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Word "DRAWL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

Part of Speech:
lengthen and slow down or draw out
drawl one's vowels

Crossword Clues for DRAWL

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Clue Source Date
Feature of some Southern accents USA Today 31 Mar 2021
Diction rather associated with languor, principally The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jan 2021
Southern twang LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2021
Southern speech feature USA Today 19 Sep 2020
Slow way of speaking LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Southern accent feature USA Today 21 Feb 2020
Manner of speaking for many a character on 'Nashville' The Washington Post Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Speak slowly and lazily The Times Concise 01 Feb 2020
Speak languidly The Sun Two Speed 15 Aug 2019
Create image with line in slow speech The Sun Two Speed 15 Aug 2019
Speak lazily Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2018
Slow speech from doctor on boring item The Sun Two Speed 18 Oct 2018
Speak in slow tone The Telegraph Quick 19 Jul 2018
Southern speech trait Premier Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Sound of the South New York Times 03 Jun 2018
Huckleberry Hound attribute Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2017
Someone protected retiring Liberal, in a manner of speaking The Times Cryptic 14 Apr 2017
Southern speech quality LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2016
Describe Liberal's lengthened speech The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2016
Southern inflection LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2016
Jimmy Carter speech feature Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2016
Trait of a Southerner's speech Universal 13 Sep 2016
Dixieland sound New York Times 22 Jul 2016
Speak like Scarlett Newsday 28 Apr 2016
Speak slowly in sketch to novice Irish Times Crosaire 25 Mar 2016
Country inflection LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2016
Utter in a slow sleepy manner The Telegraph General Knowledge 20 Sep 2015
Slow speech to attract lover — but maiden maybe put off The Times Cryptic 16 Jul 2015
Speak slowly? Eugene Sheffer 21 May 2015
Matthew McConaughey has one LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2015
Southerner's giveaway
Regional twang
Dixie diction feature
One might say "y'all" with one
Feature of LBJ speeches
Speaks like many a Texan
Speak with lengthened vowels
"Gone With the Wind" feature
Trait of Southern speech
Speak like some Southerners
Southern stretch?
Speak like Jimmy Stewart, say
Say with two syllables where one would do, say
Southern accent
Stretch one's diphthongs
Dixie diphthongization
Dixie diction
Speak like Jimmy Stewart
Southern speech pattern
John Wayne had a little one
Stretch one's vowels
Speak slooowly
Talk like Forrest Gump
Manner of speaking
Say "y'all," say
Speech mannerism
San Antonio slur
Southern accent giveaway, perhaps
Talk like Jimmy Stewart
Texas talk
Dixie talk
Speak slowly
Sign of a Southerner, perhaps
Good old boy's speech
Speak in Dixie?
Talk like Scarlett
Speak like a Southerner
Southern sound
Speak sloooowly
Talk like a Southern belle
Extend the vowels
Talk like a Georgian
Southern ___
Speech trait.
Voice quality.
Way of talking.
Manner of speech.
Speak slowly.
Talk like a Southerner.
Texan's talk.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.