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Word "DETOX" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
treat for alcohol or drug dependence
He was detoxified in the clinic

Part of Speech:
the hospital ward or clinic in which patients are detoxified

Crossword Clues for DETOX

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Clue Source Date
Removal of unhealthy substances from the body, for short USA Today 02 Jan 2021
Addict's program Thomas Joseph 31 Dec 2020
Rehab program LA Times Daily 30 Dec 2020
Get clean Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2020
Do a juice cleanse, say New York Times 27 Nov 2019
Rehab process Eugene Sheffer 03 Oct 2019
Period of abstention The Telegraph Quick 07 Feb 2019
Rehab requirement Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2019
Cleanse goal The Washington Post 18 Aug 2018
Thoro cleansing New York Times 29 Jul 2018
Get clean Teddy back from Oscar Ray Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jun 2018
Certain rehab program The Washington Post Sunday 27 May 2018
Removal of bodily poisons The Times Concise 25 Dec 2017
Treatment for alcoholism The Telegraph Quick 22 Dec 2017
Rehab procedure New York Times 25 Jun 2017
Undergo cleansing Newsday 17 Jun 2017
Dry out, so to speak LA Times Daily 04 May 2016
Get clean, as in rehab USA Today 13 Mar 2016
Get clean or dry?
Rehab, at times The Washington Post 15 Dec 2015
Withdrawal process LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2015
Users may enter it New York Times 21 Feb 2015
Betty Ford forte
Clean out
Rehab component, at times
Dry out, informally
Dry out
Dry out, say
Betty Ford Center program, for short
Dry out, in rehab
Long-delayed Dr. Dre studio album
Drug rehab process
Rehab regimen
Program for getting clean
Rehab step
Rehab component, perhaps
Rehab relative
Program for getting clean, briefly
Rehab, often
Straighten out
Go through rehab, in a way
Rehab activity
Drying-out period
Dry out, in a way
You can do it in rehab
First step in addicts' treatment
What follows going cold turkey
Rehab of a kind
Cleaning out, for short
Drug treatment
Treatment for drug addiction
Rehab function
Drying out process?
Get clean, so to speak
Betty Ford specialty
Drunk tank
Betty Ford process
Cleaning up process
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.