Word "DRIFT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
live unhurriedly, irresponsibly, or freely
My son drifted around for years in California before going to law school

Part of Speech:
the pervading meaning or tenor
caught the general drift of the conversation

Part of Speech:
be in motion due to some air or water current
be adrift, blow, float
the boat drifted on the lake
The sailboat was adrift on the open sea
the shipwrecked boat drifted away from the shore

Crossword Clues for DRIFT

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Clue Source Date
Tendency of old penny to chink (5)
Float along Mirror Tea Time 05 Apr 2024
General movement by doctor, if starting treatment (5)
General meaning of snow pile (5)
The meaning of a pile of snow The Times Quick Cryptic 18 Mar 2024
Do you catch my ___?
Tendency to float along (5)
Basic idea of snow? (5) Puzzler Cryptic 09 Mar 2024
Tendency for snow to pile up
General meaning of a pile-up in winter? (5) Puzzler Cryptic 02 Mar 2024
PlusWord No 646
Getting the gist as you go off to sleep
Float along Mirror Tea Time 21 Feb 2024
As unchecked line and rig will do in a current (5)
Stray from course (5)
Go along to the doctor to get fit? (5)
Be carried along by a current
General purport (5)
Move, float aimlessly (5)
Tenor taking break with daughter The Times Cryptic 08 Feb 2024
Be carried along one foot behind the doctor (5)
Float without power
Pile of snow, in essence
Wander aimlessly USA Today 04 Jan 2024
Tendency; meaning
Move with the flow, going down the river (5)
Float around aimlessly (5)
A mass of snow or leaves, piled up by the wind; a large spread of daffodils, snowdrops or other flowering plants; a flock of cattle or birds; a heavy shower of rain/sleet; or, loose fluvioglacial or g
Move aimlessly The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2023
Go with current meaning The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2023
Democrat leading schism in vague movement
Basic idea of snow? (5) Puzzler Cryptic 12 Dec 2023
"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo ___" (2006 action film)
Go with the flow LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2023
Go with the flow? The Guardian Quick 04 Jul 2023
Argument after Mendelssohn's fourth movement The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jun 2023
Get sidetracked LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2023
Go with the current Democrat before quarrel The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2023
Daughter on break finds meaning The Times Cryptic 14 Apr 2023
Float away USA Today 30 Jan 2023
Wander aimlessly Newsday 05 Jan 2023
Tenor Domingo's initial break The Guardian Cryptic 20 Dec 2022
A ____ of pigs Canadiana 12 Dec 2022
'. . . if you catch my ___' USA Today 16 Sep 2022
Tenor of a talk Newsday 16 Sep 2022
Go with the flow The Guardian Quick 29 Aug 2022
Wander The Telegraph Quick 19 Aug 2022
Tendency of Democrat to crack The Times Cryptic 05 Jul 2022
Stray dog's lead split The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jun 2022
Float with the current Universal 04 May 2022
Wander from Dublin to Split Irish Times Crosaire 03 Mar 2022
Go with current meaning
Move aimlessly; general meaning The Times Concise 06 Jan 2022
Move slowly on the water USA Today 07 Nov 2021
Meaning to join doctor, if time The Times Cryptic 14 Oct 2021
Current doctor, frightfully fit
Snow formation Eugene Sheffer 16 Jul 2021
Float along Thomas Joseph 12 Jul 2021
"Catch my ___?"
Move aimlessly The Sun Two Speed 21 May 2021
Go with current meaning The Sun Two Speed 21 May 2021
Float The Telegraph Quick 14 May 2021
Meaning New York Times 07 May 2021
'Catch my ___?' USA Today 14 Feb 2021
Move gradually away — ultimately sad breach
Current doctor, awfully fit The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Dec 2020
"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo ___"
State of indecision is Democrat fault
Move with the current New York Times 29 Sep 2020
A lot of snow, one foot, at end of drive
Trend; meaning The Telegraph Quick 29 Jul 2020
Meaning // to accumulate
Wander aimlessly The Telegraph Quick 12 Jun 2020
Get carried away New York Times 02 May 2020
