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Crossword Clues for DUDS

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Clue Source Date
Milk ___ (caramel candies) USA Today 23 Feb 2021
Defective fireworks USA Today 11 Nov 2020
Disappointing fireworks Universal 23 Jul 2020
Firecrackers that fail Newsday 20 Apr 2020
Outfit The Washington Post 26 Mar 2020
Clothing Thomas Joseph 12 Mar 2020
Clothes Canadiana 13 Jan 2020
Fireworks that fail Newsday 02 Jul 2019
Clothing, informally Wall Street Journal 20 May 2019
Flops Universal 10 Mar 2019
Fizzlers Newsday 08 Mar 2019
Lemons The Washington Post 08 Dec 2018
They fizzle out The New Yorker 29 Oct 2018
Hardly smashes New York Times 13 Oct 2018
Lead balloons Newsday 05 Oct 2018
Fizzling firecrackers The Washington Post Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Garb New York Times 18 Aug 2018
Garb, threads or getup Universal 05 Jun 2018
Failed firecrackers Universal 11 May 2018
Fizzling fireworks New York Times 21 Feb 2018
Defective firecrackers Newsday 29 Aug 2017
Movies with big budgets and no audience New York Times 13 Aug 2017
'Threads' The Washington Post 08 Aug 2016
Apparel, informally Newsday 29 Jul 2016
They don't go "boom!" Universal 29 Jun 2016
Turkeys The Washington Post 06 Jun 2016
Toggery New York Times 17 Feb 2016
Clothes, informally Newsday 13 Jan 2016
Threads Premier Sunday 25 Oct 2015
Fizzled firecrackers Universal 20 Jan 2015
Bombs without bags
Things that are put on ... or don't go off
Bombs that bomb
Fizzled fireworks
Bombs without bangs
Clothing, colloquially
Bombs that don't explode
Box-office flops
Bombs that don't go off
Many straight-to-DVD movies
Spiffy clothes
Clothes, so to speak
They fizzle
Toggery, informally
Suit of clothes
Clothing, so to speak
They don't go off
Edsels, commercially
Ineffectual bombs
Hipster's raiment
Contents of 67 Down.
Relative of glad rags.
Clothes of a sort.
Clothes: Slang.
Coats, suits, etc.
Clothes: Colloq.
Old clothes.
Flat failures.
Defective bombs.
Firecrackers that don't explode
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.