Word "DRAMA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage
dramatic play, play

Part of Speech:
an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional
dramatic event

Part of Speech:
the literary genre of works intended for the theater

Crossword Clues for DRAMA

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Clue Source Date
Acted out by the physician and his association (5)
Tot and adult play The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jul 2024
Theatrical piece or article on drink (5)
Play with a small whisky to begin with (5)
A tense situation
Wee drink before a play
Play The Telegraph Quick 09 Jul 2024
Staged by the doctor for his association
Article on a little Scotch play? (5)
Doctor finds a mother in crisis
___ club (organization for actors) (5)
Art of writing and presenting plays (5)
Crisis played out on stage (5)
Result of doctoring a master play?
Play the doctor, getting a degree (5)
___ queen (overemotional person)
Cockney's difficult rejection to old lady causes commotion (5)
Drop American play The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2024
Small drink with a serious show (5)
Excitement The Telegraph Mini 14 Jun 2024
Unnecessary conflict
Tea might be spilled about it USA Today 07 Jun 2024
Staged work (5)
Play involving a doctor and a mother? (5)
It is a small amount to end up with a play (5)
Type of movie or play
Soap opera genre Universal 03 Jun 2024
Emmy genre for Succession and The Crown
Theatre art (5)
Little drink and drop of absinthe creates excitement
Playwright's offering
Histrionics Newsday 26 May 2024
A stage play
Becket ex cathedra maybe? (5)
___ club (school theater group)
Play The Telegraph Quick 21 May 2024
Pulitzer category for 83-Down
Johnny Chase's nickname on "Entourage" LA Times Daily 17 May 2024
Netflix genre LA Times Daily 15 May 2024
TV show made up of female soap cast members (5,6)
Wee drink starts a play (5)
TV genre for "The Crown" or "Downtown Abbey"
Jock's shot American in tense situation (5)
Doctor joins a mother in play
___ queen (diva)
Television play
Shot a serious film (5)
Wee drink before a theatrical production
Legal ___, television genre for shows like "Suits" or "Perry Mason"
Not a comedy, but .. Family Time 14 Apr 2024
Not a comedy, but a ___
Theatrical entertainment rewound from handycam ardently (5)
A drop of whisky before a stage show
A mad king represented in play (5)
Tot attending a play (5)
Histrionics, crisis (5)
Theatre play The Telegraph Quick 22 Mar 2024
___ queen; overly emotional one
Tot seen before a play
Sandra Matthews is in the play! (5)
Doctor takes a graduate to theatre (5)
Fussbudgets make lots of it
Theatrical genre (5)
Field of play? New York Times 12 Mar 2024
See some action that isn't really there (5)
Short American soap opera? (5)
Entertainment offered up in Louisiana Mardi-gras (5)
Tense situation The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2024
American chasing whisky in tragedy? The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2024
Redbox category
Theatre doctor, a man not fully extended (5)
Doctor, in the morning, put on a show The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Feb 2024
Doctor, in the morning, put on a show (5)
Literary or theatrical genre (5)
Stage play The Telegraph Quick 25 Feb 2024
Serious theater genre Commuter 20 Feb 2024
Golden Globe category
Highly emotional episode
Play along with the doctor and his association! (5)
___ Ross, Motown legend (5)
Tense incident
A play (5)
Serious stage play, e.g. (5)
"Nomadland," e.g.
Serious theater genre Commuter 29 Jan 2024
Exciting situation The Sun Two Speed 29 Jan 2024
Play a measure first The Sun Two Speed 29 Jan 2024
Histrionics The Times Concise 28 Jan 2024
Reality show mainstay
Duke, incarnation of Vishnu in Boat Story perhaps
Attorney takes sheep to a play
Style of theatre Mirror Quick 09 Jan 2024
Attorney takes sheep to see play Mirror Cryptic 09 Jan 2024
Comedy alternative, at a theater
Turmoil when duke meets divine being in India
A bit of whisky, say, before a play The Times Quick Cryptic 04 Jan 2024
Wee drink leading to a humiliating scene? The Times Cryptic 02 Jan 2024
Doctor, a higher graduate making stage show (5)
The doctor and his association put on a play
A comedy or tragedy, for example, symbolised by the masks of Thalia and Melpomene; plays as a genre or literary style; or, histrionics generally (5)
Play for TV (5)
Doctor and a mother in play The Times Quick Cryptic 25 Dec 2023
Duke, incarnation of Vishnu in Boat Story perhaps (5)
Emotional excitement. (5)
Emotional excitement
Seriously entertaining show?
