Word "DIVA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star
prima donna

Crossword Clues for DIVA

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Clue Source Date
Superstar soprano USA Today 22 Sep 2022
Famous female singer The Times Concise 20 Jul 2022
Opera star Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2022
Famous female singer The Times Concise 06 Jul 2022
She is keen to rise in opposition to 24 down Irish Times Crosaire 24 May 2022
Opera star Thomas Joseph 27 Apr 2022
Perhaps Cher's in bed, scratching bottom The Guardian Cryptic 07 Apr 2022
Difficult-to-please star USA Today 02 Apr 2022
Hard-to-please actress Newsday 30 Mar 2022
Opera star USA Today 16 Mar 2022
Demanding sort Wall Street Journal 03 Mar 2022
Prima donna Eugene Sheffer 23 Feb 2022
Singing star Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2022
Singing star Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2021
Opera star Universal 10 Dec 2021
Prima donna The Telegraph Quick 14 Nov 2021
Prima donna Eugene Sheffer 09 Nov 2021
Soprano superstar LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2021
Prima donna Eugene Sheffer 27 Oct 2021
Female opera star Newsday 13 Oct 2021
Operatic headliner Newsday 26 Sep 2021
Opera superstar Universal 18 Sep 2021
Bette Midler's ''__ Las Vegas'' show Newsday 10 Sep 2021
Female opera star Newsday 31 Aug 2021
La Scala star Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2021
Certain pop star Universal 05 Aug 2021
Prima donna Universal 18 Jul 2021
Singer needing most of seat? The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2021
Star soprano Newsday 13 Jul 2021
Hard-to-please actress Newsday 12 Jul 2021
Massively big-headed celebrity Family Time 11 Jul 2021
Hard-to-please type New York Times 04 Jul 2021
Prima donna The Sun Two Speed 30 May 2021
Great singer keen to make comeback The Sun Two Speed 30 May 2021
Concealed by Jo Davidson back working in the opera house Irish Times Crosaire 28 Apr 2021
Aria singer USA Today 10 Apr 2021
Narcissist keen to make a comeback The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2021
Singing star Thomas Joseph 31 Mar 2021
Prima donna Universal 27 Mar 2021
Hard-to-please actress Newsday 08 Feb 2021
Female opera star The Washington Post 04 Jan 2021
Female opera star LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2021
Prima donna The Telegraph Quick 20 Dec 2020
Opera star USA Today 19 Dec 2020
Cher or Adele New York Times 14 Dec 2020
Opera singer The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2020
Prima donna Eugene Sheffer 16 Nov 2020
Beyonce song with the lyric 'Stop the track, let me state facts' USA Today 04 Nov 2020
La Scala star New York Times 06 Oct 2020
Recipient of a 'Brava!' New York Times 02 Oct 2020
Word from the Latin for ''goddess'' Newsday 22 Aug 2020
Female opera star Newsday 11 Aug 2020
High-maintenance actress Newsday 09 Aug 2020
Met celebrity The Washington Post 26 Jul 2020
Met celebrity LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2020
Female pop star The Washington Post 20 Jul 2020
Female pop star LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2020
Opera star Universal 27 Jun 2020
Famous female singer The Times Concise 25 Jun 2020
Operatic female The Telegraph Quick 12 Jun 2020
Dramatic singer Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2020
High-maintenance sort Wall Street Journal 30 May 2020
Go full ___ (throw a world-class hissy fit) New York Times 19 Apr 2020
Operatic icon The Washington Post 12 Apr 2020
Operatic icon LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2020
35-Down, for example Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2020
Great singer takes most of bed The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2020
She's a star aria singer Premier Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Maria Callas or Mariah Carey Universal 05 Jan 2020
Operatic star The Washington Post Sunday 22 Dec 2019
Temperamental soprano Newsday 09 Dec 2019
'Female version of a hustla,' per Beyonce USA Today 02 Dec 2019
Temperamental actress USA Today 02 Oct 2019
Superstar singer Universal 02 Sep 2019
Distinguished singer keen in comeback The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2019
Hard-to-please performer Newsday 30 Jun 2019
Opera superstar USA Today 27 Jun 2019
One may wear on an agent Newsday 08 Jun 2019
Met VIP Premier Sunday 26 May 2019
