Crossword Clues for DREAMTEAM

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Clue Source Date
Squad of total rock stars USA Today 01 Jun 2022
Perfect squad Universal 16 Apr 2022
Fantasy football side in bedtime story perhaps for playgroup? Irish Times Crosaire 08 Mar 2022
Heavy Olympics favorite Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2021
Best possible players in drama meet cast The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2021
Group of top performers USA Today 03 Apr 2021
Minus the trimmings, SW treats served in a shoe? We'll provide the ticket The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jul 2020
Perfect pairing Emma rated going awry The Telegraph Toughie 23 Apr 2020
Group of star athletes LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2019
Group of star athletes The Washington Post 30 Jul 2019
Collection of superstars New York Times 13 Apr 2019
Group of star athletes
Collection of superstars
Superstar lineup LA Times Daily 30 May 2018
Superstar lineup The Washington Post 30 May 2018
Assembly of stars Wall Street Journal 22 Mar 2018
Superstar lineup
O.J.'s lawyers, collectively USA Today 11 Apr 2016
Collection of ringers
Superstar Olympic hoopsters, with "the"
Superstar assembly
Elite group of athletes
Superstar lineup
Group of stars
Superstar assembly
Heavy U.S. Olympics favorite
1992 U.S. Olympic hoopsters, with "the"
1992 Olympic medalists
Magic was part of it
Simpson's defenders, to some
Olympics basketball group
Heavy Olympics favorite
League's best
1992 Summer Olympics juggernaut
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.