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Word "DREAM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a cherished desire
ambition, aspiration

Part of Speech:
imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake
he lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality

Part of Speech:
a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep
I had a dream about you last night

Crossword Clues for DREAM

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Clue Source Date
High hope Newsday 04 Feb 2021
Fond hope Newsday 31 Jan 2021
Fantasy of fear doubled at the end The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jan 2021
Ambition Eugene Sheffer 18 Jan 2021
Late-night vision Newsday 27 Dec 2020
King's iconic vision LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2020
Diary subject Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2020
Lofty aspiration New York Times 27 Oct 2020
Reverie The Sun Two Speed 25 Oct 2020
Doctor West arises in vision The Sun Two Speed 25 Oct 2020
One might be prophetic USA Today 08 Oct 2020
Fantasise about barricade put round The Sun Two Speed 01 Oct 2020
Aspiration The Times Concise 27 Sep 2020
'I ___ of Jeannie' USA Today 22 Sep 2020
Vision seen while sleeping Newsday 21 Sep 2020
Cherished desire The Sun Two Speed 14 Sep 2020
500 paper sheets seen in vision The Sun Two Speed 14 Sep 2020
It's experienced during sleep Irish Times Simplex 12 Aug 2020
Imagine great things LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2020
500! Five hundred sheets! Imagine! The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jul 2020
'I Have a __': MLK The Washington Post 22 Jun 2020
"I Have a __": MLK LA Times Daily 22 Jun 2020
It's often hard to remember Universal 17 Jun 2020
Martin Luther King Jr. had one New York Times 11 Jun 2020
King speech subject Wall Street Journal 07 May 2020
Vision that isn't real Universal 05 May 2020
Imagine The Telegraph Quick 07 Apr 2020
Night vision? The Sun Two Speed 07 Apr 2020
'Whenever I want you, all I have to do' is this, in an Everly Brothers hit New York Times 08 Mar 2020
Vision USA Today 01 Mar 2020
Trance The Telegraph Quick 20 Feb 2020
Nightmare, e.g USA Today 24 Dec 2019
Dr. King had one USA Today 17 Dec 2019
Bedtime story? Universal 29 Oct 2019
REM sleep event Universal 13 Oct 2019
Idle hope Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2019
Story seen during sleep Newsday 26 Aug 2019
An alarm may interrupt it New York Times 25 Aug 2019
Unattainable ambition of armed criminal The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Aug 2019
REM activity USA Today 19 Jul 2019
Be unrealistic New York Times 20 Jan 2019
Journal subject The Washington Post 08 Nov 2018
R.E.M. show? New York Times 06 Oct 2018
King had this made anew to catch rook The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2018
The ____ was Henri Rousseau’s last completed work The Times Specialist Sunday 30 Sep 2018
See 8 Down The Telegraph Toughie 09 Aug 2018
Fantasy Thomas Joseph 30 Jul 2018
____ ticket, two ideal candidates at an election The Times Specialist Sunday 15 Jul 2018
It's all in the head New York Times 13 May 2018
Small drink with energy content that you may get at night time The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Mar 2018
___ Act (DACA-related bill) USA Today 16 Feb 2018
Turns up crazy about one of those in hospital retirement plan perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jan 2018
Bedroom scenes
Dozer's vision USA Today 03 Nov 2017
Cherished aspiration Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2017
Alice's trip to Wonderland was one USA Today 14 Sep 2017
Fantasise The Times Concise 11 Aug 2017
Ideal New York Times 30 Jul 2017
Dorothy's visit to Oz was one USA Today 24 Jun 2017
Vision of mother about to be captured The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Jun 2017
Fantasy -- in short, ecstasy The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2017
Fanciful aspiration Wall Street Journal 04 May 2017
Word before Team or Act
Have fond hopes Newsday 01 Dec 2016
That of Gerontius was noted The Times Cryptic 18 May 2016
Night sights Wall Street Journal 13 May 2016
Lofty desire Newsday 10 May 2016
Fancy mother carrying on! The Times Cryptic 09 May 2016
Ideal energy drink going around The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2016
King had a famous one USA Today 03 Feb 2016
You'll sleep through it Universal 24 Jan 2016
Most of "The Wizard of Oz" USA Today 09 Jan 2016
Nightmare The Telegraph Quick 27 Nov 2015
Illusion The Telegraph Quick 27 Sep 2015
Improbable wish Universal 20 Sep 2015
Freudian subject LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2015
Part of a sequence? Jonesin 27 Aug 2015
Mother keeps on — a source of inspiration? The Times Cryptic 18 Aug 2015
Nighttime vision Universal 11 Aug 2015
Set one's sights on armed criminal Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jul 2015
Ambition about to be held in check The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jun 2015
MLK had a famous one USA Today 11 Jun 2015
Fantasize LA Times Daily 14 May 2015
Imagine energy-filled drink The Times Cryptic 22 Apr 2015
Armed (anag) The Guardian Quick 28 Feb 2015
State of mental abstraction The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Jan 2015
Dorothy's visit to Oz, e.g Universal 23 Jan 2015
Dorothy's visit to Oz, e.g.
Dokken "___ Warriors"
Oneirophobe's fear
Think optimistically
Perfect, as a home
Nightmare, for example
Idealistic wish
Winning the lottery, for most
It's all in your head
Result of a vision quest
Sleep experience
Vision of sugarplums dancing in one's head, e.g.
Day follower
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