Word "DONUT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small ring-shaped friedcake
doughnut, sinker

Crossword Clues for DONUT

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Clue Source Date
Krispy Kreme buy LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2022
Cruller's kin Thomas Joseph 04 Jul 2022
Refrain from eating first bit of undercooked cake The Times Cryptic 16 May 2022
Go ballistic making ring-shaped cake across the pond! The Times Cryptic 26 Apr 2022
Treat that might be glazed or cream-filled USA Today 23 Mar 2022
Treat dunked in coffee USA Today 30 Jan 2022
Dunkable treat Eugene Sheffer 22 Jan 2022
Cruller's kin Thomas Joseph 08 Dec 2021
Krispy Kreme freebie for vaccinated people Universal 21 Oct 2021
Coffee go-with New York Times 06 Oct 2021
One may be filled with jelly Universal 04 Oct 2021
Glazed or powdered treat USA Today 29 Sep 2021
Fancy car maneuver that might leave skid marks New York Times 31 Aug 2021
Treat with a hole Universal 10 Aug 2021
It may be sprinkled with sprinkles New York Times 10 Apr 2021
Breakfast pastry Newsday 31 Mar 2021
Cruller’s cousin Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2021
Treat from Krispy Kreme Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2020
Cruller's kin Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2020
Dunkable treat Premier Sunday 22 Nov 2020
Bagel's sugary cousin Newsday 10 Nov 2020
Treat with a Boston cream variety Universal 10 Oct 2020
Coffee mate? The Washington Post 24 Jul 2020
Coffee mate? LA Times Daily 24 Jul 2020
Coffee break snack USA Today 19 Jul 2020
Coffee mate? Universal 03 Oct 2019
Cruller cousin Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Glazed goody Universal 01 Sep 2019
Toroid treat The Washington Post 11 Aug 2019
Toroid treat LA Times Daily 11 Aug 2019
Dunkable treat Eugene Sheffer 03 Jul 2019
Part of a baker's dozen New York Times 18 Jun 2019
Cruller's cousin Thomas Joseph 05 Jun 2019
Coffee break treat Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2019
Ring in a coffee shop New York Times 25 Jan 2019
Coffee break treat
Part of a baker's dozen
Coffee mate
Glazed goody
Coffee mate?
Ring in a coffee shop
Toroid treat
The ___ Hole (famed California bakery) The Washington Post Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Breakfast-on-the-run pickup The Washington Post 11 Nov 2018
Breakfast-on-the-run pickup LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2018
Sweet ring Newsday 30 Aug 2018
Dunkable ring Thomas Joseph 07 Aug 2018
What may be powdered in the morning? The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Jul 2018
'Life preserver,' in diner lingo Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2018
Pastry with a hole Newsday 28 May 2018
Coffee intruder (var.) Universal 16 May 2018
Snack for Homer Simpson USA Today 23 Mar 2018
#8 LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2018
#8 The Washington Post 09 Feb 2018
Coffee go-with Universal 14 Jan 2018
What may be powdered in the morning?
Coffee go-with
Coffee intruder (var.)
"Life preserver," in diner lingo
Breakfast-on-the-run pickup
Bakery item with some shortening? LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2017
Bakery item with some shortening? The Washington Post 06 Oct 2017
Breakfast treat Universal 12 Aug 2017
Stereotypical snack for a cop Universal 18 Jul 2017
Fave food for Homer Simpson USA Today 03 Jul 2017
Krispy Kreme product New York Times 01 May 2017
Coffee shop offering New York Times 12 Jan 2017
Breakfast treat
Bakery item with some shortening?
