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Word "DIRECT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
plan and direct (a complex undertaking)
engineer, mastermind, orchestrate, organise, organize

Part of Speech:
take somebody somewhere
conduct, guide, lead, take

Part of Speech:
having no intervening persons, agents, conditions
in direct sunlight
in direct contact with the voters
direct exposure to the disease
a direct link
the direct cause of the accident
direct vote

Crossword Clues for DIRECT

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Clue Source Date
Straightforward command The Telegraph Cryptic 07 May 2021
To the point Newsday 24 Mar 2021
Oversee Canadiana 08 Feb 2021
Take charge, of a film perhaps Irish Times Simplex 01 Feb 2021
Run LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2021
Straightforward The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2021
Frank to call the shots The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2021
Nonstop Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2021
Like a nonstop flight USA Today 30 Nov 2020
Frank shocking court The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2020
Straight, without deviation Irish Times Simplex 09 Sep 2020
Proceeding by the shortest way New York Times 26 Aug 2020
Point the way Eugene Sheffer 25 Aug 2020
Outspoken, shocking court The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Aug 2020
Aim straight The Sun Two Speed 31 Jul 2020
Frank Capra for one robbed of gold The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jul 2020
Guide Canadiana 01 Jun 2020
Lead in a movie? Universal 06 May 2020
Undeviating The Times Concise 22 Apr 2020
Part of AC/DC The Washington Post 20 Mar 2020
Be at the helm of Universal 22 Feb 2020
Frank Blunt? Irish Times Crosaire 19 Sep 2019
Without stopping en route New York Times 22 Jul 2019
Manage; straight The Telegraph Quick 10 Jul 2019
Frank to call the shots? The Sun Two Speed 17 Jun 2019
Take charge, of a company or film say Irish Times Simplex 04 Jun 2019
Straight The Telegraph Quick 09 Jan 2019
Frank; unambiguous The Times Concise 31 Aug 2018
Caught, gutted by disastrous run The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jul 2018
Call the shots Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2018
Control, supervise The Times Concise 10 May 2018
Record in institute is straightforward Irish Times Crosaire 20 Apr 2018
Boss dismissing men is not mincing words The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Dec 2017
Helm a movie Universal 14 Jul 2017
Frank The Telegraph Quick 04 Jul 2017
Record in college is straightforward Irish Times Crosaire 29 Mar 2017
Tell to turn, say Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2017
Moving without changing direction or stopping Irish Times Simplex 28 Feb 2017
Plain-spoken Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2016
Frank's awful heartless cat The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2016
Following the quickest path Irish Times Simplex 20 Jul 2016
Call the shots? Wall Street Journal 23 May 2016
Steer Family Time 21 Mar 2016
Type of object, in grammar USA Today 10 Jan 2016
Frank Capra did this The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Nov 2015
Candid Newsday 17 Sep 2015
Frank; supervise The Times Concise 15 Jul 2015
Take charge, of company or film say Irish Times Simplex 19 Jun 2015
Straightforward, frank The Times Concise 14 May 2015
Like the fastest route Universal 02 May 2015
Following the quickest and shortest path Irish Times Simplex 18 Mar 2015
Not meandering
Emulate Spielberg
Sans stopovers
What helmers do
Not roundabout
Without stops or detours
Taking no detours
Tell actors how to act
Give orders to
Lead the orchestra
Run the show
Not beating around the bush
Straight from the source
In a straight line
Lead the band
Wave a baton
Follow in Fellini's footsteps
"But what I really want to do is __"
Straight forward
Emulate Kazan
Emulate Mike Nichols
Emulate Scorsese
Show the way
Emulate Delbert Mann
Emulate Woody Allen
Emulate Lumet
What Forman and Huston do
Emulate Otto Preminger
Like some currents
Kind of current or evidence
Kind of current
See 122 Across
Show the way.
To the point.
Not circuitous.
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