 59-Down
Farmer's place?
Farmer's place, in rhyme
Farmer's place, in a children's ditty
High-tech mogul Michael
Commedia ___'arte
"Mapback" publisher of the 1940s-'50s
Where to find a famous farmer
"Farmer in the ___" (children's song)
Spot for a farmer
Gateway rival
PC that finds favor with farmers?
Farmer's milieu, in a kid's song
Acer's competition
Secluded area
The farmer may be in it
Farmer's computer brand?
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