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Crossword Clues for DOLLS

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Clue Source Date
Bobbleheads, e. g LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2021
Barbie Sheroes, e.g USA Today 09 Jan 2021
My Little Pony toys, e.g USA Today 28 Nov 2020
Some horror film props The Washington Post Sunday 13 Sep 2020
G.I. Joes, for instance Newsday 01 Jul 2020
They're placed in small houses Newsday 14 May 2020
12 Down stock The Washington Post Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Guys' partners, on Broadway New York Times 25 Sep 2019
Well-behaved youngsters Newsday 21 Apr 2019
Toy replicas of humans Irish Times Simplex 30 Mar 2019
Kewpie and kachina The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
American Girl products New York Times 13 Feb 2019
Child's playthings The Times Concise 04 Feb 2019
American Girl array
Action figures, essentially Newsday 19 Sep 2018
Party's full of students -- they have very small houses The Telegraph Cryptic 19 May 2018
Classic Christmas presents Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2017
Toys sold out around end of April The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Nov 2017
G.I. Joe and Ken USA Today 08 Jul 2017
Toy store stock Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2017
Barbie and Ken Eugene Sheffer 28 Dec 2016
Toys that may talk Newsday 21 Aug 2016
Raggedy Ann and others The Washington Post 26 Mar 2016
What plangonologists collect New York Times 24 Jul 2015
They wear very little clothing
G.I. Joes, essentially
Toy-shop display
Guys' Broadway counterparts
David Johansen band New York ___
Barbie and others
Barbie and Raggedy Ann
American Girl collection
Kewpies and Barbies
"A ___ House"
New York ___
Ken and G.I. Joe, say
Ken and Barbie
Well-behaved kids
Raggedy Ann and Barbie
They wear little clothing
Partners for guys
They wear very little clothing?
Some talking toys
Kewpie and Barbie
Voodoo accessories
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Valley denizens of fiction
Madame Alexander creations
Small figures
Barbie and Skipper
Raggedy Ann and friends
Guys' partners
"Guys and ___"
Toy-store stock
Some Damon Runyon characters
Numismatist : coins :: plangonologist : ___
Toys in a house
Talking toys
Dresses (up) elegantly
Goo Goo ___ of rock
Girl's collection
Raggedy Ann and Ken
Gets dressed (up)
56 Down's ilk
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Runyon characters
"Guy and ____"
Display in a toy shop
Valley girls?
Guys need 'em
Voodoo equipment?
Items from a cabbage patch?
Toyshop display
See 4 Down
Good-looking gals
Favorite toys.
What "poupées" means.
Cute children.
Pretty girls.
Ibsen's "House."
Damon Runyon characters.
Damon Runyon girls.
"The ___ House."
Ladies beautiful but dumb.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.