Tension, excitement Mirror Tea Time 16 Dec 2023
Wee drink to take to a play (5)
TV soap genre
Club for theater lovers New York Times Mini 11 Dec 2023
Class where the play's the thing
Play involving doctor and a graduate (5)
Exciting situation The Guardian Quick 04 Dec 2023
Crisis where District Attorney takes stuff in ... (5)
Whisky taken before a show The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2023
Exciting situation The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2023
Emmy category that is not "comedy"
Theatrical work The Telegraph Quick 28 Oct 2023
Emmy category Thomas Joseph 19 Oct 2023
Comedy alternative, at the Emmys
Theatrical art Newsday 29 Sep 2023
Gossip fodder LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2023
___ queen (melodramatic one, say)
Serious play Universal 01 Sep 2023
Initially abashed after tot's histrionics The Guardian Cryptic 01 Sep 2023
Golden Globe classification New York Times 18 Aug 2023
Play The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2023
Inge work Thomas Joseph 29 Jul 2023
'No More ___' (Mary J. Blige song) USA Today 27 Jul 2023
TV genre for "Game of Thrones" and "Boardwalk Empire"
Theatrical artform The Times Concise 19 Jun 2023
Play a shot in the lead The Guardian Cryptic 26 May 2023
Serious stage play Newsday 08 May 2023
Situation of intense conflict New York Times 19 Apr 2023
Telenovela or soap opera staple
Serious play USA Today 17 Apr 2023
Serious TV show USA Today 24 Mar 2023
Theatre The Telegraph Quick 19 Mar 2023
Show stuff in revolting commercial The Guardian Cryptic 14 Mar 2023
Pulitzer Prize category Newsday 05 Mar 2023
Stage show The Telegraph Quick 04 Mar 2023
Pulitzer category LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2023
Primetime Emmy Award category for "The Crown"
Emmy category LA Times Daily 30 Jan 2023
E.g. 'Look Back in Anger' The Guardian Speedy 11 Dec 2022
Highly emotional event The Guardian Quick 24 Nov 2022
TV soap genre
Serious stage play USA Today 08 Nov 2022
Love triangle byproduct Universal 20 Oct 2022
A student following doctor in emotive situation The Times Cryptic 18 Oct 2022
Excitement of American after short drink The Guardian Cryptic 17 Oct 2022
Emmy category Newsday 13 Oct 2022
Reality show staple
Artist featured in ridiculously mad play The Times Cryptic 07 Oct 2022
Serious movie or play Newsday 26 Sep 2022
Measure of whisky needed before a theatrical production The Times Cryptic 22 Sep 2022
Tot before start of amusing play The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Sep 2022
Gossip subject USA Today 13 Sep 2022
O'Neill work Thomas Joseph 27 Aug 2022
O'Neill forte Thomas Joseph 10 Aug 2022
Relationship woe Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2022
Daughter and mum given radium injection in theatre
Theatrical work Irish Times Simplex 13 Apr 2022
Staged production backed in Birmingham ardently
Comedy's counterpart USA Today 30 Mar 2022
Show what's at the end of 1 across Irish Times Crosaire 26 Mar 2022
Comedy counterpart Thomas Joseph 15 Mar 2022
What gossipy people love to stir up New York Times 07 Mar 2022
Something for half of those in 1 down producing histrionics Irish Times Crosaire 01 Mar 2022
Hamlet, e.g.
Serious movie genre Universal 21 Feb 2022
A work performed by actors Irish Times Simplex 09 Feb 2022
Scots drink to overcome a crisis
Soap opera, e.g.
Acting student's major Thomas Joseph 24 Jan 2022
Comedy alternative, at a theater
Type of queen
What soaps are full of?
