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Word "DODGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)
circumvent, duck, elude, evade, fudge, hedge, parry, put off, sidestep, skirt
He dodged the issue

Part of Speech:
an elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade
contrivance, stratagem

Part of Speech:
a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery
dodging, scheme

Crossword Clues for DODGE

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Clue Source Date
Cunningly avoid The Times Concise 02 Feb 2021
Duck LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2020
Kansas City bypass? The Sun Two Speed 30 Nov 2020
Cunning trick The Sun Two Speed 30 Nov 2020
Cleverly escape Kansas City The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2020
Evasive maneuver LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2020
Avoid Kansas City The Sun Two Speed 09 Sep 2020
Sidestep, as a ball Family Time 07 Sep 2020
Evade The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2020
Ruse from beastly female taking in broadcasting boss The Telegraph Toughie 11 Aug 2020
Steer clear of Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2020
Evade, as a ball in gym? Family Time 02 Aug 2020
Avoid The Telegraph Quick 24 May 2020
Kansas City bypass The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2020
Elude New York Times 19 Mar 2020
US automobile brand, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan The Times Specialist Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Cunning move The Times Concise 13 Mar 2020
Cunning trick in Kansas City The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2020
Bypass Kansas City The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2019
Durango automaker USA Today 21 Aug 2019
Type of ball in gym Family Time 29 Jul 2019
Avoid; ruse The Telegraph Quick 26 Jun 2019
Sidestep The Telegraph Quick 01 Jun 2019
Avoid cunningly The Times Concise 16 Apr 2019
Evade; ruse The Telegraph Quick 13 Mar 2019
City in Kansas The Telegraph Quick 10 Jan 2019
Evade, as duty Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2018
Avoid bumper car? Not quite The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Nov 2018
Kansas City magistrate imprisons duke The Sun Two Speed 29 Oct 2018
Steer clear of this type of truck The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2018
Trick is, dog drops ball, animal catches it The Telegraph Toughie 25 Sep 2018
Avoid city in Kansas The Sun Two Speed 17 May 2018
Artfully avoid USA Today 09 May 2018
Word before City or after Fort on Midwest maps New York Times 01 May 2018
With ball, schoolyard game Canadiana 05 Feb 2018
American maker of the Ram pick-up truck The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Sep 2017
With 14-Across, name in pickup trucks USA Today 15 Sep 2017
Evade slyly Premier Sunday 23 Apr 2017
Caravan assembler The Washington Post 17 Mar 2017
Avoid; cunning trick The Times Concise 17 Nov 2016
Western city stratagem The Telegraph Toughie 15 Nov 2016
Being imprisoned by magistrate, day to avoid The Times Cryptic 08 Nov 2016
Avoid artfully Universal 04 Oct 2016
Place to get outta, in a saying New York Times 27 Sep 2016
Bit of chicanery Newsday 09 Jul 2016
Evade artfully Newsday 29 Jun 2016
Avoid sharp practice The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jun 2016
Artful move Universal 18 Jun 2016
Device by which old magistrate implicates daughter The Times Cryptic 30 Mar 2016
Good place to get out of? The Washington Post 18 Feb 2016
Manage to avoid an artful trick The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2016
"Gunsmoke" setting, briefly USA Today 23 Nov 2015
"Gunsmoke" setting Universal 10 Oct 2015
Intrepid builder USA Today 22 Aug 2015
Give the slip to Newsday 20 May 2015
Bypass — a fast one? The Times Cryptic 06 May 2015
Avoid female BBC head getting in The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jan 2015
Durango maker
Dart maker ... or dart
Get out of the way of
Evasive move
Act of avoidance
Grand Caravan maker
Challenger, for one
Place to get out of?
Charger or Challenger
Avoid slyly
Avoid, as the draft
Ram truck maker
Sneaky trick
"Gunsmoke" setting, informally
Escape from
Legendary Western city
City for Miss Kitty
Manage to avoid
Charger maker
Get away from
City to get out of?
Jump out of the way of
Clever ploy
Avoid responsibility for
Bob and weave
Shifty trick
Viper producer
Boot Hill locale, familiarly
Duck to avoid
Caravan, e.g.
Shadow producer
Get out of
Evasive tactic
Get out of the way
Con game
Artful move?
Kansas city, familiarly
Get out of, by trickery
Adroitly avoid
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.