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Word "DOZEN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units
12, twelve, xii

Part of Speech:
the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one
12, twelve, xii

Crossword Clues for DOZEN

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Clue Source Date
Eggs purchase Thomas Joseph 14 May 2021
Twelve The Telegraph Quick 24 Apr 2021
Eggs buy Thomas Joseph 12 Apr 2021
A number of apostles contemplate their essence? The Telegraph Toughie 12 Mar 2021
Apt answer for clue number 12 Universal 11 Dec 2020
XII The Telegraph Quick 05 Dec 2020
'Dirty' number New York Times 07 Jul 2020
Group of 12 The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2020
Typical calendar’s pages Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2020
Gross portion The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Baker's ___ USA Today 16 Jun 2019
Rose buyer's quantity USA Today 13 May 2019
Donut quantity Universal 02 Apr 2019
Case, often The Washington Post 15 Feb 2019
Dirty or daily follower New York Times 11 Jan 2019
Carton count
Baker's ___ (13)
Common donut quantity Newsday 06 Nov 2018
Quantity at Dunkin' USA Today 02 Nov 2018
Gross fraction Newsday 23 Sep 2018
It's six of one ... and six of the other Jonesin 21 Aug 2018
Box of 12, say New York Times 12 Aug 2018
Bagel order, perhaps USA Today 04 Jun 2018
Thirteen for a baker? The Telegraph Quick 30 Mar 2018
Egg buy Newsday 21 Sep 2017
Quantity in the dairy aisle New York Times 11 Aug 2017
Krispy Kreme quantity USA Today 07 Apr 2017
Set of twelve The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2017
Doughnut order Newsday 19 Feb 2017
Dunkin' Donuts buy Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2017
Egg purchase The Washington Post 19 Oct 2016
Common egg quantity Newsday 27 Oct 2015
Grosses in a great gross Newsday 22 Aug 2015
Amount of eggs Jonesin 14 May 2015
Doughnut-shop order Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2015
One less than 13 The Telegraph Quick 11 Jan 2015
Rose or bagel order
Thirteen, to some bakers
Egg quantity
Cartonful, eggwise
Shenandoah "Two ___ Roses"
Baker's --
Number of drummers drumming, in song
Doughnut order, perhaps
Bouquet complement, maybe
Pair of sixes
Baker's 13
Bagel order, maybe
Dirty ___ Brass Band
Rose order
Krispy Kreme order
One more than eleven
Thirteen, to a baker
Typical egg purchase
Doughnut quantity, often
Egg carton count
Egg-box quantity
Dunkin' Donuts order
Pencils per package, perhaps
Dirty number?
Bakery unit
See 36-Across
Bakery order
Golf-ball quantity
Donut unit
Case, commonly
Gross root?
Baker's amount
Gross' square root
Dirty group
Egg purchase, often
Jury group
Gross unit
Donut boxful
Krispy Kreme purchase
The baker's has thirteen
Baker's quantity
A twelfth of a gross
Egg set
Case quantity, often
Quantity of roses
Quantity of eggs
Rose quantity
Case number, maybe
Gross part
A dime a ___
Egg sale, often
Bakery quantity
Bagel order
Case, perhaps
13 to bakers
Cackleberry measure
Baker's measure
13, to a baker
Dairycase amount
Case quantity, perhaps
Carton complement
Egg count
12 angry men, e.g.
Usual egg-purchase quantity
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