Typical of what's produced in 18 across, for example, in crisis Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2021
Medic with a degree works in theatre
Medic with a degree works in theatre The Guardian Cryptic 26 Nov 2021
Little drink and last of rioja creates excitement
Hardly playful play The Washington Post Sunday 14 Nov 2021
It often surrounds high-maintenance people New York Times 10 Nov 2021
Theatrical work Irish Times Simplex 05 Nov 2021
"7th Heaven," e.g.
With 18-Across, someone who makes things emotionally turbulent Universal 21 Oct 2021
Comedy-___ USA Today 20 Oct 2021
Serious play Newsday 12 Oct 2021
Crisis The Telegraph Quick 08 Oct 2021
Ex cathedra major play
___ queen (diva)
Pulitzer category Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2021
O'Neill work Thomas Joseph 11 Sep 2021
Serious stage work USA Today 09 Sep 2021
A literary genre Irish Times Simplex 24 Aug 2021
Play The Telegraph Quick 17 Aug 2021
Shot a TV show?
Serious TV show Universal 19 Jul 2021
Play The Times Concise 16 Jul 2021
Comedy's counterpart USA Today 01 Jul 2021
Drink before a crisis The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2021
"Grey's Anatomy" or "The Crown," e.g.
Genre for 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' USA Today 09 Jun 2021
Serious stage play Newsday 07 Jun 2021
The four longest Across answers can cause it, and their last words suggest it The Washington Post 26 May 2021
The four longest Across answers can cause it, and their last words suggest it LA Times Daily 26 May 2021
Theatrical piece by doctor, an arts graduate
Show first tot of whisky? The Sun Two Speed 20 May 2021
Exciting situation The Sun Two Speed 20 May 2021
TV's "Ozark," e.g LA Times Daily 08 May 2021
TV's 'Ozark,' e.g The Washington Post 08 May 2021
Play The Times Concise 05 May 2021
Word with "queen" or "courtroom"
Tense situation in play The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2021
Theatrical work The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2021
Genre of serious films Premier Sunday 02 May 2021
Theatrical entertainment The Times Concise 01 May 2021
Playhouse offering Newsday 14 Apr 2021
Physician with a degree in thespian art
Tundra man pens play The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2021
Emotional conflict Universal 20 Mar 2021
Omen from memoranda relates to crisis Irish Times Crosaire 16 Mar 2021
Pulitzer Prize category Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2021
___ queen (diva)
Soap opera, for instance Newsday 25 Feb 2021
Emmy category LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2021
Emmy category The Washington Post 02 Feb 2021
Literary genre Irish Times Simplex 30 Jan 2021
Thespian's study USA Today 29 Jan 2021
Kind of queen?
Play in which lawyer hides stuff The Sun Two Speed 24 Jan 2021
"No More ___," 2001 Mary J. Blige song which won an MTV Video Music Award for Best R&B Video
Tense situation in theatrical work The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2020
Theatre presentation The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2020
Play The Telegraph Quick 09 Nov 2020
Doctor meets a mum in tense situation The Sun Two Speed 01 Nov 2020
69-Across presentation The Washington Post 25 Oct 2020
69-Across presentation LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2020
Comedy's counterpart USA Today 20 Oct 2020
O'Neill forte Thomas Joseph 19 Oct 2020
US prosecutor holding sheep in tense situation The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2020
Play a measure first The Sun Two Speed 12 Oct 2020
Play Canadiana 12 Oct 2020
Short, a film maybe The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2020
Play first shot?
