Word "DRONE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind
dawdler, laggard, lagger, poke, trailer

Part of Speech:
a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone
bourdon, drone pipe

Part of Speech:
talk in a monotonous voice
drone on

Crossword Clues for DRONE

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Clue Source Date
One serving a queen New York Times 23 Mar 2023
Good-for-nothing doctor working with little energy The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Mar 2023
Flying toy USA Today 22 Feb 2023
Male bee USA Today 14 Feb 2023
Aerial photography craft Universal 28 Jan 2023
Talk boringly USA Today 08 Jan 2023
Unmanned flier Thomas Joseph 24 Oct 2022
Device providing oversight? New York Times 23 Oct 2022
Flying bot USA Today 20 Oct 2022
Medic with a certain surveillance tool
Unmanned plane Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2022
One may provide aerial footage Universal 22 Sep 2022
Unmanned plane Thomas Joseph 01 Aug 2022
Aerial photography craft LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2022
Doctor (single) is a bit of a bore The Guardian Quiptic 11 Jul 2022
Doctor (single) is a bit of a bore
Unmanned plane Eugene Sheffer 30 May 2022
Pilotless craft Premier Sunday 15 May 2022
Remote-control aircraft Newsday 02 May 2022
Unmanned aerial vehicle The Guardian Quick 21 Feb 2022
Medic at work gets drug for Queen's lover
Pilotless plane Newsday 08 Feb 2022
Aid in filming aerial shots New York Times 07 Feb 2022
Unmanned plane Eugene Sheffer 27 Jan 2022
Humming sound The Times Concise 07 Jan 2022
Finished trapping queen bee The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Dec 2021
Certain bee, or the sound of bees Universal 16 Dec 2021
''One who avoids work being performed'' is about right The Times Cryptic 10 Dec 2021
Male honeybee USA Today 02 Dec 2021
Spy in the air, maybe LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2021
Lazy person finished round middle of afternoon The Times Cryptic 27 Oct 2021
High-tech photography gadget Universal 24 Sep 2021
Aerial view provider New York Times 02 Sep 2021
One of the Queen's dedicated lovers?
Go on and on New York Times 25 Jul 2021
Source of some overhead footage The Washington Post 18 Jul 2021
Source of some overhead footage LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2021
Remote-controlled aircraft USA Today 08 Jul 2021
Boring lecture feature The Washington Post 07 Jul 2021
Boring lecture feature LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2021
Hive dweller Newsday 09 May 2021
Modern delivery vehicle The Washington Post 08 May 2021
Modern delivery vehicle LA Times Daily 08 May 2021
Experimental delivery option New York Times 30 Apr 2021
Futuristic delivery device New York Times 08 Apr 2021
Go on and on, with "on" Universal 17 Mar 2021
Male bee Universal 20 Feb 2021
Certain Amazon delivery vehicle Universal 17 Feb 2021
Cinematographer's airborne assistant Newsday 13 Feb 2021
Queen's mate cheated, taking queen in
Futuristic delivery vehicle Universal 25 Jan 2021
Monotonous sound The Washington Post 17 Jan 2021
Monotonous sound LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2021
Un-manned plane Thomas Joseph 11 Dec 2020
Flier finished crossing river
Airplane with no pilot Newsday 02 Nov 2020
Bagpipe sound Newsday 18 Oct 2020
Flying bot USA Today 13 Oct 2020
Mini aircraft Family Time 27 Sep 2020
Unmanned plane Eugene Sheffer 26 Sep 2020
Provider of aerial footage Universal 09 Sep 2020
Something from the hive served up in delicatessen or diner Irish Times Crosaire 11 Aug 2020
Doctor with unit is a lazy person
Humming sound The Telegraph Quick 26 Jun 2020
Richard Wagner ultimately a person creating a buzz
Fledgling delivery method Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2020
Male honeybee The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2020
Romeo in socially acceptable flying machine The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2020
Unmanned plane Thomas Joseph 20 Feb 2020
Idle chap is leading medic?
Hum uplifting bit of Beethoven or Debussy The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2019
Unmanned plane to make low hum The Sun Two Speed 01 Oct 2019
Futuristic deliverer of packages New York Times 22 Sep 2019
Completed penning opening of radical flyer The Telegraph Toughie 15 Aug 2019
Reynolds dismisses sly type with no sting in tail Irish Times Crosaire 15 Aug 2019
Flier on a mission New York Times 11 Aug 2019
Airport hazard, these days USA Today 10 Aug 2019
Aerial camera carrier USA Today 30 Jun 2019
Radio-controlled aircraft finished across river
Bee with no stinger The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Means of surveillance New York Times 01 Jun 2019
Bee that can't sting Newsday 27 May 2019
Doctor one to talk interminably The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2019
Stingless bee Newsday 08 May 2019
Plane without a pilot Newsday 26 Mar 2019
Doctor single small creature The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2019
Very small aircraft Newsday 31 Jan 2019
Toy you might attach a camera to Universal 10 Jan 2019
Bagpipes emanation The Washington Post Sunday 06 Jan 2019
Futuristic deliverer of packages
Airport hazard, these days
Means of surveillance
Aerial camera carrier
Toy you might attach a camera to
Flier on a mission
Pilotless plane Family Time 23 Dec 2018
Lazy person finished crossing river
Bee formed by the letters heard at the starts of this puzzle's theme answers Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2018
Pilotless plane Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2018
Perhaps bee managed to cross river
Non-worker The Telegraph Quick 31 Aug 2018
Amazon Prime Air deliverer Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2018
Finished penning king's monotonous speech The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jul 2018
One to mate with the queen, that's a buzz!
