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Word "DEWLAP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck

Crossword Clues for DEWLAP

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Clue Source Date
Loose skin below the throat The Times Concise 03 Dec 2020
Loose skin lost importance with weight in rolls The Telegraph Toughie 21 Aug 2020
Hanging fold of loose skin on an older neck Irish Times Simplex 07 Aug 2019
Chum we had upset in a flap The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jul 2019
Wattle relative Universal 30 Oct 2018
Feature of an iguana's neck The Washington Post Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Loose skin hanging from the throat of various mammals The Times Specialist Sunday 05 Aug 2018
Loose neck skin on a hound Family Time 27 May 2018
Turkey's wattle Newsday 06 Apr 2018
Something found on a hound New York Times 18 Nov 2017
Hanging fold of loose neck skin Universal 07 Feb 2017
The flap of skin on an iguana's neck USA Today 06 Jan 2017
Pendulous skin Canadiana 14 Dec 2015
Bulldog's jowl Universal 11 Oct 2015
Fold of skin under the throat
Skin hanging from a dog's neck
Turkey wattle
Iguana feature
111-Across feature
Bovine feature
Turkey wattles
Bird's wattle
Pendulous fold near the neck
Fowl feature
Rooster's wattle
Fold of skin on cow's throat.
Part of a bovine neck.
Relative of a wattle.
Skin fold under an ox's neck.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.