Lawyer defends sheep in tense situation The Sun Two Speed 24 Sep 2020
Genre for 'Roma' or 'Moonlight' USA Today 14 Sep 2020
Whisky taken before a play The Sun Two Speed 03 Sep 2020
Shot afternoon play
Type of play with few laughs Family Time 30 Aug 2020
Naidu left Telugu movie-maker's theatrical performance
Wee drink before start of adapted play The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Aug 2020
Serious play Newsday 10 Aug 2020
Doctor meeting a graduate in exciting situation The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Aug 2020
'Rome' or 'Empire,' e.g The Washington Post Sunday 02 Aug 2020
TV soap genre
Coward might have written this answer after drink The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jul 2020
Lawyer eats butter in theatre show The Sun Two Speed 19 Jul 2020
Comedy counterpart Universal 10 Jul 2020
Film genre Newsday 05 Jul 2020
"Better Call Saul," e.g Universal 01 Jul 2020
Pulitzer Prize category Newsday 26 Jun 2020
"True Detective," e.g LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2020
'True Detective,' e.g The Washington Post 21 Jun 2020
Theater production USA Today 15 Jun 2020
Pulitzer Prize category USA Today 09 Jun 2020
Theatrical work Irish Times Simplex 26 May 2020
Work in a theater The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
Drop American play The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Apr 2020
Reality show staple New York Times 18 Apr 2020
Turmoil when duke meets a divine being in India
Play doctor and a mom
Crisis witnessed by 17 down Irish Times Crosaire 31 Mar 2020
'CSI' or 'NCIS' Jonesin 24 Mar 2020
Doctor with a graduate in exciting situation The Sun Two Speed 24 Mar 2020
Theatrical play The Telegraph Quick 22 Mar 2020
Daytime soap, e.g LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2020
Daytime soap, e.g The Washington Post 16 Mar 2020
Emmy category Newsday 15 Mar 2020
"Grey's Anatomy," e.g Universal 14 Mar 2020
Whisky taken before a show The Sun Two Speed 05 Mar 2020
Tot close to hyena could create this!
Theatre play The Telegraph Quick 02 Feb 2020
Crisis involving attorney outside music academy
Wee drink ahead of a play
Play diamonds and stick with ace
Old bread companion leaves in theatre
___ queen (extremely emotional sort) Universal 19 Oct 2019
Theatre or radio play The Telegraph Quick 13 Oct 2019
Certain queen's bailiwick LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2019
Certain queen's bailiwick The Washington Post 08 Oct 2019
Emotional episode Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Serious stage work Universal 08 Sep 2019
Play in the morning, a way to get up The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Sep 2019
Short afternoon play
Thespian's major Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2019
'Ozark' or 'Fargo' The Washington Post 04 Aug 2019
"Ozark" or "Fargo" LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2019
Upset American disturbed admitting Republican crisis The Telegraph Toughie 25 Jul 2019
Wee drink before a stage production, perhaps
Theatre The Telegraph Quick 06 Jul 2019
Theatrical entertainment The Telegraph Quick 16 Jun 2019
One of the arts Newsday 15 Jun 2019
Golden Globes movie category USA Today 15 Jun 2019
Wee drink ahead of a play
Play short on front of area The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jun 2019
A parent attracted to doctor in interesting spectacles? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jun 2019
Crisis witnessed in 18 across, for example Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jun 2019
Emmy genre New York Times 28 May 2019
Serious play The Washington Post 20 May 2019
Serious play LA Times Daily 20 May 2019
Frequently dare army at crisis
Rada cast without lead in Macbeth (it's a play)
Serious film type Family Time 28 Apr 2019
Emotional outburst Newsday 12 Apr 2019
What's shot and ending in cinema?
Pulitzer category Eugene Sheffer 11 Mar 2019
Rada cast without lead in Macbeth (it's a play)
TV soap genre
Video store category New York Times 22 Feb 2019
Play; excitement The Telegraph Quick 20 Feb 2019
Golden Globes genre LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2019
Golden Globes genre The Washington Post 16 Feb 2019
Drop of whisky leading to a series of exciting events
"Real Housewives" action Universal 28 Jan 2019
Play with tot first of all
See 5-Down The Washington Post 13 Jan 2019
See 5-Down LA Times Daily 13 Jan 2019
Raising a duck, but not all play
Serious theater
___ queen (extremely emotional sort)
Emmy category
Golden Globes movie category
Serious stage work
Video store category
Thespian's major
Certain queen's bailiwick
"Ozark" or "Fargo"
"Real Housewives" action
Emmy genre
Golden Globes genre
Serious play
See 5-Down
Shot adult type of film
___ queen (melodramatic one)
Film genre that involves a serious narrative (comedy alternative)
O'Neill work Thomas Joseph 01 Nov 2018
Tense situation where lawyer imports butter The Sun Two Speed 30 Oct 2018
Tot and adult play
Golden Globes category Jonesin 23 Oct 2018
10 o'clock TV genre Universal 02 Oct 2018
Headmaster releases sheet for the players Irish Times Crosaire 27 Sep 2018
Measure drunk before a play The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Sep 2018
Staple of many a 'Real Housewives' episode New York Times 16 Sep 2018
Push anaesthetist out of theatre
Queen prone to emotional displays?