Stray dog's lead split
Stray doctor provided the end of treatment
Substance to be carried along in a part of a mine 
Deviate from the intended course Wall Street Journal 04 Mar 2020
"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo ___" (third installment of the franchise)
Tendancy of medic providing end to treatment
___ away (lose touch)
Tendency Germany has to introduce disagreement
Go with current meaning The Telegraph Toughie 13 Nov 2019
Windblown pile of snow Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2019
Daughter on break to travel aimlessly
Tendency Germany has to introduce disagreement
Be carried by the current The Washington Post 02 Oct 2019
Be carried by the current LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2019
Snow formation Eugene Sheffer 04 Sep 2019
Indecision of daughter leading to breach
Bank card finally split
Wander aimlessly Newsday 12 Jun 2019
Wander from Dublin to Split Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jun 2019
Meaning to float along
Current doctor, frightfully fit
Snowstorm consequence The Washington Post 03 Mar 2019
Snowstorm consequence LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2019
Wander The Telegraph Quick 03 Feb 2019
Be carried by the current
Snowstorm consequence
Windblown pile of snow
Go with the flow The Times Concise 06 Dec 2018
Go with the flow Wall Street Journal 29 Nov 2018
"Are you catching my ___ or am I wasting my time?" ()
Lose attention Universal 14 Sep 2018
What snow can do Universal 02 Aug 2018
Snow heaped up by wind Irish Times Simplex 31 May 2018
___ away (move away from the topic of discussion)
Snowstorm formation USA Today 22 Mar 2018
Windblown snow pile Newsday 21 Feb 2018
What snow can do
Lose attention
Go with the flow
Move aimlessly The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2017
Snow pile The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2017
Doctor with one foot under pile of snow? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2017
Quarrel started by daughter, in essence The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2017
Doctor provided tablets at first move
Go with the current meaning
Germany's crack tenor
Deviate to Dublin from Split Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jan 2017
See 8 The Guardian Quick 24 Dec 2016
Implication makes many quarrel
Meaning to be a vagrant
Current doctor provided treatment, finally
Tenor and daughter split The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jul 2016
'Catch my ___?' The Washington Post 04 Jun 2016
Meaning LA Times Daily 08 Apr 2016
Sight after a blizzard New York Times 26 Mar 2016
Meaning of piled-up snow The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Feb 2016
Don't strive to get the meaning The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jan 2016
Stray The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2016
Snow formation Thomas Joseph 18 Jan 2016
Snow fence sight Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2015
Not stay on topic New York Times 08 Oct 2015
'Bones' has one meaning
Move aimlessly Family Time 06 Apr 2015
Democrat split leads to state of indecision
Blow with the wind
Snow fence sight
Not stay on topic
Split after 500 wander off
A perceptive person catches it
Wander aimlessly
Go with the flow
Go with the flow
Herd on the move split after opening of defile
Winter driving hazard
Snowstorm's aftermath
Implication of Penny's separation …
Blizzard creation
Go with the flow
Go with the flow
Go with the tide
Go with the tide
Windblown snow pile
Headache for a snow shoveler
Move aimlessly
Go off course
Snowstorm's aftermath
Float aimlessly
"Catch my ___?"
Wander like a hobo
"Catch my ___?"
Underlying meaning
"Do you get my ___?"
"Get my __?"
"Get my __?"
Wander aimlessly
Blizzard consequence
Blown snow
Blizzard consequence
Snow pile
Go with the flow
Meaning, in a sense
Snow accumulation
Windblown snow pile
Snow bank
Go aimlessly
Blizzard creation
Pollster's interest
Proceed aimlessly
Kind of wood
General idea
Wander aimlessly
Ocean current
Snow formation.
Pile of snow.
Heap of snow.
Float at random.
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