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Crossword Clues for DTS

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Clue Source Date
RB stoppers The Washington Post 18 Mar 2021
Alcoholic's acronym Canadiana 08 Feb 2021
Sot's woe LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2021
Rehab symptoms, for short LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2020
Rehab hurdle The Washington Post 08 Oct 2020
Withdrawal symptoms Jonesin 08 Sep 2020
Drying-out hurdle LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2020
Rehab symptoms, briefly LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2020
The shakes, colloquially Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2020
The shakes, briefly Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2020
Uric acid ester Canadiana 27 Jan 2020
Delirium tremens, abbr Canadiana 09 Dec 2019
Chronic drinker's ailment, informally New York Times 19 Nov 2019
Skid row affliction USA Today 28 Oct 2019
Skid row woe Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2019
Rehab symptom, for short The Washington Post 11 Jul 2019
Rehab woes, for short New York Times 13 Jun 2019
The shakes, for short New York Times 12 Jun 2019
Don's condition in 'The Lost Weekend,' briefly The Washington Post Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Rehab woe The Washington Post 24 Mar 2019
Rehab shakes, briefly Universal 23 Mar 2019
Rehab affliction, for short New York Times 13 Jan 2019
Tippler's trouble Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2018
Souse's woe The Washington Post 07 Oct 2018
Rehab issue The Washington Post 04 Oct 2018
Drying-out woe, for short New York Times 23 Sep 2018
Sot's affliction The Washington Post 21 Sep 2018
Alcoholic's affliction Wall Street Journal 14 Jun 2018
Rehab woes Wall Street Journal 26 May 2018
Tippler's woe, for short USA Today 13 May 2018
Sot's woe, for short New York Times 01 May 2018
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms, slangily Canadiana 19 Mar 2018
Letters that come before AA? New York Times 10 Feb 2018
The shakes New York Times 30 Dec 2017
Sot's problem New York Times 12 Dec 2017
Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal Universal 02 Aug 2017
Drunk's problem New York Times 30 Jul 2017
Wino's woe The Washington Post 27 Mar 2017
Danger while drying out New York Times 18 Feb 2017
Pink-elephant-sighter's woe, for short USA Today 20 Dec 2016
Rehab condition, briefly Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2016
Drunk's affliction, informally The Washington Post 14 Nov 2016
Detoxing hurdle, for short New York Times 24 Jul 2016
Rehab ordeal Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2016
Drunk's woe New York Times 21 Apr 2016
Rehab shakes LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Wino's affliction, for short New York Times 09 Dec 2015
Booze blues The Washington Post 16 Nov 2015
Drunk's ailment, for short New York Times 15 Oct 2015
Skid Row woe Thomas Joseph 05 Sep 2015
Rehab problem, for short New York Times 10 Aug 2015
Withdrawal symptom, in short New York Times 16 Jul 2015
Shakes New York Times 09 May 2015
Tosspot's affliction, for short
The shakes, with "the"
Drunk's condition, for short
Shakes at rehab
Rehab concern, familiarly
Rummy's malady, for short
Drunk's affliction, for short
Drunk's affliction
Drying-out malady
Result of drying out, maybe
Drunk's woe, informally
Detoxing woe
Toper's trouble
Sot's symptoms
Rehab symptoms
Drying-out problem
Boozer's syndrome
Boozer's affliction
Sot's trouble, for short
Tosspot's affliction
Sot's peril
Rehab problem
Drying-out danger
Affliction a k a "blue devils"
Sot's shakes
24-Down malady
Shakes triggered by alcohol withdrawal, for short
The horrors (abbr.)
Souse's syndrome
Juicer's jimjams
Sot's affliction, with "the"
4 Down's affliction
Withdrawal concern
Sot's woe, briefly
Sot's syndrome, briefly
Some NFL linemen
Rehab woes, briefly
AA issue
Booze blues, briefly
Sot's syndrome
Hallucinations caused by alcohol withdrawal, for short
Woe while getting clean
Lush development?
Drinker's problem, for short
Cause of some shaking, for short
Woe for a wino
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.