Play with first labelled whisky sample?
Stage fare Newsday 08 Jul 2018
'Game of Thrones,' e.g USA Today 02 Jul 2018
Acting student's major Thomas Joseph 18 Jun 2018
Tot before a play
Drink before a play The Telegraph Cryptic 28 May 2018
Excitement caused by whisky with a chaser? The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2018
Bit of TV fare Universal 08 May 2018
Histrionics New York Times 03 May 2018
Emmy category Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2018
US lawman conceals memory of tragedy?
Stage play Irish Times Simplex 11 Apr 2018
Short, a theatrical production The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Apr 2018
Doctor in the morning dealt with a turbulent episode The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2018
Theatrical category Newsday 07 Feb 2018
Emotional episode when doctor meets an old woman
Bit of TV fare
10 o'clock TV genre
Staple of many a "Real Housewives" episode
"Game of Thrones," e.g.
Play God ultimately obliterating half of a Palestinian city
Play-acted Ramayana, in parts
Netflix category Wall Street Journal 29 Nov 2017
Williams work Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2017
Category for many Emmys USA Today 15 Nov 2017
Play a measure first
TV's 'The Crown' or 'Dexter' New York Times 18 Oct 2017
Internal force of attorney in play
Tot has a play The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Oct 2017
"Game of Thrones" genre USA Today 16 Aug 2017
Netflix category USA Today 24 Jul 2017
Play prosecutor penning sheep
Small drink before a 23, for instance
Play around, ultimately before God The Telegraph Toughie 07 Apr 2017
Play dead, oddly, when animal enters The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2017
Class with masks? New York Times 28 Mar 2017
Play with a tot first
Whisky taken before a tragedy?
Film genre Universal 12 Mar 2017
Theatre doctor with a degree
Play lawyer with inner force
Daughter hit a tense situation The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jan 2017
Film genre
TV's "The Crown" or "Dexter"
Class with masks?
"Game of Thrones" genre
Category for many Emmys
Netflix category
Histrionics The Telegraph Quick 30 Dec 2016
Stage genre LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2016
"Hamlet," for one USA Today 14 Dec 2016
Serious stage work The Washington Post 01 Dec 2016
Unnecessary hassle Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Wee drink before start of Ayckbourn play The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Nov 2016
Doctor and scholar go over a play
Actor's major Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2016
Small measure anticipating a tense situation The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Oct 2016
Regularly adore a mother's excitement The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2016
Sensation in music academy described by American lawyer
Sensation in music academy described by American lawyer The Times Cryptic 20 Sep 2016
Soap opera's genre USA Today 10 Sep 2016
Albee creation Thomas Joseph 09 Sep 2016
Pulitzer Prize category Premier Sunday 21 Aug 2016
Telenovela, e.g New York Times 21 Aug 2016
Drink precedes a display of histrionics
___ queen New York Times 26 Jun 2016
Serious play The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Jun 2016
Certain queen's domain LA Times Daily 21 May 2016
Small drink of whisky precedes a crisis The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2016
Soap opera, for one Universal 29 Apr 2016
Soap opera, e.g USA Today 24 Apr 2016
Emmy classification New York Times 30 Mar 2016
Medical practitioner with a degree in theatre studies? The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2016
Theatrical offering USA Today 07 Mar 2016
Bit of TV fare USA Today 06 Mar 2016
TV genre Universal 24 Feb 2016
Stuff seized by lawman causes a sensation The Times Cryptic 05 Feb 2016
Play a male sporting short haircut
Acting doctor has a higher degree
[This is how it might have happened] New York Times 17 Jan 2016
Certain queen's domain
___ queen
"Hamlet," for one
Telenovela, e.g.
Stage genre
Serious play
Short drink -- then there's a turbulent episode The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Dec 2015
Emotional situation in team ardently backed The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Nov 2015
Opposite of comedy Family Time 08 Nov 2015
Makes a scene with little bit of spirit from academy Irish Times Crosaire 06 Nov 2015
Play; exciting situation The Times Concise 27 Oct 2015
Pulitzer category The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Sep 2015
Say No to dosa — not very big, but full of butter
Whisky before a show?