Some standard I value from opera Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2019
Opera headliner Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2019
High-maintenance type Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2019
Recall grasping fat lady? The Telegraph Toughie 19 Mar 2019
Pop __ Newsday 16 Mar 2019
Prima donna New York Times 25 Feb 2019
Opera superstar
Superstar singer
Demanding star
Prima donna
Opera star
High-maintenance type
Opera headliner
Temperamental actress
Lady opera star Universal 25 Nov 2018
Female singer The Telegraph Quick 22 Nov 2018
Met maven Premier Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Female opera star Universal 08 Oct 2018
Star on stage opposed to splitting donated money up The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Oct 2018
Cher or Beyonce, e.g USA Today 26 Sep 2018
Prima donna very keen to return The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Sep 2018
Opera star Thomas Joseph 30 Jul 2018
Star soprano Newsday 11 Jul 2018
Temperamental performer Universal 18 Jun 2018
Hard-to-please star Newsday 17 Jun 2018
Female opera star, usually the soprano The Guardian Speedy 16 Jun 2018
Aria performer Wall Street Journal 21 May 2018
Temperamental star USA Today 13 Apr 2018
High-maintenance headliner Newsday 24 Mar 2018
Tantrum-throwing performer USA Today 16 Mar 2018
Temperamental talent USA Today 15 Feb 2018
Agent's challenge, perhaps Newsday 10 Feb 2018
Self-important performer USA Today 30 Jan 2018
Self-important performer
Aria performer
Temperamental talent
Temperamental star
Cher or Beyonce, e.g.
Female opera star
Lady opera star
Temperamental performer
Soprano superstar The Washington Post 18 Dec 2017
Soprano superstar LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2017
Demanding performer Family Time 26 Nov 2017
Singer very keen to retire The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Nov 2017
Performer with an attitude USA Today 01 Oct 2017
Prima donna LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2017
Prima donna The Washington Post 26 Sep 2017
Finicky type Newsday 19 Aug 2017
Prima donna Family Time 17 Jul 2017
Sleazy club putting out energy for a prima donna The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jul 2017
Opera singer supreme Family Time 29 May 2017
Difficult-to-please songstress USA Today 25 May 2017
Singer keen on retirement The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2017
Opera queen Premier Sunday 14 May 2017
Singer with an ego USA Today 15 Apr 2017
Female appearing in Verdi, vainly? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2017
One who insists on the spotlight The Washington Post 29 Mar 2017
One who insists on the spotlight LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2017
Hard-to-please celebrity USA Today 24 Feb 2017
Temperamental sort Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2017
Star that easily explodes? The Washington Post 14 Feb 2017
Singer is keen to turn up The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jan 2017
Exploding star? The Washington Post 16 Jan 2017
Self-centered celebrity USA Today 04 Jan 2017
Prima donna
Self-centered celebrity
Performer with an attitude
Hard-to-please celebrity
Difficult-to-please songstress
Soprano superstar
Singer with an ego
Temperamental type New York Times 24 Dec 2016
Agent's handful, say New York Times 16 Dec 2016
'Brava!' recipient, often The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Dec 2016
Prima donna Newsday 30 Nov 2016
Temperamental performer The Washington Post 15 Nov 2016
2009 Beyoncé hit The Washington Post 06 Nov 2016
Performer inclined to throw tantrums New York Times 10 Oct 2016
Star with an attitude The Washington Post 13 Sep 2016
La Scala headliner USA Today 23 Aug 2016
Operatic superstar USA Today 21 Aug 2016
Opera video shows backing singer The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Aug 2016
Singer that's enthusiastic on the up The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2016
Prima donna Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2016
Tough-to-please actress Newsday 03 Jul 2016
Singer of a 55-Across Family Time 20 Jun 2016
Mad about opera's 'fat lady'? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2016
Operatic soprano The Guardian Speedy 29 May 2016
Tantrum thrower New York Times 21 May 2016
Deliverer of a 15-Across USA Today 20 May 2016
Leading lady Newsday 28 Apr 2016
