Word "DISCOURSE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
talk at length and formally about a topic
dissertate, hold forth

Part of Speech:
carry on a conversation

Part of Speech:
an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)
preaching, sermon

Crossword Clues for DISCOURSE

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Clue Source Date
Conversation The Times Concise 09 Jan 2022
Club with loud music sure ruined conversation The Times Cryptic 08 Nov 2021
Lecture I'd set up ahead of second programme of study The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Nov 2021
Daughter is given programme of study in 'Communication' The Guardian Quiptic 25 Oct 2021
Music genre sure transformed language The Telegraph Toughie 01 Oct 2021
In conversation daughter is having to use bad language about love The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jul 2021
Expression in dance, sure quirky The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Mar 2021
Education programme for detectives open to debate Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jan 2021
“Good company and good ____ are the very sinews of virtue” (Izaak Walton) The Times Specialist Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Democrat is vulgar, reportedly, in speech The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2020
Formal discussion of a topic Irish Times Simplex 22 May 2019
Extended conversation Universal 04 Dec 2018
Conversation, dialogue The Times Concise 11 Jul 2018
Conversation sure to ramble after party The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2018
Conversation in nightclub sure ridiculous! The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Feb 2018
Extended conversation
Address searches with stamp collecting The Telegraph Toughie 01 Dec 2017
Dance performed by witch needs no introduction or discussion Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jun 2017
Academic programme supporting police inspector's discussion The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2016
Conversation's sure to founder — dance takes precedence The Times Cryptic 11 Nov 2015
Head of Department is leading programme of study, giving lecture The Telegraph Cryptic 29 May 2015
Daughter is taking lessons in conversation The Telegraph Toughie 21 Apr 2015
Record belonging to us source of excited conversation The Times Cryptic 02 Feb 2015
Art of conversation.
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