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Crossword Clues for DENIRO

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Clue Source Date
Oscar winner Robert The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2020
Actor on ride unsteady The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2020
''Taxi Driver'' star Newsday 19 Nov 2020
Actor who won a 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom New York Times 06 Sep 2020
Star of ''The Irishman'' Newsday 14 May 2020
"Raging Bull" star Thomas Joseph 13 May 2020
'Robert --'s Waiting', a single by Bananarama The Telegraph General Knowledge 02 Dec 2019
'Cape Fear' star The Washington Post 19 Nov 2019
"Cape Fear" star LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2019
Robert ... (''you talkin' to me?'') Irish Times Simplex 24 Oct 2019
'Casino' co-star The Washington Post 04 Aug 2019
"Casino" co-star LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2019
Robert of "Taxi Driver" Universal 30 Apr 2019
'Raging Bull' star Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2019
2003 AFI Life Achievement Award recipient The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
Portrayer of Capone in 1987
Actor who plays mainly tough characters Irish Times Simplex 23 Nov 2018
Robert of 'Dirty Grandpa' The Washington Post 17 Sep 2018
Robert of "Dirty Grandpa" LA Times Daily 17 Sep 2018
See 64-Across New York Times 16 Aug 2018
Robert -- --, US film actor in 'Taxi Driver' The Telegraph General Knowledge 05 Aug 2018
'Raging Bull' star Robert New York Times 23 Jul 2018
Hathaway's 'The Intern' co-star The Washington Post 22 Jun 2018
Hathaway's "The Intern" co-star LA Times Daily 22 Jun 2018
Costner's adversary in ''The Untouchables'' Newsday 26 Jan 2018
"Raging Bull" star Robert
Surname of the actor 'waiting' in a 1984 Bananarama single The Times Specialist Sunday 22 Oct 2017
''Raging Bull'' star Newsday 13 Aug 2017
Tribeca Film Festival cofounder Newsday 10 Mar 2017
'Heat' co-star Robert Premier Sunday 29 Jan 2017
"Taxi Driver" star USA Today 03 Nov 2016
Oscar nominee in four different decades LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2016
Player run out by Compton, mostly The Telegraph Toughie 19 Jul 2016
Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Co-star of the 2015 film "Joy" LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2016
Best supporting actor Oscar nominee for "Silver Linings Playbook"
"Meet the Parents" actor USA Today 28 Dec 2015
'Goodfellas' actor Eugene Sheffer 08 Dec 2015
He plays the intern in 'The Intern' Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2015
"Raging Bull" Oscar winner LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
He plays the intern in "The Intern"
One of four costars in "Last Vegas"
"Analyze This" actor Robert
"Grudge Match" star
"GoodFellas" star
"GoodFellas" co-star
"A Bronx Tale" director
He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for "The Godfather Part II"
Godfather portrayer
"GoodFellas" actor
"Casino" star
LaMotta player
Robert of "Raging Bull"
Bickle portrayer in "Taxi Driver"
Young Vito Corleone portrayer in "The Godfather Part II"
Star of "The King of Comedy"
"Meet the Fockers" actor Robert
LaMotta portrayer
Oscar winner as LaMotta
"Goodfellas" fella
"Analyze This" actor
"Little Fockers" actor
"Sleepers" co-star, 1996
"Meet the Fockers" co-star
Kennedy Center honoree of '09
"Meet the Parents" parent
Robert of "Meet the Parents"
Kennedy Center Honors recipient in '09
"Raging Bull "star
"Meet the Fockers" actor
"Analyze That" star
La Motta portrayer
"Meet the Parents" co-star
"Awakenings" Oscar nominee
Bickle's portrayer
"The Godfather Part II" Oscar winner
"Meet the Fockers" co-star, 2004
"Casino" costar
Capone player in "The Untouchables"
"Cape Fear" costar
"The Good Shepherd" director, 2006
Robert of "Heat"
Actor Robert of "Taxi Driver"
1991 "Cape Fear" costar with 26-Down
"Raging Bull" actor Robert
Bickle portrayer
"Ronin" star
"Hide and Seek" star
Oscar winner for "The Godfather Part II"
Robert of "Meet the Fockers"
"You talkin' to me?" actor
"Analyze This" star
Robert of "GoodFellas"
Hasty Pudding Man of the Year in '79
Best Actor of 1980
Fonda's "Stanley & Iris" co-star
See 17- and 39-Across
"Analyze That" actor
"The King of Comedy" star, 1983
"Meet the Parents" star
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