Coffee shop offering
Krispy Kreme product
Stereotypical snack for a cop
Fave food for Homer Simpson
Maple bar or apple fritter Universal 24 Oct 2016
Treat shaped like a 14-Across USA Today 27 Aug 2016
Cop's treat in stereotypes Universal 24 Aug 2016
Fried treat LA Times Daily 27 May 2016
American spelling for a small fried cake The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Apr 2016
Popular pastry for dunkin' The Washington Post 23 Jan 2016
Sugary ring Newsday 10 Jan 2016
Cruller kin Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Cop's treat in stereotypes
Fried treat
It may start as a flat ring Jonesin 24 Sep 2015
Treat for Homer Simpson Eugene Sheffer 05 Sep 2015
'Sinker' Eugene Sheffer 15 May 2015
Coffee mate? New York Times 10 May 2015
Coffee break snack Universal 14 Apr 2015
Coffee mate?
Sweet ring
Coffee break snack
Glazed or powdered item
Cruller cousin
Bear claw's cousin
Stereotypical snack for cops
Pastry with a hole
Oft-glazed treat, briefly
Homer Simpson's delight
Oft-dunked treat
One of a dozen, sometimes
Powder holder
Skid mark trick
Treat for Homer Simpson
Coffee go-with
Food with an inedible center?
One of Homer's favorite foods
Breakfast treat
Holey dessert
Force feed?
Snack for Homer
Krispy Kreme offering
It can be dunked
Breakfast treat
Breakfast pastry
Coffee go-with
Coffee go-with
Stereotypical snack for cops
Coffee go-with
Sweet ring
Oft-dunked snack
Breakfast sweet
Dunkable item
Stereotypical snack for cops, briefly
Glazed or powdered item
Cruller's cousin
Dunkable item
Cruller's kin
Sweet ring
Ring for breakfast
Sweet snack with coffee
Krispy Kreme offering
Jelly container, maybe
Food with a hole in the middle
Pastry with a hole
Sweet snack with coffee
Coffee mate?
Coffee mate?
Dunked snack
Drool-inducer for Homer Simpson
Item sold by the dozen
Coffee-break snack
Dunked snack
Coffee break snack, informally
Krispy Kreme creation
Coffee accompanier, at times
Object of Homer's desire
Cruller's cuz
Dunker's delight, informally
It may be powdered or glazed
Stereotypical snack for cops, informally
Toroidal treat
Glazed item, briefly
Oft-glazed snack
Oft-dunked snack
Order with a glass of milk
Ring in the morning?
Diner dessert
Coffee insert, perhaps
Oft-dunked snack
Ring-shaped cake
It's often glazed, informally
Stereotypical snack for cops, briefly
Stereotypical snack for cops (Var.)
Breakfast takeout
Brief coffee go-with, perhaps
Jelly container, perhaps
Glazed item, informally
Holey treat
Krispy Kreme product
Toroidal treat
Cruller relative, briefly
Item sold in dozens
Dunkable treat
Dunked dessert
One in a baker's dozen, perhaps
Morning sweet
Krispy Kreme product
Breakfast item
Bear claw alternative
Popular dunker (Var.)
Cruller alternative
Coffee partner
Cop's snack, humorously
Breakfast treat, informally
Item in a baker's dozen, commonly
Sweet treat
Coffee shop order
Hole-some treat?
It may be dunked
Pastry with a hole
Food with a hole in the middle
Pastry with a hole
Holey roll?
Unhealthy breakfast
Dunk it!
It may be dunked
Dunkable treat
Food for Homer Simpson
Coffee companion
Little dipper?
Coffee shop purchase
Coffee insert?
Oft-dipped snack
Coffee go-with
Toroidal treat
Coffee break snack
Torus-shaped treat
Cruller's cousin
Bakery product
Cruller's cousin
Coffee insert, for some
It's often dunked
Glazed food item
One for dunkin
It may get dunked
Dunking item
Toroidal pastry
It goes with a cup of java
Bake-shop offering
Toroid pastry
A pastry, for short
Something dunked
Dieter's no-no, for short
Beanery item for dunkers
Coffee's companion
Diner menu listing.
Something to eat: Colloq.
Coffeebreak item: Colloq.
Breakfast fare, for short.
Breakfast fare: Colloq.
Cake of a sort.
Colloquial cousin of the cruller.
First cousin of a cruller: Colloq.
Morning meeting snack
Old fashioned, e.g.
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