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Word "DITTO" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated
ditto mark

Part of Speech:
repeat an action or statement
The next speaker dittoed her argument

Crossword Clues for DITTO

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Clue Source Date
'Same' USA Today 26 Apr 2021
''Me too'' Newsday 13 Apr 2021
Mark to indicate repetition Irish Times Simplex 10 Mar 2021
“Likewise” Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2021
' New York Times 17 Jan 2021
'Same here!' USA Today 16 Jan 2021
'Same with me!' USA Today 06 Dec 2020
'I do too!' USA Today 15 Nov 2020
“The same” Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2020
It's been said before - dictators don't have cars? Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2020
''Same here!'' Newsday 23 Sep 2020
“Same for me” Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2020
Same thing as above The Times Concise 09 Jun 2020
''Me too!'' Newsday 27 May 2020
'Same here' USA Today 19 May 2020
"Same here!" Universal 14 May 2020
"The same" Thomas Joseph 20 Apr 2020
'You and me both!' USA Today 19 Apr 2020
''I concur!'' Newsday 29 Mar 2020
Winner of the 1803 Epsom Derby The Telegraph General Knowledge 09 Mar 2020
“Same here” Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2020
'Samesies' USA Today 13 Dec 2019
''Same here'' Newsday 01 Dec 2019
"Same here" LA Times Daily 31 Oct 2019
'Me too!' The Washington Post 21 Oct 2019
"Me too!" LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2019
“Me too” Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2019
Likewise The Washington Post 28 Sep 2019
'Likewise' Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2019
'Same for me' Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2019
'The same' Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2019
'I'm with you' The Washington Post Sunday 14 Apr 2019
''Me, too!'' Newsday 03 Mar 2019
'I'll second that!' USA Today 27 Feb 2019
"Same for me"
"Me too"
"I'll second that!"
As before The Telegraph Quick 02 Aug 2018
Comment of agreement Newsday 22 Feb 2018
'I'll second that' Premier Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Another of the same Newsday 11 Nov 2017
Word of agreement The Washington Post 18 Jun 2017
"What she said" Universal 19 Apr 2017
It's been said before - dictators don't have cars Irish Times Crosaire 12 Apr 2017
"I'll have the same" Universal 19 Mar 2017
'That makes two of us' New York Times 18 Feb 2017
The same artist's not in Radio Times cutting The Times Cryptic 10 Jan 2017
"That makes two of us"
Repeat the word above The Guardian Quick 29 Jul 2016
"I'll second that" Universal 22 Jul 2016
The same again The Telegraph Quick 28 Mar 2016
As given above The Times Concise 03 Mar 2016
'Make that two of us' The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Nov 2015
Too much one would set back as before The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2015
''I'm with you'' Newsday 14 Aug 2015
''Me, too'' Newsday 11 Aug 2015
Dupe, old-style Newsday 11 Apr 2015
"Me, too"
"I'm with you"
"Make that two of us"
Output from a spirit duplicator
"My sentiments exactly"
More of the same
"Put me down, too"
"I think so too!"
"That goes double for me!"
"I concur!"
Reply to "I love you" in the movie "Ghost"
"That's my feeling too"
"Another of those"
"I feel the same way"
"What he said"
"The same!"
"I think so, too!"
"That's what I think too"
"That goes for me too!"
Catchword in "Ghost"
"Same goes for me"
"You can say that again"
'Me too'
Dot's twin brother in "Hi & Lois"
"Me, too!"
Old printing machine
Opinion sharer's remark
"Likewise, I'm sure!"
Same again
"That's just how I feel!"
Mark of repetition
Pre-Xerox copy
"I'm right there with you"
Son in "Hi & Lois"
Mark of conformity?
"Make that two"
With 72 Across, copy cat's candy?
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