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Word "DESERT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army
If soldiers deserted Hitler's army, they were shot

Part of Speech:
leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch
abandon, desolate, forsake
The mother deserted her children

Part of Speech:
arid land with little or no vegetation

Crossword Clues for DESERT

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Clue Source Date
Turns one's back on piano out of desperation Irish Times Crosaire 07 Apr 2021
Rested awkwardly in ditch Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2021
Turn one's back on Sahara? The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2021
Abandon The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2021
Hot spot New York Times 03 Mar 2021
Leave in the lurch Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2021
Abandon course after losing heart The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2021
Gobi, e.g The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2021
Doctor rested in wasteland The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2021
Leave stranded Newsday 06 Jan 2021
Arid region Irish Times Simplex 02 Dec 2020
The Sahara, for one Newsday 10 Nov 2020
Leave dry The Telegraph Toughie 18 Aug 2020
Arid area of sand Irish Times Simplex 17 Aug 2020
Gobi or Mojave New York Times 06 Jul 2020
Leave as, say, saxophone backing comes round second time The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jun 2020
Ditch New York Times 29 May 2020
Walk away from barren place The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2020
Oasis' environment Newsday 15 Mar 2020
Mojave, for one Universal 05 Mar 2020
About 25% of California The Washington Post 22 Feb 2020
Run away from heartless fool perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2019
Be a front runner? Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2019
Dry zone Jonesin 10 Sep 2019
Dry stretch Premier Sunday 18 Aug 2019
Leave pudding after losing heart The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jul 2019
Negev, e.g Jonesin 07 May 2019
Joshua tree habitat The Washington Post 02 May 2019
Much of Chile New York Times 09 Feb 2019
Turn one's back on wasteland? The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2018
Mirage site The Washington Post 09 Nov 2018
Go overboard, perhaps Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2018
Abandon hot place noted for its rats The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Aug 2018
Sandy wilderness The Telegraph Quick 18 Aug 2018
Sahara, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 20 Jun 2018
Sahara, for one Newsday 22 May 2018
Antarctica, for one New York Times 27 Apr 2018
Gila monster's habitat USA Today 19 Apr 2018
Kalahari, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 07 Apr 2018
Waterless area The Times Concise 21 Mar 2018
Arid area of land Irish Times Simplex 06 Feb 2018
Leave afters with only one portion of seconds The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2018
Antarctica, for example The Washington Post 19 Jan 2018
Rattlesnake's home The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jan 2018
Go AWOL permanently USA Today 07 Jan 2018
Leave somewhere dry The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2018
____ lynx is another name for a caracal The Times Specialist Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Oasis setting Thomas Joseph 24 Aug 2017
Oasis locale USA Today 14 Jul 2017
Leave The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2017
Sahara, Gobi, etc The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2017
Defect, forsake Irish Times Simplex 30 Nov 2016
Dry expanse Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2016
Gobi, for one Eugene Sheffer 10 Sep 2016
One of those similar to 5 down on the telephone in wilderness Irish Times Crosaire 11 Mar 2016
Leave desolate place The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Feb 2016
Leave without leave USA Today 12 Feb 2016
Mojave or Gobi LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2016
Sandy expanse USA Today 30 Dec 2015
Mojave, e.g Premier Sunday 20 Dec 2015
Abandon in wilderness The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Nov 2015
Much of Nevada LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2015
Barren area USA Today 26 Oct 2015
Sahara, for instance Newsday 20 Oct 2015
Australia's Gibson, e.g Wall Street Journal 08 Oct 2015
Abandon land too dry to raise crops The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2015
Sweet son abandoning wilderness The Times Cryptic 05 Feb 2015
Australia's Gibson, e.g.
Go out of service?
Mojave, e.g.
Inhospitable place
Leave high and dry
Leave one's post
"Somewhere on a ___ highway, she rides a Harley Davidson"
Much of Arabia
Leave one's company?
What Antarctica is, technically
Dennis DeYoung "___ Moon"
Saguaro locale
Most of Mauritania
With 44-Down, setting for 20-, 35- and 54-Across
Death Valley, for example
Low-rain region
Jerboa's home
Parched place
Rainless expanse
Nubian or Sonoran
Prickly pear's place
The Kalahari, for one
Most of 49-Down
Common chuckwalla habitat
Most of the United Arab Emirates
"The English Patient" setting
Arid expanse
Shirk one's duty, in a big way
Gila monster's home
Roughly a third of the earth's land surface
Topographical adjective
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.