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Word "DIGIT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration
0 and 1 are digits

Part of Speech:
the length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure
finger, finger's breadth, fingerbreadth

Part of Speech:
a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates

Crossword Clues for DIGIT

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Clue Source Date
Figure The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2021
A toe or two perhaps? The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2021
Finger or toe The Sun Two Speed 03 Feb 2021
Appreciate the other figure! The Sun Two Speed 03 Feb 2021
1, 5, or 9 Newsday 02 Dec 2020
What each number in the starred clues represents New York Times 14 Oct 2020
Two-__ number (11 or 99) Newsday 31 Aug 2020
Binary code bit New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Figure: appreciate it The Sun Two Speed 01 Mar 2020
A toe or two? The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2019
1 in 100, e.g.? The Washington Post Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Figure way to cope with garden? The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jul 2019
One in ten, say, like vermouth The Telegraph Toughie 11 Jun 2019
Finger The Telegraph Quick 06 Jun 2019
How to make a hole in finger The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2019
Finger, thumb The Times Concise 23 Apr 2019
Adding sixty after subtracting every other number The Telegraph Toughie 12 Mar 2019
Number part Thomas Joseph 01 Feb 2019
One of nine in an SSN Universal 31 Jan 2019
Appreciate something that's on hand The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Dec 2018
1 or 0, but not 10 Jonesin 27 Nov 2018
Ring bearer Newsday 24 Nov 2018
Number unit Thomas Joseph 07 Aug 2018
1, for one Universal 29 Jun 2018
Sudoku entry New York Times 11 Mar 2018
Password bit, often Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2018
Numeral; finger The Times Concise 23 Jan 2018
Finger or toe, e.g Universal 08 Dec 2017
Pinkie, e.g Premier Sunday 23 Jul 2017
Area code component USA Today 22 May 2017
Entry in a sudoku square The Washington Post 16 May 2017
Number; finger The Times Concise 18 Apr 2017
Contemptible person overwhelmed by girl's figure The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2017
63-Down, e.g Universal 13 Feb 2017
"Pay attention, man!" ... and, in a different way, what the end of each answer to a starred clue refers to LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2017
Finger or toe, e.g.
Zip code component Newsday 09 Oct 2016
Figure getting order from archaeologist on site? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2016
A number enjoy computer science The Times Cryptic 27 Sep 2016
6 or 9, but not 69 Jonesin 20 Sep 2016
Element of some readouts Newsday 27 Aug 2016
Show appreciation of that figure The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jun 2016
Two or three Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2016
Any one of the Arabic numerals from 0 to 9 The Telegraph General Knowledge 15 May 2016
2 for one is very much like sexual attraction The Telegraph Toughie 26 Feb 2016
Integer The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2016
Appreciate something on hand The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2016
What's handily featured at the starts of the five longest Down answers Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2016
Number Universal 25 Dec 2015
One surrounds each answer at 20-, 31-, 42-, and 54-Across The Washington Post 22 Dec 2015
A number enjoy computer stuff The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2015
Any number Universal 22 Nov 2015
Thumb, e.g Premier Sunday 18 Oct 2015
One, for one Family Time 07 Sep 2015
Finger or thumb The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2015
Thumb, for one New York Times 05 Jul 2015
Understand it is a number less than ten The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Feb 2015
Finger, thumb or toe The Times Concise 09 Jan 2015
Numeral Newsday 05 Jan 2015
Thumb, e.g.
PIN piece
Finger, e.g.
Price component
Age component
ZIP code unit
Sudoku fill-in
One of two in 12
"Dude ... do you catch my drift?"
One of 101 in a googol
2, for one
"Far out, man!"
Pinkie, for one
Place holder?
1 or 2
"Are you hip, dude?"
1, 2 or a finger
Middle finger, e.g.
Toe or two
ZIP Code unit
Arabic figure
One or two, e.g.
1, 6, or 9
PIN part
"Take note, man"
2 or 3
Finger, say
6 or 1
Arabic numeral
Part of a code, frequently
2 or 8
"Understand, man?"
Two, for one
Spreadsheet bit
Six, for one
Toe, e.g.
Small extremity
0 or 1, say
One or two
Hippie phrase
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.