Modern subject of F.A.A. regulation New York Times 24 Jun 2018
Pilotless craft Universal 20 Jun 2018
Unmanned flier Thomas Joseph 11 Jun 2018
Doctor an individual in flying machine The Sun Two Speed 27 May 2018
Male bee The Sun Two Speed 27 May 2018
RPV The Times Concise 30 Apr 2018
Doctor, individual who is 20?
Small plane of a sort Newsday 19 Apr 2018
Aerial photography device USA Today 08 Apr 2018
Source of some overhead footage The Washington Post 05 Apr 2018
Source of some overhead footage LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2018
Skycam carrier, maybe Newsday 29 Mar 2018
One mates with queen, achieved without rook The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Feb 2018
Airborne package deliverer of the future USA Today 31 Jan 2018
High-tech package delivery method New York Times 17 Jan 2018
Pilotless aircraft The Times Concise 17 Jan 2018
Aerial footage aid Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2018
Remote-controlled flying camera, say The Washington Post 01 Jan 2018
Remote-controlled flying camera, say LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2018
Pilotless plane
Bee formed by the letters heard at the starts of this puzzle's theme answers
Amazon Prime Air deliverer
Source of some overhead footage
Airborne package deliverer of the future
Pilotless craft
Remote-controlled flying camera, say
Modern subject of F.A.A. regulation
High-tech package delivery method
Noise made by playing the bagpipes The Washington Post Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Stingless male bee Universal 23 Nov 2017
Controversial craft The Washington Post Sunday 05 Nov 2017
Flyer run over outside
Unmanned aircraft New York Times 25 Sep 2017
Pilotless aircraft Universal 13 Sep 2017
One's finished after queen has been grabbed? The Telegraph Toughie 05 Sep 2017
Pilotless spy vehicle Universal 02 Sep 2017
Airborne delivery device USA Today 25 Aug 2017
Airborne intruder The Washington Post 17 Aug 2017
Airborne intruder LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2017
Robotic aerial spy LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2017
Robotic aerial spy The Washington Post 07 Aug 2017
Queen's mate Wall Street Journal 02 Aug 2017
Slacker among the basses? The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jul 2017
Unmanned aircraft finished touring Russian capital
Queen's attendant Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2017
'Dr No' shown coming over by English aircraft The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Apr 2017
___ strike New York Times 11 Jan 2017
Robotic aerial spy
Airborne delivery device
Airborne intruder
Pilotless aircraft
___ strike
Unmanned aircraft
Pilotless spy vehicle
Stingless male bee
Bee with no sting Universal 26 Dec 2016
Remote-control aircraft Newsday 21 Dec 2016
Remote controlled craft The Washington Post 20 Dec 2016
Hive member LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2016
Pilotless aircraft Family Time 21 Nov 2016
Male in the hive LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2016
Hive worker Newsday 06 Nov 2016
Finished, but kept reading on a killer in the sky
Remotely controlled flier New York Times 16 Aug 2016
Airborne strike source Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2016
Skycam carrier, perhaps USA Today 10 Aug 2016
Source of some aerial photos Newsday 04 Aug 2016
Finished crossing river in aircraft
Unmanned spy plane LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2016
Craft regulated by the FAA Newsday 29 Jul 2016
Queen's partner cooked outstanding royal starter
Queen's attendant The Washington Post 19 May 2016
Tedious sound of flying object
Pilotless plane The Washington Post 05 May 2016
Lazy person with a bee in the 5,22,23 is murmuring
Go on and on, with "on" LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2016
Stingless male honeybee Universal 22 Feb 2016
Aeroplane managed to cross river The Times Cryptic 04 Feb 2016
Remotely controlled flier
Unmanned spy plane
Bee with no sting
Hive member
Skycam carrier, perhaps
Stingless bee LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2015
Radio-controlled plane Family Time 13 Dec 2015
High-tech surveillance tool LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2015
Aircraft operated by remote control Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2015
Craft with no pilot Universal 28 Sep 2015
Go on aircraft The Telegraph Toughie 03 Sep 2015
Male bee The Telegraph Quick 22 Aug 2015
Controversial craft Newsday 13 Aug 2015
An idler's unmanned aerial vehicle?