Turbulent scenes Newsday 07 Aug 2015
'House,' but not 'Full House' New York Times 03 Aug 2015
Snort over a crisis The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jul 2015
Comedy's counterpart New York Times 13 Jul 2015
Tipple before a play The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jun 2015
Tot and adult creating form of entertainment The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jun 2015
Broadway play, often Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2015
Many a TV series LA Times Daily 10 May 2015
O'Neill specialty Wall Street Journal 08 May 2015
'Game of Thrones,' e.g New York Times 04 May 2015
Theater school study USA Today 27 Apr 2015
Runs into obstruction over a play
Kind of queen Universal 18 Apr 2015
Eugene O'Neill specialty Eugene Sheffer 15 Apr 2015
O'Neill's specialty Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2015
Comedy counterpart Family Time 22 Feb 2015
Lightweight article producing tension
Diva's forte The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Jan 2015
Kind of queen
O'Neill specialty
TV awards category
Diva's forte
Pulitzer category
"Boston Legal" or "L.A. Law"
Unnecessary complication, slangily
Many a TV series
Comedy's counterpart
Theater school study
Playhouse offering
Serious stage play
Turbulent scenes
"Game of Thrones," e.g.
"House," but not "Full House"
Small drop to drink before opening of Anouilh play
Small drop to drink before opening of Anouilh play
Serious play
Soap ingredient?
Relationship complications
Serious stage play
Play, maybe
Soap staple
Erasure song that is not funny?
What no band wants from fans
Comedy alternative
Film or TV genre
Comedy alternative
Pulitzer Prize category
Short, a work for television, perhaps
Pulitzer category
Mamet's metier
Film like 12 Years a Slave
Serious play
Serious stage work
Save it for your mama
"Save the ___ for your momma"
Serious play
Euripides' forte
The stuff of plays
Pulitzer category
Pulitzer Prize category
With US lawyer about, sign for English play
Tot with a penchant for histrionics
Drink at a play
Thespian's major
Miller product
___ queen
Serious story for the stage
Serious series
"Law & Order," e.g.
Syndication selection
Acting major
Soap genre
__ queen
Emmy category
__ queen
Opposite of comedy
Theatrical offering
Award show category
Serious entertainment
Albee offering
Pulitzer category
Albee offering
Movie genre
Theater fare
Movie genre
Emotional rendering
Emmy category
Pulitzer category
Video store category
Play without much joy?
Comedy alternative
Theater offering
Emmy category
Foote work
Video store category
Serious stage piece
Hourlong TV show, often
Pulitzer genre
Section at Blockbuster
"The Crucible," e.g.
Miller creation
Soap opera, e.g.
Pulitzer category
Theater genre
Broadway fare
Serious play
Thespian's forte
Tony category
An hour of prime-time TV, often
See 1-Across
Miller creation
Stage offering
"The Crucible," e.g.
Counterpart of comedy
"Masterpiece Theatre" fare
Kind of queen
Euripides' genre
You can expect some from a prima donna
"C.S.I.," e.g.
Hourlong TV show, often
Serious play
Video-store section
Playhouse fare
Emmy category
Soap, for example
___ queen
Serious play
Trial goings-on, maybe
Video category
___ queen
You can expect some from a prima donna
Pulitzer Prize category
Serious play, usually
Stage show
Sophocles' forte
Pulitzer Prize category
Reality-show alternative
Stage show
You can expect some from a prima donna
Theater offering, sometimes
O'Neill forte
Stage offering
Theatrical work
Pulitzer category
Stage offering
Stage offering
Work on stage
Many an Arthur Miller work
Kind of queen
"C.S.I.," e.g.
Work on stage
Pulitzer category
Emotional series of events
Acting major
Story of conflict, perhaps
Euripides creation
Pulitzer Prize category
Actor's major
Hourlong show, often
Serious play
Video store category
Type of queen
Stage offering
Emmy category
Video store section
Video store section
Plays and such
Soap ingredient?
Type of movie
Albee output
Many an Oscar nominee
Soap, e.g.
It's acted seriously
Hamlet, e.g.
