Crossword Clues for DINES

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Clue Source Date
Eats in style Universal 30 May 2022
Sups in style Wall Street Journal 22 Jan 2022
Has supper, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 14 Dec 2021
Eats possibly, as some in France outside home The Guardian Cryptic 01 Dec 2021
Enjoys a fine meal USA Today 21 Nov 2021
Takes a meal USA Today 18 Aug 2021
Takes evening courses? The Washington Post Sunday 11 Apr 2021
Enjoys an elegant meal The Washington Post 14 Mar 2021
Enjoys an elegant meal LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2021
Eats at a banquet Newsday 03 Jan 2021
Feasts LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2021
Feasts The Washington Post 01 Jan 2021
Eats USA Today 28 Dec 2020
Eats well The Washington Post 27 Sep 2020
Eats well LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2020
Eats in style Eugene Sheffer 28 Jul 2020
Eats elegantly Newsday 07 Jul 2020
Consumes in style The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Chows down USA Today 05 May 2020
Has an evening meal Newsday 07 Oct 2019
More than just eats LA Times Daily 28 Sep 2019
More than just eats The Washington Post 28 Sep 2019
Eats The Telegraph Quick 24 Sep 2019
Has a formal meal Newsday 23 Jul 2019
Has an elegant meal Newsday 29 Apr 2019
Takes a few courses? New York Times 14 Apr 2019
Does more than graze Newsday 13 Apr 2019
Eats by candlelight, say USA Today 09 Apr 2019
More than just eats
Eats by candlelight, say
Takes a few courses?
Sups in style Newsday 11 Nov 2018
Has a banquet Thomas Joseph 07 Nov 2018
Patronizes, with 'at' The Washington Post 20 Oct 2018
Patronizes, with "at" LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2018
Has food from India included in mail coming west The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jun 2018
Uses the good china The Washington Post 14 May 2018
Uses the good china LA Times Daily 14 May 2018
Has a meal Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2018
Uses the good china
Eats well
Patronizes, with "at"
Eats by candlelight The Washington Post 11 Oct 2017
Eats by candlelight LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2017
Has supper Thomas Joseph 12 Sep 2017
Banquets Newsday 30 Jun 2017
Enjoys a fancy restaurant Universal 16 Jun 2017
Sups Universal 08 May 2017
Banquets New York Times 07 Jan 2017
Enjoys a fancy restaurant
Eats by candlelight
Eats well
Eats well Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2016
Word associated with wines Newsday 20 Feb 2016
Welcoming knight, stops working and eats The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2016
Breaks bread LA Times Daily 18 Jun 2015
Enjoys a bistro, with "out" LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2015
Has an elegant supper USA Today 24 Mar 2015
Has an elegant supper
Enjoys a bistro, with "out"
Breaks bread
More than snacks
Has an elegant meal
Breaks bread
Goes to a steakhouse, say
Eats on a tablecloth, say
Visits Spago, e.g.
Eats a formal meal
Makes use of 20 Across
Takes several courses
Eats in style
Uses the good china
Has supper
Partakes of a meal
Eats elegantly
Enjoys a fine meal
Attends a banquet
Eats by candlelight, say
Visits Spago, e.g.
Has an elegant meal
Enjoys a meal
Partner of wines
Sups grandly
Eats well
Has an entrée
Enjoys an elegant meal
Eats in style
Eats a meal
Enjoys Spago
Uses the good china
Eats in style
Eats elegantly
Patronizes Spago
Wines' partner
Has supper
Has an elegant supper
Enjoys an elegant meal
Visits Spago
Takes to Sardi's, say
Sups in style
Sups in style
Eats at Oprah's
Bellies up to the buffet
Enjoys the evening meal
Eats out
Eats poshly
Eats in style
Has a feast
Eats in style
Enjoys a restaurant
Enjoys a spread
Entertains in a way
Entertains in a way.
Small change.
Provides a feast for.
Has a meal.
Eats heartily.
Takes refection.
Companion of wines.
Entertains at a meal.
Eats out.
Consumes from soup to nuts.
Appeases hunger.
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