Remotely piloted craft LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2015
Doctor married a sponger
Dr No reviewed by for last time by flighty type on a solo run Irish Times Crosaire 13 May 2015
First medic's buzzer? The Times Cryptic 13 May 2015
Plane without a pilot Universal 03 May 2015
Extremely dapper – the same as Bingo Little for example
Buzzer finished checking second crossword
Unpiloted plane
Unmanned plane
Bagpipe sound
Controversial craft
Plane without a pilot
Stingless bee
Remote-controlled aerial camera
Craft with no pilot
Plane without a pilot
Remotely controlled military flier
High-tech surveillance tool
Remotely piloted craft
Stingless bee
M's successor put back in Bond film with English warplane
Proposed delivery device from Amazon
Unmanned flier
Effect of one sound throughout piece
Talk on and on
Track 2 on Panda Bear's "Tomboy"
Stingless male honeybee
Pilotless plane
Pilotless aircraft
Surveillance tool
Airplane without a pilot
Go on and on
Pilotless plane
Hurdy-gurdy sound
Talk in a monotonous voice
Stingless bee
Spying aircraft
Male honeybee
Go (on) dully
Male wasp
Talk in a monotonous voice
Unmanned plane
Source of some airstrikes
Hive member
Predator ___
High-tech surveillance tool
Ambient sound
Unmanned aircraft
Pilotless plane
Pilotless plane
Pilotless plane
He bee
Low-level worker
Unmanned flier
Ambient sound
Hive member
He bee
Unbusy bee
Plane over Yemen, maybe
Play monotonously
Radio-controlled plane
Male bee
Hive member or the sound it makes
Play monotonously
He bee
Pilotless aircraft
Play monotonously
Mindless worker
Monotonous sound
Queen's mate
Monotonous sound
Mindless worker
Queen's mate
Creature that won't sting
Queen's mate
Sing sans melody
Be an utter bore?
Go on and on
Queen's attendant
Go on (and on, and on ...)
Stingless bee
Unmanned plane
Remote-controlled plane
Unchanging intonation
Unmanned aircraft
Go on monotonously
Long hum
Fail to modulate
Queen's subject?
Monotonous tone
Run on
Blather on monotonically
Bee in a hive
Borrrring voice
Go on and on
Bagpipe sound
Speak in a monotone
Monotonous noise
Worker bee
Bor-r-ring voice
Male honeybee
Male bee
Male in the hive
Corporate flunky
Pilotless aircraft
Plane with no pilot
Male in the hive
Monotonous speaker
It doesn't work
Monotonous speaker
Stay on one note
Run on
Stingless honeybee
Male bee
Certain queen's subject
Monotonous sound
It has no sting
Bagpipe sound
Stingless bee
Speak in a monotone
Monotonous hum
Military reconnaissance tool
Apiary member
Stingless flier
White noise
Male bee
Male bee
Boring bee?
Speak without variation
Speak without variation
Hum, e.g.
Dull speaker
Speak in a monotone
Pilotless plane
Speak in a monotone
Hive occupant
Talk on and on
Be a poor public speaker
Go on and on and on ...
Male bee
Bagpipe sound
White noise
Queen bee's mate
Bagpipe sound
Male honeybee
Speak monotonously
Unmanned aircraft
Stingless bee
Hive member
Stingless flier
Bagpipe song
Remotely controlled craft
Bagpipe production
Humming noise
Talk on and on
Hive inhabitant
Unmanned plane
Stingless bee
Unmanned craft
Kind of bee
Talk tiringly
Dreary sound
Hive-frequency sound?
Hive worker
Dreary sound
Unengaging speaking voice
Male bee
Uninspiring talk
Bagpipe noise
Member of the Borg
It doesn't sting
Remote-control craft
Monotonous hum
Many a lecturer
Bagpipe pipe
Low-level worker
Talk on monotonously
Go (on, and on, and on...)
Bagpipe part
Pilotless plane
Queen's mate
Speak monotonously
Beehive resident
Beehive occupant
Talk on and on
Remote-controlled plane
Hive member
Unpiloted plane
Radio-controlled plane
Humming sound
Pilotless airplane
Hive occupant
Bee sound
Hive idler
Male honeybee
Stingless, feckless bee
Parasitic loafer
Queen bee's friend
Queen bee's subject?
Honeybee or aircraft
Idle one
Sound of the bagpipes
Bagpipe emission
Unmanned plane
Pilotless ship
Hive dweller.
Motor sound.
Pilotless plane.
Remote-controlled plane.
Type of plane.
A bagpipe.
Speak monotonously.
Bass pipe of a bagpipe.
Airplane motor sound.
Lazy fellow.
Male bee.
Sound of airplane motors.
Airplane sound.
Humming sound.
Pilotless airplane.
Lazy one.
Sound of an airplane engine.
Sound of motors in the sky.
Unmanned military craft
Unmanned flight
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