Video store section
Plays and such
Film genre
Type of movie
Theater school study
Sophocles' forte
Narrative work
Serious work
Broadway fare
Emotional situation
Kind of coach
Stage stuff
Section at Blockbuster
Story of conflict
Theatrical offering
Kind of coach
Serious work
Theater offering
"Our Town" or "Hamlet"
Literary genre
Soap, usually
Video store sign
"C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation," e.g.
Serious play
"Don Carlos" for one
Soap, usually
Video store sign
"ER" or "JAG"
Acting class
Serious story
Pulitzer Prize category
Pulitzer Prize category
An hour of prime-time TV, often
First part
Popular Yale major
"Masterpiece Theatre" fare
Type of play
Story of conflict
Theater offering
Literary genre
"Scarface" genre
Video store section
Soap opera, e.g.
Tearjerker, e.g.
O'Neill's field
Soap, say
O'Neill's field
"Hamlet" or "Our Town"
Pinter product
Category for 54 Down
Thespis bailiwick
It's staged
Actor's major
Pulitzer category
"Hamlet," for example
Serious play?
Mamet's metier
Soap opera, e.g.
It's no laughing matter
College major
Foote forte
Stage presentation
Video category
"JAG" or "ER," e.g.
Silver coin child plucked out in staged action
Chekhov effort
Emotional event
Noh for one
Film type
Sam Shepard's genre
O'Neill offering
Soap opera, for one
"Hamlet" or "Macbeth," e.g.
Ibsen's field
Stage play
"Macbeth" or "Hamlet"
Broadway show
David Mamet play e.g.
Type of stage play
Work by 24 Down
Emotional series of events
Soaps feature
College major
Section at Blockbuster
Albee's forte
Stage production
Theatrical performance
A lot of Shakespeare's writing
TV soap
46-Across, e.g.
Sophocles's forte
Kazan's forte
"L.A. Law" or "Law & Order"
Miller work
Emotionally charged situation
"Chicago Hope," e.g
Aspiring actor's major
Acting major
Inge forte
O'Neill specialty
Playhouse fare
"Ghosts" is one
Kyd work
Foote work
Synge or O'Casey work
Theatrical work
O'Neill's specialty
Stage play
Marlowe product
lonesco product
Pinter product
Ibsen's forte
Beaumont and Fletcher's forte
Molière's forte
Aeschylus creation
Arthur Miller's forte
O'Neill creation
"Toys in the Attic," e.g.
Shaw creation
Ionesco work
Fugard's field
Howard Sackler product
Kyd product
Peele product
Fugard creation
Pinter's forte
Albee's forte
Hellman's "The Children's Hour," e.g.
A work by Samuel Nathaniel Behrman
Sophocles' forte
"Dracula," e.g.
"Antony and Cleopatra," e.g.
Harold Pinter's forte
Product of Coward or Howard
"A View from the Bridge" is one
Ibsen's field
Arts branch
Stage fare
Real-life ___
O'Neill's forte
Inge's field
The theater
Forte of 9 Across
Shavian forte
Situation of conflict
Ibsen output
Shaw product
O'Neill's field
Rialto offering.
Realm of Thespis.
The "Cat" or "The Bat."
Presentation by 3 Down.
O'Neill's forte.
"Inherit the Wind," for example.
"Anastasia," for instance.
Series of vivid events.
Robert Anderson's forte.
Inge's forte.
Section of a Sunday paper.
Arthur Miller's forte.
1951 Pulitzer Prize was not awarded in the field.
Euripedes' forte.
Tonight at 8:30.
"Gotham," e.g.
Samuel French offering
Tragedy and comedy.
Section of a newspaper.
Robert Sherwood's forte.
Gielgud vehicle.
Kind of play.
"Becket," for example.
Tense state
High action.
TV offering
Vehicle for 5 Across.
O'Neill work
Broadway offering
Albee's field
"Macbeth," for one
Critic's subject.
"Thunder Rock," for example.
Shakespeare's forte.
Miller's forte.
Newspaper department.
Melpomene's realm.
"Alison's House," for one.
Critic's topic.
Art form.
Christopher Fry's metier.
Tense episode.
Newspaper section.
Performing art.
TV listing.
Gripping action.
"Hiroshima, Mon Amour," for example.
Thespis' forte.
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