Aria-singing star USA Today 28 Apr 2016
Needs to be mollycoddled for zealous review Irish Times Crosaire 16 Apr 2016
Opera star Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2016
Female operatic star USA Today 05 Mar 2016
Demanding performer The Washington Post 21 Jan 2016
Temperamental type
"Brava!" recipient, often
Deliverer of a 15-Across
La Scala headliner
Performer inclined to throw tantrums
Agent's handful, say
Operatic superstar
One whose area is arias USA Today 27 Dec 2015
High-maintenance performer Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2015
Operatic prima donna Universal 28 Nov 2015
Temperamental performer USA Today 27 Nov 2015
Female operatic star Universal 29 Oct 2015
Great singer eager to make a comeback The Sun Two Speed 22 Oct 2015
Not a team player, say Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2015
Opera singer supreme Universal 07 Sep 2015
Performer that's mad to retire The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2015
Any singer in the lead role of 41-Across New York Times 13 Aug 2015
Opera star Family Time 26 Jul 2015
Met queen Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2015
Tempestuous talent New York Times 06 Jun 2015
Tends to be spoiled on the outskirts of diocese in Geneva Irish Times Crosaire 26 May 2015
Celebrated female operatic star Irish Times Simplex 09 May 2015
High-maintenance person USA Today 03 May 2015
Temperamental performer Newsday 05 Apr 2015
Persnickety performer New York Times 18 Mar 2015
On the outskirts of diocese of Geneva with singer Irish Times Crosaire 17 Jan 2015
Temperamental performer
Goddess of song
Female operatic star
'92 Annie Lennox solo album
Met queen
Tempestuous talent
Persnickety performer
Any singer in the lead role of 41-Across
Opera singer supreme
High-maintenance person
Hard-to-please actress
One whose area is arias
Opera star
Prima donna
Female opera star
Temperamental performer
Not a team player, say
High-maintenance performer
Operatic prima donna
Narcissistic celeb
Prima donna
Opera star
Hard-to-please star
Fussy performer
Beyoncé, e.g.
Self-centered sort
Distinguished soprano, say
Demanding sort
Many an exploding star
"Phantom of the Opera"'s Carlotta, e.g.
Aria star
Demanding sort
Battle, for example
Singing sensation
Prima donna
Operatic superstar
Opera goddess
Female opera singer
Bette Midler, e.g.
Operatic superstar
La Scala headliner
Celine, Mariah or Aretha, e.g.
Prima donna
La Scala headliner
Very fussy star
La Scala star
Expert in the area of arias
High-maintenance opera singer
Egotistic entertainer
Female opera singer
Prima donna
Palais Garnier star
Singer with a reputation for being self-centered
High-maintenance actress
"Brava!" recipient
Prima donna
Price or Battle
Female megastar, in music
Demanding star
Hard-to-please celeb
Price or Battle
Demander of special treatment
Upscale superstar?
Hissy-prone missy
Celine, Mariah or Aretha
Aria performer
She may try an agent
Singer with an ego
Aria singer, often
Prima donna
Aria singer
Performer at the Met
Aria singer, often
La Scala star
Star soprano
Female megastar, in music
Kathleen Battle, for one
High-maintenance singer
One who might receive roses at the end of a performance
Adelina Patti, for one
Opera goddess
Venerated vocalist
Temperamental star
"Me, me, me" sort
Maria Callas, for one
Venerated vocalist
She usually has a big 55-Across
Opera star
Renee Fleming, for one
Venerated vocalist
Prima donna
She usually has a big 55-Across
Maria Callas, e.g.
Madonna or Cher, e.g.
Performer with attitude
Stuck-up star
Temperamental sort
Met star
Aria singer
Demanding star
Sills, e.g.
Dion or Streisand, e.g.
Curtain call maker, maybe
Battle or Sills
Temperamental performer
La Scala headliner
Sills, e.g.
Queen of the opera
Met soloist
Battle or Sills
Demanding star
Prima donna
Prima donna
One whose area is arias
Temperamental star
Singer with attitude
See 11-Down
Jessye Norman, for one
Opera star
Pop __
Star with attitude
Singer with attitude
Opera celeb
Temperamental performer
Pop __
Star with attitude
Maria Callas, for one
Star of the opera
Female star
Operatic star
Met draw
Opera singer
Soprano superstar
Aria performer
Marian Anderson, notably
"Goddess" of the opera, literally
Met star, perhaps
Performer at the Met
Temperamental sort
Singer who definitely has her own dressing room
Opera superstar
Vain sort
Star at the Met
She can carry a tune
Covent Garden vocalist, e.g.
La Scala star
Met star
Met star
Draw at the Met
Temperamental woman
Draw at the Met
Songstress with attitude
Tantrum thrower, maybe
Super soprano
Met star
Egoistical, demanding sort
Demanding star, maybe
Beverly Sills, for one
Singer with attitude
Leading lady
Callas or Price
Esteemed songstress
La Scala star
Met draw
Opera star
Met star
Operatic VIP
One with her own dressing room, surely
Jessye Norman, e.g.
Met star
Opera star
Pons or Ponselle
Maria Callas, e.g.
Marian Anderson, for one
Operatic "goddess"
Callas or Price
Esteemed songstress
La Scala star
Met draw
Opera star
Operatic VIP
Popular female singer
Met star
Diana Ross, e.g.
Temperamental actress
Celine Dion, e.g.
Aria singer
Met attraction
Opera persona
Operatic soloist
She's got the music in her
Tenor's opposite
Singing star
Callas, for one
Marilyn Horne, for one
Sills or Scotto
Callas or Sills
Maria Callas, e.g.
Aria singer
French film of 1982
Sills, for one
Star songstress
Operatic prima donna
Tosca is one
Beverly Sills, e.g.
Sills or Mills
Mills or Sills
7-Down, for one
Lead female in 50 Down
Star at the Met
Joan Sutherland e.g.
Kiri Te Kanawa e.g.
Sills or Mills
Temperamental star
One who hits the high notes
La Scala star
Opera figure
Sills or Scotto
Female singer of note
Opera superstar
Aretha or Cher, on VH-1
Opera principal
Beverly sills, e.g.
Bette Midler's "___ Las Vegas"
Sutherland or Horne
81 Down specialist
Tebaldi or Te Kanawa e.g.
Woman who can carry a tune
Met singer
Prima donna
Operatic star
Beverly Sills, e.g.
Jessye Norman, e.g.
La Scala star
Battle for one
Star soprano
Midler's "___ Las Vegas"
Ms. Scotto for one
Literally, "goddess"
Battle, e.g.
Melba or Moore
Kathleen Battle, for one
Covent Garden performer
Sills for one
Upscale singer?
Baker or Battle, e.g.
Tebaldi or Te Kanawa
Covent Garden performer
Brava! recipient
Met # 1?
"1982 Beineix thriller
Millo or Mitchell
Marilyn Horne, e.g.
1982 movie thriller
Cecelia Bartoli, e.g.
Millo or Sills
The "fat lady" herself
Metropolitan thrush
She's in the high-C areas
Flagstad or Gluck
Kathleen Battle is one
Aprile Millo, e.g.
Aprile Millo, for one
Price or Sutherland
Joan Sutherland, e.g.
Callas was one
Sutherland or Scotto
Jessye Norman, e.g.
Wilhelmenia Fernandez movie
Julia Migenes-Johnson, e.g.
Galli-Curci was one
Sutherland, for one
Grace Bumbry, e.g.
Sutherland is one
Performer in 99 Down
Troyanos, e.g.
Shirley Verrett, for one
Teresa Stratas, e.g.
She's often in the high-C areas
Traubel was one
Sills, e.g.
Sills or Sutherland
La Scala V.I.P.
Met V.I.P.
Miss Callas, for one
Sills or Pons, e.g.
Singing star
Price or Pons
Pons, for one
Miss Sills, for one
"Casta ___" (aria from "Norma")
Leontyne Price, for one
Peters or Pons
Prima donna.
Opera performer.
Singing star.
Prominent performer.
Star performer.
Type of star.
Singer of note.
Mary Garden.
Callas or Price.
Lincoln Center star.
Singing lady.
VIP in music.
Price, for one.
Goddess: It.
La Scala star.
Star of a sort.
Peters or Stevens.
Opera star.
Birgit Nilsson, for example.
Maria Callas is one.
Miss Steber, for example.
Operatic star.
Aria singer.
See 69 Down.
Leading woman singer.
Opera singer.
Met member.
For instance, 37 Down.
Mary Garden, for instance.
Bidu Sayão is one.
Lily Pons, for instance.
One with a comically long rider, probably
Hard-to-work-with type
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